Speaking of Purges…

Ideological revolutions follow a predictable pattern. At some point, you see what the Bolsheviks called “the Revolt of the Left SR’s.” “SR” stands for “socialist revolutionaries,” so their “left” was, of course, radical by all but Bolshevik standards. Nonetheless, they actually meant it when they said they were for “soviet power,” the “soviets” in this case being “assemblies made up of actual workers, not limpwritsted eggheads like Lenin whose fathers were minor nobility.”

As Solzhenitsyn explained it, in the early days of the Bolshevik revolution, these SRs were part of a coalition government with the Bolsheviks. As such, they had to be given a certain amount of jobs in the ministries, including the justice ministry. They actually believed that stuff about The Workers, so they weren’t ready to send people to Siberia for twenty, thirty, forty years like Lenin demanded. They broke with Lenin (over other issues as well, obviously), the Bolsheviks crushed them, and once the Bolsheviks had power over all the ministries, there’s your gulag archipelago. Same as it ever was.

The Nazis had their “Left SR’s,” too. These were the Strasserites, led by brothers Otto and Gregor, the guys who put the “Socialist” in “National Socialism.” The Night of the Long Knives was a purge against both “left” and “right” — though Rohm and his butt boys get all the press, one of the Strasser brothers got his, too. That’s German efficiency for you!

And then there was the original Terror, in France, and even before that we had ours, too — the Whiskey Rebellion and Shays’ Rebellion aren’t usually taught as ideological (they’re usually not taught at all, of course), but they were. We’ve had two revolutions (before this week), in fact, and in both cases you had those pesky “we really believe this shit!” types causing all kinds of problems for the revolutionary government — see, for example, those state governors who made Jeff’s life hell in Richmond, objecting to the nationalization of their state militias on the grounds that the Confederacy is actually, you know, a confederacy, and that drafts and war production boards and taxes in kind and all the rest are exactly the kind of tyranny you’d expect from Abe’s gang in Washington…

Of course, our current “culture” is so ignorant and debased that our revolutionaries — as ideological a crew as ever staged a show trial — don’t even realize that they are ideological, so it’s going to take some time to sort out who, exactly, the modern Left SR’s actually are. One gets the sense that Zuckerberg, at least, is dimly aware he’s grabbed the tiger by the tail. Pelosi too, sometimes, in her increasingly rare lucid moments. Maybe a few others.

The problem is that ours is a distributed system. The real power isn’t in Washington; it’s on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, in the thousand and one local jurisdictions that make up this crazy quilt of SJW tyranny. Nobody in Washington believes anything — most of them are too stupid to even spell “ideology” — but is Whitmer a true believer? Newsom? That poof who runs Twitter? The wokelings and mini-Maos who gin up the cancel mobs?

Impossible to say what, if anything, these “people” — using the term in the strictest biological sense — actually believe. Some of them must believe something, and given how fast the mobs turn on each other — it was at light speed even back in 1918 — the majority of the coming bloodshed, figurative and literal (and yes, there will most certainly be literal blood in the next few months) might well be on the Left.

And hey, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of genderfluid nonintersectional persyns. Consider this your white pill — you’d have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy the spectacle of our retarded maenads ripping each other apart for insufficient #wokeness.

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29 thoughts on “Speaking of Purges…

  1. The Kaigat Of Wands

    I don’t think this is an ideological revolution, more like the French Revolution in the way it seems likely to play out. That’s probably better for us. It’s not an ideological revolution because none of these creatures have any beliefs or philosophies anchoring them, they’re variously in it for the money, the power and the sheer pleasure of destruction.
    That’s good for us because it means we’re unlikely to see the sort of cold, disciplined, organised approach that worked so well for the Bolsheviks. We have no-one who comes close to those levels of dedication and single-mindedness – though, of course, even Lenin was a nonentity until suddenly he wasn’t, so you never know who might be awaiting their chance .
    We’re perhaps more likely to see what France saw from around ’92-’94, with many groups all vying with each other, from relatively conservative (or at least liberal) to lunatics like the Hebertists.
    Civil war in both cases, but much longer and hugely more damaging in Russia than in France, where it really only lasted 2 or 3 years, didn’t cover the whole country and was fairly sporadic, apart from the Vendee.
    Without the external war it seems likely that the French Revolution would have ended in a relatively benign settlement. In our case, impossible to guess what the effect of war with Iran and whoever else we go after will be. That might be what really sets things going.

    1. 3g4me

      Really stellar post, Severian. Nice to read someone who genuinely knows his history. It is interesting to ponder not merely who the SRs will be, but what sets loose that proverbial tiger. Pelosi has surprised me with how deftly she’s managing AOC and her ‘gang’ thus far, but all the old GoodWhites and the small-hat money-men behind them really seem to believe they can control their POC hordes by throwing them a few party favors here and there. When the who/whom openly comes to pass, I predict it will be surprising how many of the tail-holders will be deadly surprised.

  2. contrariandutchman

    Greetings to you Severian and all Twenty Readers in this new year, the year of our lord 2021.

    Since the Reichstag just burned I think the timeline has now settled and we can make some decent predictions bout the course of events, as Severian notes above, revolutions tend to follow patterns.

    Of course, while there are patterns to history since it is always made by humans circumstances are never quite identical. Our Cat Fancy friends are especially well known for their foreign policy adventures, yet it is here that the situation of the Bidenreich is as different as could ever be from that other thousand year Reich. Similarities we would expect to find in the domestic development of the regime.

    So here come CD’s predictions:

    First off, remnants of the old regime will have to be eliminated. Expect Trump and his fmily and prominent supporters to be purged. They are the only Schelling points around which an oppositional movement could form in the near term and whoever is in charge of the machtergreifung knows it.

    By next year it should be time for a night of the long knives as the masters of the state bureaucracies will not permit a challenge to their wealth and power from the strasserites and the street-fighters have outlived their usefulness.

    Expect normalization, it will trap many who will believe things will not be so dire after all. Indeed, after an economic crash, expect our analog to mr Schacht to create a massive economic boom. The writing for that is on the wall.

    Of course, since the regime will still have a genocidal ideology at its core, we should eventually, more then 5 years from now, see the Reichskristallnacht and the rise of the Black Cats. After that its time for the Great Unpleasantness.

    A note on the distributed nature of power: -somebody- has sufficient authority to get all the various elements of the Workers Party and its auxiliaries coordinating to effect the machtergreifung and xhir knows what its doing.

  3. Joseph Moore

    Not even knowledgeable enough to claim amateur status here, but that’s never stopped me before. According to the German timeline, the Long Knives come out about 1 year after the Reichstag fire, and after the foundations for the Gleichschaltung have been laid – which pretty much agrees with CD above. Clock’s ticking. So, the game might be: who gets it, who skates? When you take away the useful, all that’s left is the idiot – and they aren’t quick enough on the uptake to understand to keep their mouths shut.

    Then there’s always a Talleyrand out there.

    I got nothin’. Were there very many people who could have guessed the list beforehand in 1934?

    1. Severian Post author

      Very few could have guessed in 1934. They had a bad habit of underestimating Hitler back then. Rohm himself probably should have seen it coming. The SA was the BLM of its day – more embarrassing than useful even at its best.

      Surely the Trust Fund Trotskys in Portland are going to get it in the neck. One doesn’t torch Federal property when the Dems are in charge, and now that Orange Man is gone it’s open season on Whites who get too uppity.

      BLM itself will go 100% into “fund raising” if they know what’s good for them. One nice silver lining from the Great Steal is, the Dems don’t even have to pretend to care about Blacks anymore, since they’re free from even the sham of electoral politics. Here too, the rioters are going to find that riots are only good and necessary when a Republican is in the White House. Try burning OUR shit and we’ll nuke you from orbit. I’m almost too depressed to live right now, but the sure knowledge that America’s First Black Female President ™ is going to curb stomp the almighty fuck out of the Vibrancy keeps me going. Irony is one hell of a drug.

      As for the rest, who knows? I don’t even know who will strike first. None of them have thought one second past the blessed moment when Orange Man goes away. The few relatively smart, sane ones – and oh Christ what a low bar that is – are old and weak; the young strong ones are like AOC, too stupid to breathe without cue cards. Since the purges are usually prompted by the “Left SR’s”, aka the “we really believe this shit” crowd; and since sincere belief is almost exclusively the province of the young, I’d guess that Nancy will find herself having to stomp AOC sooner than later…

      … The question is, does she have sufficient force to get them all? Because that’s the thing about purges: you best get ALL of them. That’s my hope for the next decade, gang – a bloodbath at the top, because the weak idiots just can’t finish off the strong retards, and vice versa.

  4. Some Guy

    I just got done with the Building Castles book by Bukovsky. I had no idea he was such an actor against the psychiatric prisons. His methods of filing tons of complaints to flood the channels and make all the lower level functionaries get in trouble was funny. I’ll warn you guys when I hear internalized white supremacy start getting seriously tossed as a diagnosable and treatable illness.

    1. Severian Post author

      There’s a lesson in that for us. The people at the top may be psychotic hooligans, but the low level people will all be Millennials. They just can’t live with chaos. They have been trained their entire lives to Follow Procedures. (I once got called on the carpet by my department chair, because of widespread student complaints. My crime? The syllabus was insufficiently detailed. I shit you not). Also, Millennials expect participation trophies just for rolling out of bed in the morning. Throw sand in the gears and watch them break down screaming.

  5. Some Guy

    It’s funny how the grifter in charge of the proud boys managed to get arrested and banned from DC over the 6th. Guess he totally is not a fed leading a group of suckers because he was banned from dc by those evil liberals. That it gives him a cover story for not being present for the trashing of the capitol and the subseqent hefty sentences all those involved are about to get. Bet all those member lists and discord chat rooms are going to be used to roll up a lot of easy targets.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah you don’t need tinfoil headgear to suspect that what looks awfully like controlled opposition is, in fact, controlled opposition. I will always love Trump for that – how long could jerkoffs like Cocaine Mitch keep up the charade? Probably indefinitely – “conservatives” are Mulder and Scully; they WANT to believe. Now they can’t. That’s a win.

  6. MBlanc46

    In a one-party state, the social fractures that formerly expressed themselves in the various parties now express themselves in the single party. Look for the Leftist freak show to start getting interesting.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s my fondest wish. Leftists are as ignorant of history as they are of economics and logic, and anyway if they could see the obvious they wouldn’t be leftists, but for the rest of us… remember who the “wreckers” and “saboteurs” really were? It was all blamed on Trotskyites and “capitalists,” of course, but by the later 1930s you couldn’t find one of those for love or money. No, it was the few (relatively) sane, competent, hardworking ones who were accused, because

      1. Leftists hate each other almost as much as they hate us, and
      2. Mediocre, incompetent people hate competent people more than anything (which is the *real* reason they hate us, truth be told), and
      3. The system is set up to incentivize backstabbing, so
      4. Any comrade with anything on the ball got denounced as one of “us.”

      I’d put long money on Shitavious and La’Trina accusing Pajeet and Jose and Kung Pao of “white supremacy” before too long. And since those guys hate the Negroes and have only endured them to date because they’re always available to riot, I think the very smart bruthas are in for a catastrophic stomping before too long…

      … After which Jose and Pajeet and Kung Pao turn on each other, world without end amen.

      (And all of this, let us note, will be instigated by White women, since no matter how “intersectional” things get, they always end up The Most Oppressed. Pajeet and Kung Pao, at least, will rush into battle on their behalf, because Asians hate and fear their own women, are disgusted by the sistas, and as they said at the Chateau, NOWAG. This, they think, will *finally* be their chance to stop fapping and get with a real girl for once…

      … You poor deluded suckers).

      1. Frip

        Hilarious. Should’ve been part of a regular post.

        I had to look up NOWAG on Urban Dictionary: No One with Asian Guys

        “white and hispanic women are not attracted to shortness, nervous personalities, submissive behavior and poor muscle tone.”


        Man, how many more weeks does Urban Dictionary have before TPTB shut it down.

        1. Severian Post author

          I always heard it as “no one *wants* Asian guys,” but same difference.

          One semi-white pill about our diverse future: I’ve been around a lot of from-Asia Asians, and a lot more “Asian-Americans,” and… yeah. “Thirsty” doesn’t begin to describe it. Chinese girls, even unto the third generation, carry on like Princess Mulan, quite frankly because they can – if your dad isn’t at least the equivalent of a colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, forget it, you don’t stand a chance with her.

          Indian women, meanwhile, enforce the caste system like they’ll be committing suttee if they get it wrong. They might call themselves ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis) but they’ve got the real Brahmin attitude towards men. Again, if your dad doesn’t own a skyscraper in Mumbai, forget it.

          That leaves a LOT of frustrated dudes with all the money and power in the world – they think- but who still can’t get girls, because the women of their own race won’t give them the time of day and Basic College Girls have no time for swarthy nerds, even rich ones who control social media… until they’re done riding the carousel, at least, at which point the swarthy nerds will bring them home to Mama-san, who will call them whores to their faces.

          Is it any wonder that “bananas” are the kind of obnoxious SJWs even other SJWs can’t stand? They’re dumpster diving for pity lays from the fugliest among the pussy hatters…. usually unsuccessfully, and let that sink in for a minute.

          We’ll all end up in camps, but there will be some primo entertainment before we get there.

          1. Frip

            Yet another term I don’t know. I looked up “bananas”.

            Urban Dictionary: “It’s a godamn fruit you dumb motherfucker.”

          2. 3g4me

            That was brilliant and beautiful and spot on. The sort of thing anyone who has to deal with Desis and Pajeets and Han on a regular basis knows instinctively, but could never elucidate half so well. I’m saving and sharing it with a friend or two (who have Desi, Pajeet, and Han clients and loathe them).

  7. Frip

    After the 6th and the Babbitt shooting I bet there’s going to be a few dudes on the edge of reality doing some pretty scary things in public.

    1. Severian Post author

      I think it was Z Man who suggested that post-America might look a lot like The Troubles in Northern Ireland – the IRA were Marxist lunatics, but they created areas of “Indian Country” where even hardcore commandos — real ones, not keyboard — rarely ventured. And while the Bidenreich will gleefully authorize ROE that even the nastiest of the SAS might consider excessive, the American hinterland is vast…

      Things could get very bloody very fast, god forbid.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Remember, the Potato Irish didn’t start by taking on the SAS or the Royal Marines on head to head, mano e mano. They began by eliminating collaborators and informers amongst their own first. Only then could they safely move on to next level operations.
        The same paradigm operated in Civil War Missouri, where Jesse James began his guerrilla war not by ambushing Union occupation troops, but by riding up with the crew of local boys to the neighbor who ratted on his family to the local authorities one night and killed him on his front porch.
        The French resistance in WWII reserved its most vicious hatreds and assassination squads for Vichy collaborators.

        Rule one of politics and warfare- attack your enemies weaknesses and softer targets first.

        You have to create Indian Country first-Hypothetically

        1. Pickle Rick

          Another neat little game to play. In occupied China, the Japanese had their pet Chinese collaborators go to collect taxes in kind from the rural population. So one day Mao’s boys take as many of them they can get in one coordinated operation, and send them back to the Japanese-with their hands cut off. Got kind of hard to get tax collectors after that.

          Now, how do you think the PLA got the intelligence to snatch those tax collectors, and how they managed to not have anyone warn the collaborators, and how they managed to not get informed on by anyone?

          Ruthless application of fear and terror.

        2. Severian Post author

          I hope folks are now starting to realize how truly nasty and horrible civil wars, even “low intensity” ones, are. We are all calm, reasonable, mild mannered men here, but reading that, who among us *didn’t* think “and those treasonous rat fucks deserved everything they got”… you know, hypothetically?

          1. Pickle Rick

            Which is why, not hypothetically, we need to ostracize, repudiate, and most crucially withdraw our votes from our current crop of Republican “leaders” as well as their lower level local flunkies, sycophants and ambitious climbers. Those are just as mortal enemies as the others, whom I respect even less than our avowed enemies, who at least have the courage of their convictions and actually win, rather than finding excuses to surrender while loudly proclaiming victory over the horizon, someday, which never comes.

            After the Pretender Biden is installed behind a wall of bayonets, I am publicly informing my Republican congressman (in slightly more polite language) that he, his party, and his illegitimate government can go and fuck themselves. After that little puppet show in the capital building, that message might actually sink in-if enough of us collectively, defiantly, walk away.

  8. Severian Post author

    @Frip, the guy who wrote that is one.

    A banana is yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I can’t count all the ways it’s ironic, given that the kids most likely to throw it around as an insult are all named “Danny” or “Scott” or something equally all-American, resent the hell out of the Chinese lessons their parents made them take as kids, and are absolutely vicious about their grandparents from the old country (which they can barely find on a map). I’m as Chinese as those fuckheads, yet “banana” is the worst insult they can think of. It’s surreal.

    They are also hands down the most hated group in academia. Profs hate them because they’re too Asian – that is, they cheat at everything, all the time, brazenly. Administration hates them because they’re not Asian enough – they don’t count for diversity numbers and don’t pay full tuition like overseas Chinese do. Students hate them because they wreck the curve, plus are assholes in general (see “the kind of SJWs that even other SJWs find obnoxious,” above).

    Yeah yeah, NABALT, lots of my best buds in high school and college were Asian, but it’s true nonetheless.

  9. Frip

    Sev: “Yeah yeah, NABALT, lots of my best buds in high school and college were Asian, but it’s true nonetheless.”

    I’m glad you said this. Because the Asians I’ve met (mostly Chinese) have been kinda cool, manly, and laid-back. But I don’t doubt for a second the reality of your general comment. I’ve seen the nutty ones, and they abound. As we all know.

    I had no idea of the Asian/Indian women being so powerful in those cultures. I’ve seen glimses though. So I don’t doubt it. I was raised for a while by a foreigner for a while. All is status, as you say. Almost destoryed me.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s the thing – I LIKE Asians, and Asian culture! South Asia, too. I’ve been to that part of the world, even studied the language a bit. It’s fair to say that I’m fascinated by some aspects of their art and philosophy, and know a hell of a lot more about it than most hyphen-americans do…

      But it’s THEIR culture, not mine. Asians acting like Asians in Asia bothers me not at all. Asians acting like Asians *in America* bugs the shit out of me, especially when accompanied by lectures about my privilege. No, motherfucker, it’s YOUR privilege to even fucking be here! You don’t like it? Go the fuck back! Have your dad call up his superiors in the MSS and tell them he’s tired of industrial espionage and he’d like to be reassigned.

  10. Severian Post author

    @Pickle Rick,

    I know what you mean. And I for one am going to enjoy carrying on like Colin Kaepernick, ostentatiously sitting on my hands for the so-called “national anthem.” That’s the song of a country which no longer exists, so why should I bother? I don’t take off my hat and stand in respectful silence when an exhibit at the historical society plays whatever the Austro-Hungarian Empire used for a national anthem, so why should I stand for America’s?

    And I’m *really* going to enjoy learning why that’s suddenly BAD, and what kind of monster would ever kneel for the anthem or step on a flag?

    I will continue doing this until – as is inevitable – it’s made mandatory to stand, just as I will refuse to “vote” until *that’s* made mandatory. In both cases I shall do whatever is in my power to fuck with the mandate – scratching my ass during the anthem, voting for the stupidest, craziest candidate on offer, etc.

    Whatever it takes to throw sand in the gears. The consent of this individual fraction of the governed has been permanently withdrawn. Compel me to serve on a jury, and I’ll vote to acquit… or maybe not. So long as it’s fucked up and irrational. We are now under foreign military occupation; I intend to act like it.

    1. Joseph Moore

      About that Austro-Hungarian National Anthem: Written by Joseph Freakin’ Haydn, a real composer and everything, not just some British drinking tune hammered into service. Lyrics by an ex-Jesuit, back when that meant your order got suppressed, not that you’d discovered the infinite flexibility of doctrine meant it was OK to be a Marxist with a thing for altar boys. Or something.

      Truth – much more likely to stand for this: https://youtu.be/AjLwNuAb3X0 than our current one.

      Besides, we could do (and have done) worse than Charles I

  11. dave b

    I am going to be stupid here for a moment. I spent my entire life in IT (network engineering) and cannot find how to contact you to sign on for the newsletter. I have tried Opera and Foxfire to no avail.

    1. Severian Post author

      The “contact” link goes to this page. Which is “not found.” In the web address bar, however, is the info — my handle, preceded by the first two initials of the blog, at the remote Alpine location which is the opposite-of-electron mail. Dot com.

  12. Frip

    Sev: “Have your dad call up his superiors in the MSS and tell them he’s tired of industrial espionage and he’d like to be reassigned.”


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