The Spirit of ’68

If I were a betting man, I’d wager that the Dems’ nominating convention in 2020 will look a lot like the Chicago convention of 1968, the famous “Chicago Police Riot.”  (Ahh, the power of The Media to shape The Narrative.  SDS goons do everything in their power to provoke a confrontation with the authorities; when the authorities eventually crack down, all the jock-sniffers in The Media, high on the romantic self-righteousness of self-proclaimed “revolutionaries,” proclaim that it’s the cops who started the whole thing).

In case you’re not familiar with the ’68 spectacle, you had an establishment goon representing business-as-usual (Vice President Hubert Humphrey, pinch-hitting for LBJ); a ditzy “good government” Liberal riding his brother’s coattails (Robert F. Kennedy), and a goofy hippie peacenik (Eugene McCarthy).  Plus George McGovern, a slightly less goofy hippie peacenik who was so bad at politics that in 1972 he ended up getting outflanked as a peacenik by the guy who was actually right at that moment running the war.

If back in my professin’ days I was teaching this stuff, I’d assign a project: Which way did The Media break?  They were all in the tank for the Democrats, of course — plus ça change and all that — but there were still enough grownups in the newsroom in 1968 that the #Wokest (if you’ll forgive an anachronism) wouldn’t automatically get all the Media love.  There was no way to disguise the fact that McCarthy was the hippies’ candidate.  Nor was there any way to disguise the fact that Humphrey procedurally cornholed the other two via delegate selection shenanigans, a la Hillary Clinton.  All of which let Richard Nixon, of all people, campaign as the only honest man on the stage.  How did it play out in that long, hot, strange summer?

It matters, because in hindsight 1968 was obviously the country’s schizoid break.  The Democratic Party didn’t go completely off the rails — cf. all the candidates they ran, 1972-2004, who were the definition of anodyne — but The Media sure as hell did.  1968 was also the year of the Tet Offensive, you’ll recall, with Walter Cronkite proclaiming the war unwinnable.  It doesn’t matter if Cronkite was right or not (of course he wasn’t); nor does it matter if his proclamation actually made everyday Americans lose faith in the war.  What matters is that The Media believed it, with all their hearts and souls.  No profession is dumber, or more addicted to singing hosannas to itself, than journalism.  And then they “got” Richard Nixon, and that’s all she wrote — from there on out, The Media decided they were the country’s real rulers, and what they want, they get.

Fortunately for the Democrats, what The Media wanted and what the Democratic Party wanted were in the same ballpark for most of the next three decades.  But then Bill Clinton happened, as my students would write.  He played The Media’s Messiah fantasies for all they were worth, such that every bobblehead in the country was still defending him as Liberalism’s avatar even as he was governing (in the few odd moments he bothered) as Newt Gingrich’s mini-me and acting like a frat boy on nickel beer night at the strip club.

You just don’t get over something like that.

Which brings us to the elections of 2000 and 2004.  Boy do these look different in hindsight!  And I’ll admit it — I was as blind as the rest of ’em, because at that time I still sorta followed the news.  Please grant that I’m not stupid (all evidence on Rotten Chestnuts to the contrary) — I knew The Media was all-in on the Democrat, like they always are.  But at the time, I thought that was a tactical decision.  That is, I really believed that their attacks on W. were calculated political moves, designed to drag Gore and especially Kerry over the finish line.  I thought that only the Mother Jones types were delusional, Iranian mullah-style fanatics.

Nope.  The Media — ALL of them — really did see W. as the antichrist, the Twelfth Invisible Hitler (as the Z Man likes to put it) come to destroy the world.  So when despite all their sacrifices to Moloch the Chimperor won, The Media went full retard.  Like UFO cultists who keep the faith by telling themselves only their fervent prayers staved off the apocalypse, The Media convinced themselves that only more Social Justice would do….

Which brings us to 2008.  The full story hasn’t been written yet, and no doubt President Ocasio-Cortez will order all the records Sandy Berger didn’t smuggle out in his pants to be burned, but a decade on it’s clear that the Democrats had every intention of running an anodyne business-as-usual goober.  That was Hillary Clinton, of course, and before you jump on me about the “first woman president!” thing, look at the primary campaign she actually ran.  She knew she could never out-Victim the black guy, so she came on as your basic good-government Liberal, Mike Dukakis with slightly less ridiculous headwear.  See, for example, her campaign slogans: “Ready for change, ready to lead;” also “Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time to Pick a President,” “In to Win,” “Working for Change, Working for You,” and “The strength and experience to make change happen.”  Compare and contrast with: Hope and Change.

Compare and contrast also: The Hillary fans who really were revved up about the woman thing, the so-called PUMAs.  Remember them?  Ace of Spades, for one, briefly left off fapping to his Megyn Kelly doll for them back in the waning days of the Democratic Primary, as they were somehow supposed to be so mad at the Democrats’ picking a young black guy that they’d vote for the Republicans’ old white guy… or something, I never did manage to figure it out, the point is that The Media absolutely steamrolled them.  About the only guy giving those harpies positive coverage was Ace himself; everyone else called them a McCain astroturf operation, and crediting the McCain campaign with the brains to even think about an astroturf operation is the funniest political joke I heard in 2008.

Tl;dr — The Media consummated its slobbering love affair with Obama the minute his perfectly-creased pants hit the podium, and the Democrats meekly went along, torpedoing their focus-grouped favorite in the process.  (Which, if you’re keeping score at home, is the reason Howard Dean (the DNC chair, 2005-9) remains the only guy ever to cross the Clintons un-arkancided — if he’d slipped in the shower and fallen on seven bullets, The Media might’ve taken a passing look, as it might’ve shined a less-than-haloed light on their Mocha Messiah).

Hillary got back in the action in 2016, though, as I’m sure we all remember, and that’s where the wheels finally came off.  See, for example, this sneering editorial from the Denver Post.  Remember, this was supposed to help Hillary:

“Stronger together,” the campaign’s eventual choice, is both a rebuke to Trump’s divisiveness and an assertion that Clinton shares the nation’s reigning values and ideals. She’s part of us, but, interestingly, she makes no explicit claim about leading us, or carrying us on her shoulders. We’re all just in it together.

That’s their analysis of 85 — yes, that’s an 8, followed by a 5 — possible slogans the Clinton campaign considered.  Here’s the article’s peroration, and again, recall that this is supposed to help Hillary:

Fortunately for the Clinton team, no dazzling slogans have been necessary since Trump won the Republican nomination. Instead, Clinton’s candidacy has been lifted by the most powerful, if unspoken, political promise in modern American history: “I’m not Trump.”

Which sums up The Media’s entire position.  Cast your mind back to that wonderful gong show of 2016, and ask: Did The Media actually do anything to help Hillary, as opposed to harming Trump?

I know, I know, they sound like the same thing, and in The Media’s tiny pea brains they no doubt seem like the same thing, but they’re not.  I’ve been banging on about this for years (seriously – check the archives!!), but I’ll repeat it: The Media could’ve killed the Trump candidacy stone dead any time it chose.  All they had to do was: Cover him like a normal politician.

Seriously.  That’s it.  If you describe a Trump rally as “a campaign speech on the economy, health care, and national security,” you’ve painted him as just another politician.  By covering it the other way, though — “today Donald Trump screamed Fuhrerifically for hours at a crowd of inbred gap-toothed sister-fuckin’ rednecks” — they played right into his hands.  Trump’s entire shtick was that he’s not an ordinary politician, and his proof for this claim was NOT “I have no government experience,” because neither did Hillary (at least to hear her tell it; according to her own self she spent all her time at State being completely ignorant of what the State Department was up to).  His proof wasn’t “I don’t have a coherent set of positions,” because that describes everyone that year.  His proof was: “I drive The Media insane.”

Everyone in America knows The Media is ludicrously biased.  Even Liberals will admit it, if you push them almost to the point of actual physical torture (of course, that’s because “the facts have a Liberal bias,” but whatever; the fact that you have to drag that admission out of them with red-hot pincers is its own refutation).  But as much as we all know it, we’re in the dark about the actual content of that bias.  I know I was; see above, about W.  As I’ve tried to show, most Americans are like I was, in that we think The Media are biased in favor of Liberal policies, and because of that, are all-in on Liberal politicians.  That’s wrong.  The Media don’t care about politics, as rational people understand the term.  The truth is much simpler, and far more horrifying:

They’re a chiliastic doomsday cult.  They have been ever since 1968, when they convinced themselves that the Millennium is just around the corner.  The revelations of the past few election cycles, especially their shanking of Hillary in 2008, were just the mask slipping.  Trump pulled it completely off, just by doing Trump things.  His actual campaign slogan was MAGA, of course, but it might as well have been “Fuck the Media.”  It worked, because The Media kept acting like deranged suicide cultists, because they are deranged suicide cultists.

Which brings us, at long last, to now.  Current conventional wisdom on our side of the aisle is that The Media are taking their marching orders from the DNC.  They sure seem to have been instructed to shank Joe Biden, for instance, and they (seemingly) dutifully did.  If I’m right, though, The Media won’t be able to help themselves.  I say they shanked ol’ Slow Joe because, and only because, he’s a White male.

It remains to be seen The Media retain enough vestigial rationality to get behind any White candidate.  Demographics being destiny, this is the last year they’ll need to bother, but the numbers say they’ll have to bite that particular bullet one last time in 2020.  If I’m right, and they just can’t help themselves, they’ll start swinging for the fences behind a POC here in the next few weeks.  Street violence is already ramping up; we should be well into the citywide riot phase by next summer.  The Democratic leadership can read a poll, all right, but they can also read a newspaper.  Can they handle it when they finally realize who really has the whip hand?  Their convention this year is in Milwaukee, which is 40% black (and 17% hispanic).   “Milwaukee is often seen as a very racially segregated city; some consider it the most segregated city in the country,” quoth the linked article.

If I’m right, the “Chicago Police Riot” might well end up looking like a weekend at Disney World.

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One thought on “The Spirit of ’68

  1. WOPR

    Some minor component of Prog madness has to be jealousy. Somehow, the gap-toothed, fascist, inbred stormtroopers in the moderate (they were the Hitler party before) Republican party managed to bulldoze their establishment and get Trump elected. If those morons can do it, why can’t Ivy elites like us get it done?

    I consider it more of a feedback loop where each piece reinforces the madness of the other. Academia, press/entertainment, and Democrat party form a dark triad that has been spiraling out of control.

    The funny thing is Biden could have sown up the nomination by telling Kamala that he is still against force busing. He finds it immoral to destroy community schools. That he doesn’t understand why she is afraid to learn with other black people and needs to be around whites.

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