Based on a very cursory google search — which was all I was willing to do, for obvious reasons — that’s Russian for “erection.” Which is what I’m getting these days, Cold War-style.

Obviously I don’t speak Russian, but as an amateur Sovietologist I’m aware of the KGB’s rich lexicon of “information warfare.” Disinformation is, of course, either a loan word or a calque, depending on how you want to look at it — dezinformatsiya. (A loan word comes over directly, like “concerto;” a calque is a literal translation of a foreign term, like “flea market”). And then there’s the maskirovka, a whole class of specifically military deceptions. No nation poured more resources into this stuff than the Soviets. A KGB defector named Golitsyn wrote a study, New Lies for Old, that’s interesting. A general in the Securitate, the Romanian secret police, named Ion Mihail Pacepa wrote another, called Disinformation. Good stuff.*

Looking at the “news” these days is a fraternal socialist experience, comrades. Of course, we must be careful to distinguish between disinformation and propaganda. As we know from Theodore Dalrymple, propaganda is designed to humiliate you. All the “Biden won” stories, obviously, are pure propaganda — we know they’re not true, they know they’re not true, but by shoving them down our throats, they emphasize the almost total power differential between them and us. This is obvious, therefore uninteresting.

The dezinformatsiyathough, that’s fun. You know it’s a lie — is it in the Media? then it’s a lie — but the purpose of the lie is often opaque. For instance, this new variant of COVID supposedly making the rounds in England. You don’t have to wear a tinfoil hat to find the timing of that pretty damn suspicious. After all, we’re all supposed to have our “warp speed” mandatory goop shots here in a month, which means no more masks, no more lockdowns, no more of the fuhrer-iffic fun our Glorious Leaders are jonesing for. We can’t be having that, and so hey, whaddaya know, just in time for Christmas, a new pox…

… or is it? Consider, too, that Congress have finally decided to ram through another COVID “stimulus” bill. This one is even more ridiculous, slipshod, and pork-laden than the last one, so much so that even AOC — AOC!!! — smells a rat. She’s too stupid to breathe without cue cards, so that’s revealing….

The problem with any disinfo op, of course, is that you have to pitch it at not just how smart the enemy actually is, but how smart he thinks he is. The KGB used to use two-stage deceptions all the time. There was a clumsy, obvious ploy that was designed to fail. The counterintelligence people would sniff it out, then congratulate themselves for seeing through those goofy commies and their hilarious misunderstandings of the free world. Meanwhile, the second caper sailed right through, because the counterintel boys stopped looking after busting the first one.

If it’s so boneheadedly slipshod that even Toothy McTits is calling shenanigans, in other words, it’s probably shenanigans…

…or is it? I miss the Cold War, not least because the Russkies were pros. These people today are amateurs, and stupid, too — oh god, how stupid they are. If it looks so utterly fucking slipshod that it has to be an op, maybe it is… or maybe they really ARE that dumb. Or, you know, embrace the awesome power of “and.”

Put both of these things together, then, and I wonder if maybe they’re actually starting to worry out there in the incipient Bidenreich. It sure seems like panic-flailing, doesn’t it? I remember the last time a Republican was turfed out. Gloom-and-doom became sunshine-and-rainbows, everywhere, overnight, the minute the last vote for Obama was counted. They’re not doing that here. Something’s up.


*Pacepa’s books are awesome, btw. I haven’t read the one about Lee Harvey Oswald, but Red Horizons is batshit insane in the very best way. Not even fifty pages in, he’s got Yasser Arafat getting railed by his (male) chauffeur in an embassy hotel room they both know is bugged. No idea if any of it is true, but it’s shelved under “nonfiction.” Great stuff.

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20 thoughts on “Stojak

  1. AvatarPickle Rick

    The Sovietology angle has merit.

    Overall, however, I’m getting the vibe that our newly “elected” lords and masters are unsure on their thrones. I don’t think they counted on the Bad Orange Man meekly accepting the fait accompli, or the willingness of the Republicans to preemptively surrender.
    They’re in the situation that Cat Fancy found themselves in after Mustache Guy was (legally, freely and properly) elected Chancellor. Unexpectedly, they are in power after spending the last four years screaming for it. But their Party has far too many competing factions all scrambling for the spoils, and the power, which means they have to have a permanent state of emergency to

    1. Cover their grasping for more power in legality
    2. Cover their fumbling incompetence and stupidity.

    This is the period of what they called “ Gleichschaltung“.

    1. AvatarWOPR

      Let me play Devil’s advocate. Your explanation is perfectly reasonable and very possibly accurate. However, what if they are panicking? They were gaming publicly gaming this out and expected street violence from the right by this point. We’ve had one protest out in Oregon where they rolled out the MRAPs, tear gas, and riot gear on some right wing people protesting an illegal state legislature meeting. That’s pretty much been it. It has been standard peaceful protests, except for Antifa/BLM goons. If it were them in our situation, they would have unleashed Antifa/BLM on us by now. It’s too quiet for them.

      Look at what they understand the situation to be:
      – Trump still hasn’t conceded even after The Deep State has put every pressure on him
      – 70% of the population believes the election stolen (30% of those Democrats)
      – The full court press of MSM, Big Tech, and conservative shills, hasn’t moved the needle their way. Fox has lost 40%-50% of their audience. The few mainline conservative sites I still frequent are getting hammered by their commenters.
      – You know the intelligence community is feeding them info about any right wing plans they are seeing. I doubt they are seeing much. Again, based on sites I visit, I’ve notice quite a few normal posters have gone dark. My bet is they are beginning to realize that they aren’t dealing with militia types this time, but small, independent 3-5 person groups.
      – It is dawning on them that the power structure of the right is gone. The GOP can’t mollify their base or even get them to respond.
      – Joe’s speech after getting the electoral college votes bombed.

      They haven’t been able to establish legitimacy. Their opponent isn’t acting in the expected manner. There’s no street violence, and yet the right’s plebs aren’t falling back in line to move on. It has to be starting to feel like a Mexican stand-off.

      Let me add a little Sovietology to the mix. Announcing all of the Hunter Biden information and that there is an investigation isn’t about an internal power struggle. It is about trying to distract the plebs from the stolen election. It is to make them believe that while Biden, et. al. stole the election, the investigation will soon bring down the entire Biden clan. They have misread the temperature of the public on that one.

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        2nd Law of SJW for the win: SJWs always project. They can’t suss out what we might do, because that requires empathy and since Leftism = autism they don’t have it. So they assume we’ll do what they would do…. which they helpfully announced many times: unleash the goons to throw molotovs.

        Further, since they’ve never considered “The System” legitimate, they can’t grok that we DID. It was the only thing that kept us participating, but since they never figured out that whole “incentive” thing, they saw no need to try to build legitimacy. What they’re seeing is the withdrawal of the consent of the governed, and since they had no idea that’s even a thing, they can’t process it.

        So they fall back on the only thing they know: provocation. They don’t care what, so long as we *do something*, anything, so they can start telling themselves fairy tales again.

        Truthfully, it’s weirding ME out a bit too. Of course the GOP is trying desperately to cuck, but the people… aren’t. They’re not acting, but they’re not cucking either. It really does feel like a Mexican standoff.

        1. SeverianSeverian Post author

          Follow up: GREAT point about the collapse of leadership on the right. Call it controlled opposition, caesarism, whatever, it only works if the “opposition” can move people.

          But even the Ace of Spades dorks are ending every other post with “fuck the GOP \ burn it down.” When you’ve lost those guys, it’s done. There is no possibility of business as usual. It’s down to naked force. Everything we weirdos have been saying about The Uniparty has been proven true – in spades. They’re going to do whatever they want. What are you going go do about it, peasants?

  2. AvatarTBoone

    Sto_jack like Ko_jack? Or Stoy_ahkkkh? Cuz I’m too lazy to look it up for my self. Such as the Paid/Owned (P0wn’d? In innernet parlance?) are truly too stupid to consider how awful, greedy and spiteful the latest Plague_U_list spending spree truly is…. They didn’t write it, let alone read it…. So whoever picked the $600/per loser number… was just rubbing our faces iNiT. They could have upped that number to the 2400 per that OrangeBadMan had asked for and folks would have been more mollified. But F! Drumpf and EFF us_es…. So, we’ve got that going for us…
    They can’t have any ‘reasonable’ expectation of future ‘events’ as the BidenBananaRepublic shall ‘be’… Stupid should hurt. And it will… Oh it will…. But somewhat ‘differently’ from how they ‘visioned’ it…. Merry Christmas to one and all! From Reader/occasional commenter 14…. That’s equivalent to 1.75 Ochos…. Cuz we’re now living on ESPN 8…. The Ocho. Seldom seen ‘sports’…. gone somewhat awry….

  3. AvatarMBlanc46

    Agreed. It seemed as indubitable as the Pythagorean theorem, or the Fundamental Theorem of the Calculus, or any other theorem that you want to name, that, as soon as Good Old Uncle Joe took the oath on 20 JAN, the seas would cease to rise, the Earth would begin to heal*, and the Corona virus 2019 would slink off into the shadows like a thief in the night. But now it does seem that Our Betters are about to double down on the Stalinism. I don’t claim to know why. Your explanation, that they are starting to panic, might very well be the correct one. Or it might be something else: They’re letting us know, right off, that they are in charge, and that when they say, “Jump”, our response had best be, “How high, Master?”, for example.

    * Just as they did on JAN 20, 2009, and were doing until the Russkies and their orange stooge conspired to steal the election from the Empress-in-Waiting.

  4. AvatarClown World

    “After all, we’re all supposed to have our “warp speed” mandatory goop shots here in a month, which means no more masks, no more lockdowns”

    they’ve been signalling for some time that the vaccine doesn’t mean this, at least with masks and distancing, short term at least, because the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, and may not prevent transmission from the vaccinated person to others. but otherwise carry on

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Right, but out in Normie-ville it’s taken for granted that shots = plague over. I have great fun pointing out to the Covidiots that their precious “vaccine” doesn’t actually DO anything. “Hmmm, won’t prevent infection, won’t prevent transmission… you know, the two parts of the two-part DEFINITION of ‘vaccine.’ So yeah, why are we in such a hurry to take this?”

      Turns out it’s symbolic, just like the masks. We truly are a species too stupid to live.

      1. Avatarjvangeld

        Masking is the same thing as the TSA’s security theater. The penis scanners and nail clipper bans did absolutely nothing to make air travel safer. But they have not gone away.

        Note that the government now believes that domestic terrorism is the greatest threat. Could be true. But that is the same belief that the CIA had when they allowed Al’Qaeda members into the country all those years ago. The government could stop and think (yeah, I know) “Hey, we bumped our stance on terrorism back two decades. Maybe we could de-escalate the TSA.” But no, revocation of rights is never reversed by this government.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Is he still around?

      I never did understand what people saw in that guy. The one trick pony to end all one trick ponies. And when his lifestyle came into conflict with his Catholicism, instead of doing the honorable thing and apostasizing, he concluded that he is The Only True Catholic. Thus confirming every bigoted stereotype about gays and their narcissism.

      He’s part of the full court press, but as WOPR noted above, no one is buying it. I know a few people who claim to believe the election wad on the up and up, but their eyes tell the truth. Everybody knows it was stolen. Everyone knows something bad is coming.

      1. AvatarMartinian

        What people saw (and still see) in him is that his glaringly contradictory morals make him an “independent thinker”, A.K.A., anyone willing to criticize the Right “from within”.

        Also, I remember he became a Big Deal in in the early 2000’s for arguing in favor of the morality of the Iraq War. I was a dumb college student at the time, and it was just way too seductive for a Traditional Conservative to be able to point to him and say, “See? Since I agree with him, I obviously don’t hate ghejs for being ghej.”

        1. SeverianSeverian Post author

          Fair dinkum. I’d forgotten about that, to be honest, since gays aren’t really a thing anymore, but yeah…

          (If I still kept up with the old “gay militant” crowd I used to know, I’d be too tempted to yell “I told you so, suckers. Remember when I said going all in on identity politics is a bad idea, because they’ll drop you like a used condom the second a more telegenic group comes along? How’s drag queen story hour working out for you?”

          Good thing I don’t keep up with those guys (if any are still alive). “I told you so” is bad for the soul).

  5. Avatarganderson

    Some random observations:

    Here in Moonbat-ville where I live people truly do believe the following:
    1. That the covid is the black death, and the only solution is the continuing series of “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. I actually heard that old chestnut on the radio news yesterday. In addition, the media is all NEW STRAIN OF COVID, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES… and that corpses are stacked up around the corner of every ER in the country. Oh and the masked up social distance ( man, I hate that phrase) regime must, in the words of Paul Simon “continue to continue”

    2. Anyone who believes the election was stolen is a tin foil hat wearing loon.

    3. Bad Orange Man is still in cahoots with the Russkies, and will attempt a coup to stay in office.

    4. Shall I continue? I guess that’s what has me so down. I don’t think the idiots promoting all this are being dishonest, ( well, some are) but are true believers.

    And thick midwesterner that I am, while I know who mustache guy is, who is Cat Fancy?

    Merry Christmas to all 20 of us- watch It’s a Wonderful Life, or Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooged, or even Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, pound a jigger or two of Akvavit, ( hej Tomtegubbe slå i glasen, och låt oss lustiga vara…) and hold your loved ones close.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Cat Fancy = Nazism.

      Back in the old days, when Rotten Chestnuts 1.0 had five readers, we all agreed that the history of the rise of the NSDAP had interesting and important lessons for us *** in the abstract***. Alas, thanks to the History Channel and SJWs in about equal measure, it’s all but impossible not to think about what “everyone knows.” Plus, using real names for these guys on the internet brings in the weirdos, the guys who spend their weekends recreating the Battle of Kursk with Tonka trucks in their mom’s basement.

      Hence the nicknames. As for why “Cat Fancy” specifically, I just thought it was fun. Something about calling Reinhard Heydrich “the toughest kitty of them all” makes me chuckle even now.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Either he did, or people mocking him did. Coming to National Review in Feb. 2021, “The Conservative Case for White Genocide.”

  6. Avatartexinole

    “Something’s up.”

    Understatement of the century, that.

    The huge power imbalance you mention ensures all of us will be mere passengers on this crazy train. There’s nothing the peasantry can or will do.

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