Stop a Bunch of Echoes

I went to see D’Souza’s “America“.

It was just what America’s doctor ordered.

It is a pantheon of Echo Stoppage presented in a way most 5th graders can grasp.  If viewed by enough of the squishy middle, it is devastating to the Critical Theory attack that has so successfully brought us to this point in our history.  An innoculation, if you will.  If you have friends in the squishy middle, you should encourage them to see it as presenting a side of the argument they’ve never heard — and it includes both sides of the argument — and actually makes one.  A coherent one.

And if you have kids from about 5th grade on up … you should take them.  It would easily be the most effective inoculation they will get against their current and future “instructors” purposely skewed version of history.  At least there will be questions in the backs of their minds.

I also got D’Souza’s book after seeing the movie.  And I ran across this little passage, which reiterates “Stop An Echo” and its necessity and purpose … probably better than I did it:

“It should be emphasized at the outset that the domestic champions of American decline are not traitors or America-herers.  They are bringing down America because they genuinely believe that America deserves to be brought down.  Their actions are the result of a powerful moral critique of America, one that has never been effectively answered.  Nor is it easy to answer.  Most people, when confronted with the critique, go mute.  Some respond with bluster; others want to change the topic.  The ineffectiveness of these rebuttals makes independent observers believe that this critique cannot be answered.”

This is the driving force behind “Stop an Echo”.   Answer, and answer effectively.  Don’t Shut Up.  Don’t bluster (makes you look out of control and hurts your persuasive power).   Don’t change the subject.  Answer it.  Calmly.  And know your sh*t.  So read up.

And for people who haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it, this movie (and probably the book but the movie is easier and more accessible) is a fantastic starting point.

If enough people see this movie, it could be devastating to the cause of “Fundamental Transformation”.

Hell, even Peggy Joseph (the ebulent “gas in my car, “mortgage” woman) has apparently had a change of heart and worldview.

Wake up America.  Send her to see the movie.

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