Striving Towards Heteromediocrity

I think this should be the new official motto of Rotten Chestnuts.  Author Larry Correia finds an interesting neologism aimed his way:heteromediocrity….and suggests that, to increase sales, he “should add some Homodynamism.”

I’ve only cracked the cover of one of Mr. Correia’s books, and it wasn’t for me (though I could see that if it is for you, it’s awesome).  But he was the originator of the ongoing Sad Puppies hilarity, and he sometimes takes time off from getting paid to beat SJW scolds like rented mules, and for that alone you can count me as a Larry Correia fan.

That said, Mr. Correia, please don’t increase your Homodynamism.  You’d break the internet forever… but you’d probably win a Hugo Award.  🙂

Anyway…. co-bloggers, our cherished Four Regular Readers: what say you?  Shall we strive towards heteromediocrity together?


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3 thoughts on “Striving Towards Heteromediocrity

    1. severian Post author

      If with Squirty you want a fight,
      “please define political Left and political Right.”
      We could with this go on all day
      Cutting and pasting all the way
      But then I’d have to ban your ass, too.

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