Tax Day WalMart Bashing

walmart Nonsense

Walmart receives billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks, both for the corporation and for the Walton family. When it pay its workers so little that they must rely on services like food stamps to get by, the rest of us end up picking up Walmart’s tab.

These people really are clueless, aren’t they?

Well at least their useful idiots are.  And many of the perps probably are as well.

Saw this going around on facebook … idiotic nonsense … yeah.  The meme is, WalMart costs us money, because … all money belongs to the Government and we think all of WalMart’s profits should go there.

Wal-Mart Stores Tax Total: $7.1 billion
U.S. federal: $5.3 billion
U.S. state and local: $677 million
International: $1.1 billion

Where to begin?  How much more would we be paying in taxes for people who aren’t on unemployment because they work for WalMart?   It payed 32.5% of its profit in taxes and it payed low-skilled employees money from a private source that would otherwise be paid by … taxpayers — if they were sitting at home on welfare or unemployment — and while doing this work they are getting the opportunity to gain work experience and establish a reputation to better their position in life (which would include higher wages, thus higher income taxes, plus better benefits, health care, etc?  I made minimum wage once, too.).

Our precious proggies wanna add that 7.8 Billion back in and make it 67.4%, because, “progress”, I guess.  They can’t (or won’t) see that  WalMart adds value to the economy, employs people, and pays $7.1 Billion in corporate income taxes — and they talk like it’s COSTING the government money.   All money generated by any economic activity is apparently owned by the government (because, you know, “you didn’t build that”), and if they’re nice they’ll let you keep some of it, I guess.

And let’s remember that 7.1 billion is just corporate income tax, it doesn’t include the percentage of the wages it creates that goes into SSI (plus the equally matching amount 6.2% +6.2%=12.4% …. but since only 6.2% of that comes out of technical wages it’s more than 12.4% of wages generated), plus the enormous amount of sales tax it generates, or the income tax that employees pay … from revenue generated by … WalMart.

More from CNN and Forbes.

If you see this bullsh*t out there, please call people on it!

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