Ah, yes.  Tragedy?  Well, never let a crisis go to waste, as Saul Alinsky taught ’em.

Saw this on facebook today….

taxespayMmmmm.  Yes.  Ok, show of hands of people who don’t think taxes should pay for police and firefighters and EMT’s?

Out of 10,000 people in the crowd here … oh, I think I see three.  The guy 50 yards to the right of Ron Paul, and a couple of anarchists in dreads passing a phattie back and forth.

So what is the implication here?  Since you’ve agreed to farm out some of our essential security services to local government, whenever we want to expand the size and scope of government and rationalize why more of other people’s money really isn’t theirs because they “didn’t build that” … just … shut up?

Yup, I think that’s pretty much what they’re saying.

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4 thoughts on “Taxes

  1. Captain Midnight

    How much of our taxes went to pay the average citizens who raced towards the carnage to render aid? Oh, right. None. Not that their aid is included in the spiffy little lefty image.

    But the image fits nicely with the liberal idea that we need to shovel more and more money to government agencies to pay for police, firefighters, and EMTs. Really, all this new money is super-duper critical for having enough police, firefighters, and EMTs to server the public. Pay no attention to all the other spending the new money mainly goes to.

    Thomas Sowell summed it up well in an article of his. When a government is threatened by spending limits, emergency services are threatened to be cut first because that threat is the best way to help keep the money spigot open.

  2. Severian

    This is my absolute favorite leftist canard: You think we’re overtaxed? You must…. drumroll please…. hate firemen and police!

    It’s hard to identify the biggest turd in the bowl here. Is it the category error of conflating “opposition to a certain tax rate” with “opposition to government as a whole?” Or is it the basic, poli sci 101 failure to recognize that police and firemen are part of the government’s covenanted responsibilities, and thus supported by all informed citizens? Or is it the strawmanning of “free market” rhetoric into situations that by definition aren’t markets? Or is it the preening narcisssism of assuming that only those who want to increase governmental power truly care about people?

    Eh, whatever. If they were capable of comprehending anything more complex than a bumper sticker, they wouldn’t be liberals.

    1. nightfly

      It’s like one of those fancy dips-in-a-bread-bowl, Sev… The actual bowl is the turd. That makes everything in it, no matter how delicious, rather unpalatable. Then the chefs accuse us of not liking the filling, and should we just starve or something? It’s like you don’t like cooking! Should we all just eat grubs and roots like savages?

      Same argument, really.

  3. Soozcat

    It’s been my experience that when leftists hold the reins of government and don’t get every penny of tax money they expect for every shiny, impractical pet project that takes their fancy, the first — the FIRST — thing they do is threaten to cut vital services. Based solely on the people they pick on whenever they throw their little tax tantrums, I’d say the lefties are the ones who really hate firefighters, police officers and EMTs.

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