Tempests in Teapots Can Be Instructive

I don’t really read much fiction, and very little of that is science fiction.  So I really have no opinion on whether or not Vox Day deserves a Hugo, which I take is some kind of insidery award.  But the nomination process has been oh so revealing.

The best part?  The folks campaigning loudest and longest against Vox take pride in the fact that they’ve never actually read the book in question.

Never. Read. It.

There’s not even an attempt to link the award’s purpose to their criticism of the author.  Not even a feeble “I disagree with him, and therefore his writing sucks.”  It’s just: This man has expressed verboten opinions.  Therefore he must be destroyed, and the earth salted wherever he has passed.  He could be the next Isaac Asimov, but they neither know nor care.  They’d rather their genre — their livelihood — disappear than acknowledge that a writer with Incorrect Thoughts can have fans, too.

No wonder the internet left sucks so hard at arguing.  They refuse to sully the brahminical purity of their eyes by actually looking at the thing they’re condemning.

UPDATE 4/24/2014: Now they’re coordinating their strategy to not read it.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating:  It’s not really the self-righteousness of the left that bothers me.  It’s not even that their policies are stupid and counterproductive.  It’s the lies.  The constant, steady drumbeat of lies.  If you want to make an award for “best science fiction story that caters exclusively to our prejudices,” then by all means go right ahead and do that.  But don’t pretend it’s about anything other than that.  Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining, son.

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