Testable Hypothesis

Y’all know my opinion on the “lot of hat, very few cattle” nature of Vox Day, and the “it’s all keyboard commando bullshit” nature of Q Anon etc. It’s also obvious that, for conspiracy theories to thrive, they must have non-falsifiable premises. Given all that, this is something of a surprise:

They are starting to drop the other stuff and Nancy Pelosi has now been dragged into this… fake shell companies being used to funnel money to Nancy from the Chinese government…This story is growing, but Nancy is clearly another Joe.

The drops are now coming so fast that there is no way I can handle all of it…

That’s not quite a specific, testable hypothesis in itself — getting “dropped” on the fever swamps of /pol/ and 8Chan and whatnot is a far thing from getting “dropped” in the Media — but it can easily be made so:

Let’s see if Trump or Giulinani mention it. Since those two need to know that things are 200% real before they mention them, if they do, it’s ironclad.

Color me extremely skeptical — see above — but there’s one data point in its favor: As contrariandutchman points out, if this stuff is real, the only hope for those implicated is to install President Joe as fast as possible, so that he can issue blanket pardons. Which means that nothing, nothing at all, is off the table for the Left when it comes to suppressing this stuff.

As we know from bad gangster movies, the typical way to handle this kind of thing is to make a zillion copies, stash them in a zillion banks, and write your will in such a way that if you die, the vaults get opened. The problem, though, is that President Joe can and will pardon anything, so that’s really a non-starter. But there’s another way to handle it: Drop everything, all at once — so fast and furious that the various cleaners, house painters, etc. of Hillary’s Sanitation, LLC, are simply overwhelmed. Short of pulling the plug on the entire Internet — I know, I know, I just gave them an idea, but they’re not that stupid, someone has already thought of it — at least some of this is going to get out into the mainstream.

So there’s another testable hypothesis: A sudden “hacker” attack that takes huge parts of the Internet down for days at a time.

I think it’s all bullshit, of course, but either way it’ll be instructive. Either we get to see a Festinger situation up close and personal — very illuminating in itself — or, well…. you know.

Fun stuff.


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23 thoughts on “Testable Hypothesis

  1. Some Guy

    It’s smart of them to turn the whole Hunter Biden laptop thing into tabloid nonsense by focusing on the sextapes. There probably isn’t enough time between now and the election to make people forget the whole thing was about corruption but at least it gives the media a way to mention the story without mentioning the bribes.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah that was slick – much smarter than I’d give them credit for….

      unless, of course, it really IS Hunter with provably underage girls, or worse, provably underage family members, as some allege. The ick factor from that might be enough to turn even Karen against Biden.

      Either way, it’s still going to be fun. These are profoundly stupid people. It’s like a circular firing squad, except everyone is a feces-flinging chimp.

  2. mrpknuckle

    Idle speculation on my part, but, hey, it’s fun to dream, and I just woke up from an awesome nap ….

    – If Trump wins the 2020 election, he must destroy his and our enemies. He has no choice. Another four years like the past four will not be tolerated. When justice is denied us, holy vengeance is a moral imperative. The Dems, Left, and Deep State dishonored and pissed off the wrong guy. The October drops and Executive Order Schedule F may be a sufficient “tell” that Trump has a plan, is going all-in, fully intends to roll up into a tight prison ball all the Washington swamp criminals. Yes, he really really really is gunna do it.

    – If Trump loses and Biden wins the 2020 election (due to massive vote fraud), once the results are in and winners declared, Trump unleashes a shit-storm of 4am predawn raids — arrests, charges, tries, and hangs all the swamp criminals, including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, et al. before Inauguration Day. Trump, AG Barr, and Durham have all the evidence — and all the evidence they need — to send the swamp criminals to hell for eternity. Again, they dishonored and pissed off the wrong guy and, too, went after his kids. “Vengeance is Mine!” saith God Emperor Caesar Augustus Trump I.

    1. Severian Post author

      Let’s hope.

      As I’ve been saying for a while now, it’s a measure of how far we’ve fallen, that while the Left is terrified Trump will become an authoritarian dictator, we’re terrified that he won’t.

      Help us, Obi Wan Pinochet, you’re our only hope.

  3. MBlanc46

    I certainly have no evidence that Nancy Pelosi is on the take. To that extent I’m skeptical. But it sure wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she was. I’ve spent most of my life in and within about twenty miles of Chicago. Around here, we take in the idea that any politician could be on the take with our mothers’ milk. Not all of them are on the take, but any of them could be. Any of them. No matter how big or important. That this is not the case with congresscritters would be the surprising thing. The idea of gaggles of pols hearing cell doors slamming behinds them gives me the warm fuzzies, but I fear that Mr Trump is not the guy to do it, even should he be re-elected.

    1. Severian Post author

      I doubt it, too. I doubt too many of the American people care – Biden could sacrifice a live infant to Moloch on the very Senate floor and he would still get 40% of the votes, so degraded are we.

      It does seem, however, that we’re rushing headlong to an inflection point. Both sides are about ready to shrug their shoulders, say “fuck it”, and fire away with everything they’ve got… metaphorically at first, but soon enough literally.

      The merest hint of this stuff would’ve brought down the entire government as late as the 1980s. Now it’s just tabloid fodder. I’m almost rooting for COVID to become the Plague 2.0 for real; this civilization is too stupid to persist, and must be purged with fire.

  4. Codex

    Good point on the Q question. What would be sufficient evidence that Q was something other than a madly alluring viral campaign ad? Contrariwise, what evidence would prove the latter? I have yet to read anyone making this rational case, but to be fair, I do not care enough to go looking. It’s awesome near-future SF, and it makes the most tiresome people run around and squawk like chickens. G.G.

    “lot of hat, very few cattle” nature of Vox Day.

    Yes. That is clear. What you have not given is your justification for said claim. If you merely want to vent that Vox Day is huge hat and modest (but still substantial) herd and really irritating: wail away. Some days I’d join you.

    Some people like cayenne, some people like dill. I get it.

    But if we do not all hang together, Mr. Sevarian, most assuredly we will all hang separately.

    1. Some Guy

      There are going to be one of two big tests for q in the future. A) Trump loses the election. Unlikely at this point so q can keep going for four years until B) Trump’s second term ends and still no storm. Either of those would blow q out of the water, I mean they would still go on with the whole “double secret probation” thing they’ve been doing by pretending all these celebrties and politicians are wearing ankle monitors, but after 8 years of arrests or gtfo, a lot of q supporters would finally have to gtfo. Of course if at any point the storm does happen then it’ll be me who has to gtfo and I would do so gladly. But since q started with a claim that Hillary Clinton was about to be arrested, then claimed she was arrested in spite of her still obviously being not in jail, I became a skeptic.

  5. Southern Belle

    If this is all true, then it finally makes sense why Biden suddenly became the Democrat’s candidate. This threat to the political elite may have been circulating under the surface long before now. Of course I’m notorious for sticking a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong simply because I want it to go there. Nothing surprises me after hearing about the strange case of Gareth Williams, an MI5/6 codebreaker who worked with the FBI on where Russian money flowed to in the US. Days after he returned to London, he was found dead, stuffed in a zipped duffle bag in his bathtub. Computers wiped clean. Another homicide, sorry suicide.

    1. Pickle Rick

      Biden was chosen as the Democrat candidate for a lot of reasons, but one is germane to my neck of the woods.

      The “Lunchpail Joe” persona. Much as we hate them, the Left does know how to win elections. They understood how much Mrs. Clinton was disliked because of her awful personality. Grandfatherly Joe can pull more stupid white blue collar union voters here in the Rust Belt. He reminds them of the days when the Democratic Party was the working man’s party. A lot of gullible voters here still think that way.

      Now we know old Joe is really a puppet for the Bolshevik wing of the New Party, but Joe Yinzer doesn’t. That’s why I’m seeing more Biden signs in 2020 than I saw Clinton signs in 16. They’re still outnumbered massively by Trump supporters. But I live out in the country. How suburban whites vote will determine how Pennsylvania goes. (That and the manufactured fraudulent vote, and whether the Pennsylvania Republicans decide to find their balls and contest the results.)

      1. Severian Post author

        It’s the same out in corn country where my people came from. They are as conservative as can be…. but they’re stuck in a time warp, where it’s still 1936 and only that nice mr. Roosevelt can stop the bank from foreclosing on the farm.

      2. BadThinker

        Pickle, I’m in the yinzer suburbs. There’s some quiet trump support, but you are absolutely right – blue collar boomer remembers Joe from years back as a working man’s guy. One thing – should Biden win and Kamala takes right over, the betrayal these guys will feel may finally push many of them over the edge to our side?

        But the mean girl suburban moms? Busy going on drinking wine, wearing masks (but not around each other), and generally signaling status.

      3. MBlanc46

        Being Old Joe from Scranton sure didn’t hurt him, but he was going nowhere with it. Then Kamala et al. failed to launch. The spectre of Bernie* began to haunt the Dems. The Dem nabobs began to panic. They turned to Old Joe. The forced the remaining candidates to self-defenestrate and endorse Old Joe. Now they’re stuck with him.

        * Why on earth they let him run in their primaries is beyond me. He was never a Dem. But they did, and then they had to devise a way to torpedo him.

        1. Severian Post author

          Because they don’t have anyone constitutionally eligible to run who draws a crowd. Without him, the five people who would pay attention to the primaries would’ve found themselves curious about Gabbard or Yang, and they won’t be having **that.** So they had to wheel Bernie out there again, before buying him off like always.

      4. WOPR

        I think the additional signs are typical Dem cargo cult thinking. Trump had a lot of signs. If we put out a lot of signs it means we have vast support. Add in that a lot of Trump supporters simply don’t want hassled by having signs out, and I think that is some of the disparity. Only the election and fraud will tell.

        How many Karens will vote Trump to stick it to fellow Karens? Queen Bee Karen is all in on Biden. Karyn and Caren might decide that seeing Karen mentally crack is worth voting for the Orange Man.

          1. Severian Post author

            In my best Biden voice: c’mon man! You’re one of the Twenty Regular Readers. You know better!

            Chad (full name: “Chad Thundercock”) is married to Stacy. Their daughter is Basic Becky.

            Karen is married to Herb (to be fair, you’d need to be an old school Heartiste reader to recognize that one). Her daughter, Kaitlyn, is the result of a “fling” with the pool boy. It only happened once…

            … a week, for years, until she realized Herb would probably be really into it, and isn’t it amazing how COVID brings people together?

          2. BadThinker

            Correction accepted. I discovered Heartiste as ‘Roissy in DC’ back in 2008(?), but never really started to follow him until 2016-17.

  6. Severian Post author


    the old “Roissy in DC” site was great too.

    At some point I really should do a post on the whole PUA / manosphere thing. Not that I was ever involved in those scenes, but because they’re the best examples I can think of for people mistaking the tool for the building.

    Crap. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but now I have to get on that…

    1. Skedastic Racket

      You promised us a post on the intersection of heavy metal and dissident types too didn’t you?

      C’mon man!

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