The Agon

Friedrich Nietzsche has a bit of a spotty record.  On the one hand, he thought Socrates was a nihilistic girly-man that forever feminized the Archaic Greeks, and he’s probably right about that. On the other…. this, apparently, was his idea of a manly man:

For the record, the Friedmeister is the one with the mustache.*

Nietzsche’s philosophy is complex, profound, and not altogether coherent, but it’s fair to say that he was obsessed with power.  Not political power (though some of the more intellectual Cat Fanciers thought so), but personal power — the power, that is, that one has in himself.  A noble spirit, he says, is obsessed with what the Greeks called agon , the struggle — against self, other men, fate, the gods.  It’s the fundamental thing that makes us human, and modern life, Nietzsche says, takes it away from us.

He’s not wrong.  You can’t look at all the hormonal blue-hairs of both sexes out there, chanting “Kava-not!” and pretending the judge attended pedophilic gang-rape parties 30 years ago or whatever we’re up to now, and conclude anything other than:

These people are bored, and boredom has driven them insane.

You might be tempted to say that they’ve always been insane, but crazy people aren’t organized enough to do all the legwork you need to get ready to run for something.  The Kamala Harrises of the world have always seemed nuttier than a squirrel turd, it’s true, but we’ve only ever seen her as a politician.  The cat lady who decided that a run at Congress would be more exciting than another shift at the DMV or whatever other 75-IQ drone work she’s actually qualified for wasn’t crazy, just stupid and bored.  American politics being what it is, though, this stupid, bored lady was catapulted straight to the top… and that’s no fun!  Taedium vitae set in once again, and now we have to listen to her ask Kavanaugh what kind of tree he’d rape if he could rape a tree.

Material prosperity produces these people, as sure as water and subzero temperatures produce ice.  Orwell once said that “the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England,” and though ol’ George’s record is as mixed as Nietzsche’s, he’s spot-on here.  The reason is simply this: Nudism, pacifism, etc. are the preoccupations of the idle rich, and Socialists presume that their doctrines will make everyone into the idle rich.

They won’t, of course, but that’s beside the point.  Socialism makes emotional sense to bored, hormonal cat ladies of whatever gender.  Socialism propels them to “activism,” which temporarily staves off the boredom.  But as “activism” is really just spinning in circles — since, you know, everything they’re agitating for is either impossible, or has been given them long ago — pretty soon the boredom returns, stronger than before.  Thus they go insane.

If, many generations from now, our descendants want to give things like “indoor plumbing” and “living past 35” another shot, they must figure out something to do with these people.  All the civilized cures for boredom — sporstball, status striving, adultery — have comprehensively failed.  I’d suggest turning them loose on the African veldt, making sure that the lion population was good and hungry, but that’d be cruel to the lions (fruit juice drinking nudists are notoriously stringy).

I’m open to suggestions.


*The woman is Lou Salome, the Big N’s one-itis, whose brutal friendzoning led to all Nietzsche’s subsequent philosophizing.  The other man is Paul Ree, the guy she friendzoned Nietzsche for.
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8 thoughts on “The Agon

  1. MBlanc46

    The only thing that I remember from the Nietzsche class in grad school is the line, “When you go with a woman, don’t forget to bring a whip” from Zarathustra. It appears from the photo that he misremembered his own advice. Got to love the mustache, though. To the main point, I keep telling Mme B that the only thing that can save us is a real barnburner of a depression, something of at least the magnitude of the thirties. She’d rather take a pass on it.

    1. Rod1963

      We used to have wars that would boil off this emotional insanity. But we had to stop because we got too good at killing each other. Diseases and the occasional random plague would also keep us on our toes but both are ancient history thanks to modern sanitation and medicine.

      The only thing I see still possible in modern society is having some assassins going around and randomly “taking care of” some political mucky muck and the random activist. The threat of death hanging over their heads would do wonders for their focus. Many would be buying “panic rooms”, others just dropping out, etc. I remember how that gay murderer of Versachi sent the entire gay population into a panic and later a good portion of the U.S. The MSM made him out to be a master of disguise, police were randomly stopping fat, ugly women in the South East hoping to catch him.

      Hell if someone just beat the shit out of some of these harpies with a Carp, it would do the trick. it’s gross, strange and scary at the same time.

      Failing that, another Great Depression would be a great mental tonic for these bored loons. Many seeing their fortunes evaporate in the stock market will be overdosing on Oxy or blowing themselves up on their yachts, etc.

      1. Unwashed Mass

        No, not some political mucky-muck nor some random activist. Focus on those who have had their 15 minutes of fame. Served cold, of course.

      2. MBlanc46

        In August I visited my best friend in Minnesota. He foresees a war, pretty much for the reason you allude to: It’s the way humans disperse excess energy and emotion. In addition to which, the Chinese want to be the big dog in the western Pacific. I’d bet a case of claret on it within 25 years. Of course, serious economic crisis might change everything. I don’t know exactly when or how bad, but as sure as down follows up, it will happen.

  2. TBoone

    Absent useful deep comments I shall add this. We have apparently reached full NAGon.

    Regression of the mean. Spirited harpies, of either sex seeking to spread struggle “outwards’ to all.

    1. Rod1963

      Seriously, one of two things are going to happen. Either the stock market blows up which leads to a very nasty Great Depression or we get a Leftist instigated Civil War. And the former can easily cause the latter if the EBT./SNAP cards run out of money and the banks close and reopen with the dollar only worth 1/2 of what it was the day before.

      The Left since it has regulatory capture of the system and MSM, is in the captains chair as to when they want to set off a civil war. And they have repeatedly made it clear that they want whites dead and gone. Especially white males.

      The fact that a MSM talking head like Tucker Carlson sees it and is worried, should concern us.

      What this means in relation to Severians post is that the idle rich problem won’t be a problem much longer and so will many other problems become moot as well.

  3. Frip

    Sev: “and now we have to listen to her ask Kavanaugh what kind of tree he’d rape if he could rape a tree.”

    One of the funniest lines I’ve ever read.

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