The Civil War That Wasn’t

I love the fall, personally, but since the turning weather tends to get folks down, it’s time for a white pill. So:

It’s hard to keep track these days, but I gather that the latest Media lie we’re supposed to freak out about is Trump calling the military “losers” or some such. That he didn’t goes without saying, and not just because it’s the Media reporting it — even so obvious a soldier-loather as Barack “Corpse-man” Obama pretended to love the military when the cameras were rolling. It’s a public relations necessity for any American president. The Military-Industrial Complex wants its wars, and it shall have them. A pacifist president would simply be countermanded by his defense contractors, and since no democratic politician can afford to be shown up so publicly, Obama got out there and smiled for the cameras, “authorizing” the escalation of wars he made a big deal of opposing as a candidate (and adding some new ones just for fun, knowing his knob-slobbers in the Media would never call Him on it).

I use Ace of Spades as a CivNat bellwether — whatever they’re going on about is where the naught wittle boys of Boomercondom are, headspace-wise. Their interpretation of this “the military are losers” line of attack is that this is battlespace prep. The Left, as the Biden wargames “leak” “confirmed” for us, are planning anything up to a violent coup to oust Trump if their mail-in voter fraud scheme doesn’t work.* Hence, this is an 11th-hour bid for sympathy — “we’ve been vilifying you nonstop as babykillers since the 1960s, but look, Trump’s a big meanie too!!”

This is plausible, in the sense that the Left might be dumb enough to hire sportsball’s PR team — you know, the geniuses who decided that “pissing off your entrenched, intensely-loyal, multigenerational fanbase in order to virtue-signal to blue-haired, nose-ringed vegans who ostentatiously hate sports and will never ever spend a dime on it” was a good idea. But it’s not at all plausible in terms of psychology.

To illustrate, I’ll use one of my more dramatic intellectual failures: COVID-19. Back in March, I was certain this whole thing would blow over in a matter of weeks. It’s a Karen-driven phenomenon, I argued, but unlike everything everything else they do, this time Karen’s going to have to shoulder the burden herself. She’ll have fun berating the manager of the local Starbucks for not closing down… until she realizes there’s no place to get a half-caff, triple-foam, venti soy latte frappuccino. Nor is there any place to dump her self-propelled lifestyle accessories kids while she gets exalted at hot yoga and the nail salon, now that school’s out. Give her a week without Starbucks, I said, locked in her house with Kayden, Brayden, Jayden, and Khaleesi, and she’ll demand we never mention the word “flu” again.

In other words, I misunderstood the essence of Karen. Karen is — first, foremost, and always — a victim. I of all people should’ve known better, because I was surrounded by Karens all the time in my personal and professional life. I’ve mentioned this story before, but bear with a quick repeat: At one of my first teaching gigs, at the big directional tech that makes up a lot of “Flyover State,” the department’s women got it into their vapid little heads that they — women — were being systematically excluded from positions of power. The fact that the department chair was a woman, and in fact the whole department, emeritus through first year grad student, was something like 65% female should’ve been their first clue, but nevertheless, they persisted. They got together a blue-ribbon commission, as one does, and studied the shit out of the problem. The much-ballyhooed report revealed…

…that all the positions of authority in the department, every blessed one, was held by a female. At which point, without missing a single fucking beat, they started complaining that being forced to hold all these positions of authority was keeping them from making adequate career progress.

I shit you not.

That’s Karen, my friends.

So what does this have to do with the Left not inciting a civil war when Biden loses? Well, think about it: Actual revolutions require leadership. Real leadership, not “open up my favorite hair salon on the sly so I can get a quick maskless rinse”-style leadership. All of us non-lunatics have been baffled, all our lives, by the Left’s attitude — they run everything; they’ve been in complete control since at least the late 1960s; and yet they’re still carrying on as if they’re sticking it to The Man. They’ve even tried some kind of “Washington outsider” campaign theme for Joe Biden, for fuck’s sake, and he’s been a professional politician for half a century. See also Hillary’s schizophrenic 2016 campaign, in which she simultaneously ran everything in Washington and had no idea what her own State Department was up to. The #1 requirement for being a revolutionary leader is admitting that you, comrade, are the leader.

It’s not a challenge many can rise to, thank God. Study any revolutionary leader of which we have knowledge — if he’s in the history books, even only as a dramatic failure, he’s by definition an exceptionally charismatic man (if only the charisma of the florid psychopath, a la Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky). This is especially true of “democratic” revolutions. The Confederacy’s bench was incredibly deep. Even historical nobodies that only specialists have heard of, your Lawrence M. Keitts and whatnot, bestrode the world like colossi compared to any American politician from the last 50 years.

Does that describe anyone, anywhere, on the modern Left? Are you telling me they’re going to go to the gun behind the likes of Gretchen goddamn Whitmer? Or, saints preserve us, Gavin Newsom? The mere sight of that fucking fairy up on the barricades would be worth a few divisions to the other side. Ain’t gonna happen.

The military, meanwhile, follows orders… which we’re inclined, when we’re feeling pessimistic, to consider bad, since so many of the rat bastards with stars on their shoulders are turncoat fucking scumbag SJWs (looking your way, McChrystal and Mattis). But generals don’t lead revolutions; frustrated staff officers and mid-level NCOs do. The reason for this is simple, and reflects another reason Whitmer, Newsom, et al won’t step up. Has there ever been a team of Karens, anywhere, in all of recorded history? The minute one of these fuckers steps up to “lead” the “resistance,” all the other mean girls will turn on xzhym… (there’s a reason Soros, who knows a thing or two about successful revolutionary action, stays in the shadows and never openly bankrolls anyone with profile).

So you’ve got no leadership, a permanent victim mentality… and the one leader who knows he’s a leader, for better or worse, has an opportunity to call out the troops on a bunch of masochists whose deepest sexual fantasy is having some Bull Connor type release the hounds on them. They’ll fold like a cheap rug.



*Do we really need to go into how dumb this idea of a “leak” is? While I’m perfectly prepared to believe that the Democrats have “wargamed” scenarios where Biden loses — you hardly have to be a PhD Sovietologist to see he’s going down in flames right now — you’re not going to get any Democrat with any profile actually uttering the words “secession” or “coup” where anyone can hear it. This was a trial balloon, pure and simple. They wanted to get the lunatics on both sides to show their hands. They’re dumb, I grant you — oh God, they’re so very very very dumb — but nobody’s that stupid.

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11 thoughts on “The Civil War That Wasn’t

  1. Rangifer

    ZeroHedge recently ran an article about how the Left has been wargaming how to maintain their victimhood, cheat the election and make Trump look like a raging zealot and in short, come out ahead while still screaming “Orange Man Bad!” ( While they’ve got the optics and press under control, they can get away without having national leaders because they’ve got money and organization. It also gives plausible deniability when things go bad, as there’s no “single” individual to pick out. This is why you don’t hear about BLM founders at any rallies but the tightly controlled national ones, with the paid cheering section. Heck, the only reason we know about the assassination at the Portland rally is that shooter was so easy to identify on camera as his blackbloc uni was in the wash. They’re cowards, but they’re an organized and well funded group of cowards with the press on their side.

    1. Severian Post author

      Their voter fraud scheme is defensive. Oh, sure, they’ll take the win if it somehow actually works, but that’s not why they’re setting up the narrative. They’re going to scream that Trump stole the election via mail-in voter fraud… you know, just like they’ve spent the last four years screaming that Russia stole 2016 for him (and, of course, they’ll roll it all into one big ball of stupid by yelling that the Russians infiltrated the US Postal Service at Orange Man’s behest).

      It’s pre-delegitimization, nothing more.

      You can tell they were resigned to losing by the way they rigged their primaries. If they actually wanted to challenge Trump, they’d have gone with Bernie (or, if they were really serious, they would’ve gone with Gabbard. I knew she wasn’t going to make it — too normal for the lunatic base that votes in primaries — but she would’ve tied Trump in knots in the general. If I’d been their adviser and they’d said “we’ll do whatever it takes to win clean,” I would’ve said Tulsi all the way). Joe was the “lose with dignity, don’t damage the brand” candidate, a la Mondale in 1984 and Dole in 1996.

      If they’d held their primaries post-COVID, it’d look a lot different. That way, the mail-in fraud could be very quietly effective for them. If they picked a semi-coherent candidate they could’ve won. COVID screwed them almost as much as it screwed the rest of us (yet more evidence, if we needed any more, that they’re not responding rationally to any of this. There’s no coordination. They’re just freaking out. They’ve let the dogs off the leash and have no idea how to get them back on… and, increasingly, don’t care).

      They still need leadership, real leadership, when the crunch comes. Trump has to know the first thing President Kamala will do is order him arrested; he’ll die in prison if he “loses” 2020. Someone on the Left has to step up and say “I, Comrade So-and-So, am ordering the army to frog march Orange Man out of the White House, in the name of the People.” Who’s gonna do that? Harris? Biden? Whitmer? Newsom? Who on earth is going to obey that order?

      (This assumes Trump isn’t completely stupid, of course, and has taken the measure of his enemies. He might be a delusional enough CivNat to think he’s still bound by the “Constitution,” and whatever happens next, “legally” speaking, in this whole clusterfuck. If he’s that dumb, then yeah, he’s going to get frog-marched out of the White House… and he, and we, will deserve it, because we know good and fucking well what’s going to happen to us in that case).

      1. Publius

        I’m a day late here, per my custom, but I have never been certain that Bernie even *wanted* to be President.

        On paper, The Tovarisch is as much of a career politician as Biden. He’s been in, and done nothing, for just as long. But he makes such a show of being an “Independent”, and now he makes a business of roiling up disaffected white Millenials, cashing the check, and then rolling over like an ol’ bitch dog gettin’ its belly scratched.

        Four years ago he not only point-blank refused to lay a glove on Her Majesty, he actually admonished others for talking about her lurid violations of basic National Security Law. In a debate. This year he made a similar boomlet before just… walking away. Like somebody flipped a switch. Like keeping certain demographics intensely focused on who carries the Dem flag into battle is the whole point.

        Four Houses don’t just buy themselves.

        1. Severian Post author

          I’m not sure he ever really wanted to be Prez, either. Like most fakey-fake American “socialists,” he’s just in it for the lifestyle (see also: academia, where the most obnoxious Marxist always has by far the nicest car in the faculty lot).

          Nonetheless, the fact remains that had Bernie not been bought off, he would’ve been a tougher challenger for Trump, as he actually has fanbois who believe his bullshit… unlike Joe, who generates all the enthusiasm of a week-old rutabaga (and has the cognitive ability of same).

  2. BadThinker

    Stuff like this is why I love reading your blog, Sev.

    “a bunch of masochists whose deepest sexual fantasy is having some Bull Connor type release the hounds on them”

    1. Severian Post author


      Special bonus white pill: I did a quick search on the New York Times’ archives for presidential polls in September. They had to (very quietly) admit that Reagan was crushing Mondale in 1984 (the biggest landslide in electoral history), but they only very grudgingly admitted Bush was ahead at this point in 1988 (although it’s not an exact parallel, as one debate had already happened). The 1980 coverage is still playing up Carter’s slim lead, and focusing heavily on the campaign of John B. Anderson, a Republican who ran as an independent (and, since he mainly siphoned votes away from Reagan, I’ll give you three guesses as to how they covered him, and the first two don’t count).

      Please recall that the Media was still semi-sane in the 1980s — still grossly biased, it goes without saying, but not nearly the barking mad moonbats they are today. By 2004, though, they’re pumping up Kerry and calling it neck-and-neck, though in reality Bush won it handily (even winning the popular vote, which is why the Left stopped bitching about the Electoral College for four blissful years).

      In other words, “neck-and-neck” in 2020 means Trump’s cruising. Not that this will matter in the slightest to the rioters, but it’s going to be a much tougher sell to the public when Trump wins well outside the margin of fraud…

  3. Deuce

    Sev, don’t fault yourself for not grasping how happy “Crazy Karen” was going to be over having this new power of pseudo-authority in her life.
    She has created a fear response in all of the small businesses in the country.
    Walk into a small store or shop and the couple of people working immediately will be fumbling to get their mask up until they recognize a smiling face.
    Karen (in her mind) is enforcing some kind of code or law or authority. All without the use of a uniform or badge. She will tattle on her own family.
    Karen is the reason that these small businesses are in fear of losing their State issued licenses.
    She ( or he – don’t know what to call that girly man) are absolutely enjoying the new HOA / PTA / Librarian type authority.

    Just look at the photos of any of the State or County health officials. Says it all!
    Wacky Karen and her soy-boy counterpart are going to be a major force in the next phase. (Forced Vaccines)

  4. Southern Belle

    With regards to Karens, I came across these women while at the university also. I’m not sure how they came into existence. Maybe there have always been some around, but they seem to be in abundance now. Many are on anti-depressants; I’m not an advocate of messing with brain chemistry. It was like a minefield, from the ones yelling at me for wearing lipstick or trying to adopt me into their lesbian witch’s coven (I kid you not!). If only there was a factory that churned out men for them, they might be happier. If elected, I will clone the men of their dreams and put an end to their misery! Or…cremation.

    You are very right about lack of real leadership today! Colonel Keitt, who prepared for college at 13 at one of my old schools Mt. Zion, had achieved quite a bit by the time he was 29. Captain Dickert wrote about him: “He was in command of Morris Island twenty-seven days and nights during its awful bombardment. When ordered to evacuate the island he did so, bringing off everything without the loss of a man. He was the last to leave the island.” I see nothing much like that on the horizon, pity.

    1. Severian Post author

      Needless to say, I intended no disrespect to Mr. Keitt (who had the courage of his convictions — he was killed in action) by comparing him to a modern politician.

  5. Pickle Rick

    The Big Riot is going to happen on election night anyway, regardless of whether or not the Politburo have resigned themselves to losing. Their young radicals (inside the Party and outside it in the BLM/Antifa paramilitaries) quit taking orders from those old relics. They smell blood, they’ve had a taste of “victory” in Portland, etc, (whether or not they know The Trumpster is giving them the rope to hang themselves) and they’re not stopping.

    They’re going to the guns, and they don’t give a fuck what Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or the DNC want. And I guarantee that the little fish that thinks they deserve to be the big fish like AOC and her ilk will gladly hop aboard the “Revolution Now!” train because they think they’re going to be the next Castro.

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