The Coming Religious Revival

Always in periods of great social upheaval, you see new, vigorous, usually frankly bizarre religious movements popping up everywhere. And while there’s probably a first time for everything, I wouldn’t bet against something similar happening in our age. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already…

One could — indeed, should — argue that modern Leftism is one of those frankly bizarre new religions, as it is obviously a suicide cult crazy enough to give the Heaven’s Gate people pause. But in revolutionary times, the existing religious forms get a shot in the arm, too — the age of the French Revolution was also the age of the Great Awakening, of Jonathan Edwards and the Wesley Brothers. “Evangelicalism” and Jacobinism go hand in hand.

The other reason I suspect a radical religious revival won’t be long in coming is: This simply can’t go on. “This” being the constant surveillance of the nanny state. While some rare individuals are Vladimir Bukovsky-level badasses, who just can’t parrot nonsense no matter how dire the consequences, most people lack the courage to simply say “fuck this, I’m done!” as they pitch their cell phones, disconnect from social media, and give the city CCTV cameras the finger. To get that kind of movement going needs divine sanction.

Perhaps Christianity is simply too cucked for even crazy snake-handling, glossolalia-inducing hillbilly preachers to overcome. It might be some sort of semi-Buddhism that gets the trick done — all those kids currently trying to be Stoics might find themselves studying Zen, which is as manly as Stoicism, but which comes with an actual program of practice. Or our old pal Islam — as I’ve said, all you really need to do is slap a kufi on your bean and yell “Allahu Snackbar!,” and you can tell the nearest SJW to fuck off right to xzhyr blue-haired, multi-pierced, genderfluid face.

Whatever it is, though, I bet we’ll see it here in a year or two.

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7 thoughts on “The Coming Religious Revival

  1. DeaconBlues

    I agree. I suspect it is already happening below the radar. A repurposed Christianity, emphasizing living a vital life in accordance with Gnon ? Combining AlfaNL’s ‘Jimianity’ with BAP’s aesthetic emphasis on physical form and fitness?

  2. Joseph Moore

    I think you’re right. I know of one Catholic parish where, even as the bishops cower and bend the knee to the Corona Doom and tsk tsk (at least) anyone who points out Biden, Pelosi, etc., are actively anti-Catholic, the mass is held in a packed church, 98% unmasked, ‘social distancing’ is back to respecting people’s space, the people are totally into smiles, handshakes, even the occasional hug. They are attracting new parishioners from miles around and adding masses to accommodate them, even as surrounding parishes go broke and face shut down as the mass is online in empty churches – hard to pass the hat.

    It’s wild that people acting like normal people is a) the most subversive thing you’ll see these days, and b) a sign of religious fanaticism. They also routinely do the mass in Latin, the women tend to wear veils and skirts, and families run toward extra-large, kind of scoring a blackout on the finger in the eye of conventional wisdom bingo card.

    This is probably too normal and healthy to catch on. This is America, after all.

  3. MBlanc46

    Anything is possible, but it looks to me as if Christianity is too burned out to foster any great revivals. The historic churches are running on fumes. They peddle watered down versions of the traditional doctrine and SJWism. There are doubtless little charismatic grouplets here and there, but they don’t acquire critical mass. There has been a revivalist movement in Islam. Whether it becomes a real mass movement remains to be seen. The invasion of the West by Islam will likely lead to a lot of Western converts, which might have revival-like characteristics. On the other hand, the majority of Muslims seem to be more interested in material prosperity than in spirituality. Had modernity brought First World living standards to the Muslim world, they likely would have adopted attitudes toward religion more like Western attitudes. Is not Wokeism the likeliest candidate for the Great Awakening of our time? Earnest people seeking salvation, who, having lost the faith of their fathers, look for a new faith, and find it in Social Justice, complete with martyrs and saints.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yes, at least initially, but Woke-ism is too obviously a suicide cult. Before I retired from teaching (a few years ago) I’d go just a bit over the top presenting some aspects of “feminist” analysis, and even the Basic College Girls would squirm a little. “Just a bit over the top” back then is now “way too mild,” of course, and while suicide cults obviously do a bang-up job of recruiting, to my knowledge they’ve never made any converts by openly declaring themselves a suicide cult in their marketing materials… which is exactly what SJW is trying to do these days.

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