The Committed Christian Culture Project

If I were trying to organize a Resistance — an intellectual resistance, FedGov goons please note, and anyway this is all hypothetical — I’d handle the opsec issue by forming a church-like front group.  Not an actual church, with the 501(3)(c) paperwork, as this invites IRS scrutiny, but a Bible study society.

There’s lots of precedent — that’s what the Puritans did, after all.  And that’s the great thing about Protestant Christianity — any ol’ body can pick up a Bible and start preaching, on no more authority than the Spirit.  There’s no need for any organizational affiliation, other than what members choose to create.  All you need is a website stating your core principles, and let the guerrilla cells, by which I mean intellectual guerrilla cells, by which I mean study groups organize themselves, 4G style.  4G being the highest internet speed available in most regions, of course, not the other thing.

There are several huge advantages to creating a specifically Christian group.  As we know, the rot at the heart of the American soul is: Lack of Purpose.  Life seems meaningless, because as currently constructed, it is meaningless.  Progressivism is a nihilistic death cult that has infected almost every aspect of American life.  “Normal” politics — the caesaristic charade of “Left” and “Right,” “Republican” and “Democrat” — is merely an argument over the most efficient way to pull the plug.  “Pop culture,” meanwhile, is quite literally poz — live the life the Glowing Box urges on you, and you’ll soon die, friendless and childless, from AIDS.  (Consumerism, of course, is just TV with a higher blink rate and more popup ads).

Christianity solves all that, because it’s a lifestyle.  Note that I didn’t say a “doctrine.”  There are lots of very committed Christians who don’t really bother with that “Jesus” guy — the Jesuits, for instance, one of which is currently the Pope.  But if you do want to bother with that Jesus guy, he’s a pretty good role model.  No, seriously, read what the man actually said.  The ambiguously gay fellow who tells Episcopalians to hold lesbian weddings for their transgendered cats is an invention, and a very recent one at that.  The real Jesus, the man from the Bible, had a philosophy orders of magnitude tougher than anything else on offer in the ancient world.  Constantine thought so, anyway, and though the late Imperial Roman Army had its issues, they didn’t fuck around with gender-benders and furries.  The Stoics thought so, too, which is why one of early Christianity’s main influences was Marcus Aurelius…

Christianity is quite clear on several points that fly in the face of the poz, which is why your Churchians try so hard to ignore them.  Leviticus doesn’t say anything the Koran doesn’t — the only difference is, the Aloha Snackbar crowd are willing to stand up for it.  The proper response for anyone wanting to make your Committed Christian Culture Project study circle more “inclusive” is “Leviticus 18:22,” followed by “Ephesians 5:22” (and, for the single gal, Exodus 22:18; furries get the next verse).  That’s it.  Those exact phrases, no more, no less.

Moreover, the real Christian lifestyle rejects modern excesses.  The Rule of St. Benedict can be followed in all important points by simply turning off the goddamn smartphone and unplugging the tv.  And as for the stuff about lectio divina, one can become an excellent Christian simply by reading Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus and putting it into practice.  See what I mean about not needing to bother with that Jesus guy?  A true Stoic is a manly man indeed, and (liturgical requirements aside) a true Stoic simply is a practicing Christian.

“But,” you’ll no doubt say, “any group like this will quickly get infiltrated.”  They’ll try, of course, but that’s why you really should commit those Bible verses to memory.  Recite them at the start of every meeting.  Potential infiltrators will be so triggered they’ll faint — remember, these are the people who need jazz hands in lieu of clapping at their revolutionary planning sessions because the noise is so bothersome to their delicate sensibilities.  And as for more “professional” infiltrators, see the Rule of St. Benedict, above — as we are trying to live the committed Christian lifestyle, members aren’t allowed to have smartphones, and any flip phones that members need for work are to be turned off, turned in, and stored in a safe (= soundproofed) box for the duration of the meeting (hold the meetings out in nature for added security, and if you really need to go all out, have members change into loose, flowing robes and bare feet — in full view of the other members).

Endless elaborations are possible on the basic idea.  Since this is designed to appeal most to young, directionless, purposeless men, take a page from video games.  Institute a rank structure, with participation points, merit badges, etc.  Create a visible, obvious, but plausibly deniable mark of membership (feel free to steal the white ball cap thing).  The very difficulty of doing everything face-to-face — NO social media, email, or electronic communication of any kind, save the one “statement of principles” website* — will appeal to coddled kids who have never actually had to work for their participation trophies.

As for what one actually does at the Bible study meetings, well… that’s obvious, isn’t it?  Study the Bible, and come up with ways to apply its lessons to your local community, 4G style (4G, again, being the fastest wireless connection available in most localities).


*Which in all seriousness should be called the Committed Christian Culture Project.  That’s not a joke.  Think SEO, opsec style — if one must refer to it in online communications (and you’ll eventually have to proselytize over social media, if only initially), you know the rat bastard commies at Google aren’t going to ban mentions of the CCCP.
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3 thoughts on “The Committed Christian Culture Project

  1. Maus

    The CCCP aligns nicely with my own order, the Brothers of the Knotted Chord. No need to deprecate the manliness of that Jesus guy. He knew a thing or two about how to get things done. See Jn 2:13-17
    Or Lk 22:36

    Why be a Templar a la Masonic mode? Their highest degree wears a Fez and drives tiny cars in parades. Be a true spiritual son of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. They took it to the Aloha Snackbar crowd with gusto.

    So, brothers, can I get an Amen? Sev is onto something transformative (the good sort of trans) with his suggested intellectual study groups

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