The Deference Trap

You have to check this out first for context:

Laura Ingraham TORCHES Krauthammer After He Attacks Trump’s Condemnation of Alt-Left Violence

I like Krauthammer. I think he’s a thoughtful, intelligent guy. But like anyone else, there are times I’m gonna disagree with him despite that. And that’s ok. Laura’s right here. I understand the reflex to drop all context and make this whole thing about racism, because racism is that evil. And of COURSE if the only issue here is racism vs. anti-racism, of course there’d be nothing else to say.

But it’s not the whole story. Saying it’s not the whole story does not mean you condone racism. But the left does set this trap in which if you do not come out and agree with them 100% on everything they say, then you must be for the racists. And it’s worse than that — if they still don’t like you (and they won’t, there is nothing you can do or say that will placate them for more than 10 seconds, and even that is a ruse) that will redeem you in their eyes.

It is noble of course not to criticize another’s “family” right after it has suffered a tragedy. It is part of what makes us civilized, and Krauthammer is nothing if not civilized. On the other hand, the left constantly exploits our manners to move us ever further to the left, and they do need to be called out on it. This whole event, once you research what’s been going on with this event from a few months ago to the event itself is particularly egregious on the part of most of the left wing elements involved.

Hans Fiene in The Federalist nailed it the other day with the Charlie Brown-Football analogy.

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7 thoughts on “The Deference Trap

  1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

    Let’s be honest. “Racism” isn’t that bad. Being racist doesn’t hurt anyone, by itself. We hate racism because of what it leads people to do, like lynching. Lynching IS bad, and here we have a case where it appears the Governor of the state of Virginia organized a lynching, conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, and no one is reaching to that, because, well, NAZIs! Coupled with the FACT that the Democrats started called Republicans NAZIs the moment WWII was over? Definitely not the time for us to ritually abase ourselves……..

  2. philmon Post author

    No, Robert. Racism is a bad thing. It’s not an illegal thing. But it’s a bad thing. Pre-judging people on the basis of their race is a bad thing.

    No, it doesn’t physically hurt anyone on its own. That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad thing.

    Now I understand YOU may not think it’s a bad thing, and there’s nothing I can do about that.

    But it’s a bad thing. Nazis being worse doesn’t make it not a bad thing. Democrats calling Republicans Nazis does not make it not a bad thing. Democrats intentionally setting up dangerous situations does not make racism not a bad thing. Jesus H. Christ, Robert!

    Know what you believe, and know why you believe it. Fundamentals. “This is no time for fundamentals” is wrong. It’s always time for fundamentals.

    We hate racism because being racist is fundamentally unfair, and it is important to me to be fair to my fellow man. Not being fair to my fellow man is a BAD THING. Racism is bad because it is wrong.

    That is true, simple, end of thought, it stands on its own, no “buts” about it. It needs no further embellishment.

    1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

      Read again. I didn’t say it wasn’t bad. Just that there are many, many things that are worse. Lynchings. Murder. Rioting, etc. And we have let people get away with them, because “Racism!”. If we are to make Thought Crime a killing offence, let me know, because I will leave. I have dealt with racism, I was able to cope. To be destroyed for no other reason then my thoughts were “wrongthink”? I won’t live like that. Will you?

      1. nightfly

        I think Phil’s point here is, racism and bigotry are not a killing offense, but they lead to assuming that everyone Not Like Us is guilty of a killing offense. From there the only argument is the practical details of enforcement. That’s why it’s such an awful thing. The lack of a death toll is just an accident of the clock. We see every day in practice that those who are the worst offenders are causing fights in the streets, destroying property, undermining people’s careers, inciting violence towards the purported wrongthinkers. One woman is dead so far. She is not likely to be the only victim once this all gets out of hand.

        1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

          Sure. But people have died because “Racism is the Worst thing EVER!” as well. 9/11 might have been stopped, but those who noticed something was wrong were silent, because they didn’t want to look like bigots. Major Hasan got to murder 13 of our servicemen because quite a few people could tell he was, um, off, but to say something would end their career, so instead he was sent someplace far away from them. And in this latest case, the Governor of Virginia, and the Police may very well get away with a Lynching, and Murder, because no one in Power will defend the “NAZIs”.

        2. Nate Winchester

          Part of the problem is – and I wish I remembered where I saw it – “racist” has been used so much it’s become pretty much worthless in the social melieu.

          See also:

          These two articles are, I think, both worth reading.

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