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We Deplorables, as you know, have a real problem meeting up to discuss stuff.

Form an actual club — The Deplorables of [City] — and we’ll be lawfared out of existence for “discrimination,” but only after being infiltrated.

Stage a meetup, and you get Charlottesville.

Form a Facebook group, get banned.

Tweet badthoughts, get reported.

And so on.  But I wonder if “social media” might not be the answer after all.  Just spitballin’, but I wonder if the way to stage a meeting isn’t as simple as announcing that you’re going someplace… then still using twitter to communicate for a while while you’re there.

Let’s say the Deplorables of [City] want to get together.  The wrong way is to tweet “Hey, let’s all meet at Harry’s Pub on 42nd Street at 7pm, Monday October 8.”  The right way might be simply to announce it, disguised as something innocuous.  “Hey, I hear Harry’s Pub is nice.  I’m thinking of going there this Monday to check it out.  It’s on 42nd Street.  Happy hour starts at 7.”

Everyone waits until 7, then checks his phone.  Nothing weird-seeming about that.  But then the organizer tweets “wow, Harry’s is just as cool as advertised.  Wish I could see the TV, though, it’s hard to tell what’s on.”  At which point, all the other Deplorables in attendance tweet something innocuous sounding, plausibly deniable, e.g. “Wow, tonight’s NFL game is really the pits.  Look at the way Tom Brady is standing in the shotgun.  He must be nervous!”

There’s your fellow Deplorable.  Unless you’ve got a real dug-in infiltrator — and we all know each other, at least by rep — that should be enough OpSec.  Then the organizer tweets something like “Glad I got a booth in the back corner!  Shouldn’t have worn my white Patriots hat, though – this looks like Yankees territory.”

And there’s your meetup.

The best part is, if you’re still unsure of someone, well, everyone’s always glancing at their phone, right?  I assume everyone knows what a “burner phone” is.  Exchange burner phone numbers and have a text conversation right on the spot, while you’re in the same location.  Or do it with burner emails.  Establish bona fides that way, weed out potential infiltrators, and then you’ve got your Deplorable Club of [City].

All subsequent meets work the same way.  Nobody has probable cause to mess with a bunch of guys who aren’t a bunch at all — they’re just ten or fifteen or fifty random dudes, who just happened to show up at the same time to the same place…

Eventually, of course, pattern recognition stuff would kick in, IF everyone still had to do the back-and-forth tweet routine. But since now we all know faces…

Anyway, maybe this is all just silly and there are a million problems with it.  But still…. I’m thinking about hitting Harry’s Pub next week.  I hear the food’s great.

PS I am on Gab now.  I follow the Z Blog.

UPDATE: Spitballing an obvious problem: Say X wants to meet Y, but Y can’t go to Harry’s on Monday.  The innocuous, plausibly deniable workaroud: Y tweets something like “Last time I was in [city] on business, I went to Harry’s.  It’s ok, but Monday’s the pits.  You really ought to go on Tuesday; the hot wings special starts at 9.”  X tweets back “great idea, thanks!” or “no, the only other time I can go is Wednesday.  Ah well.  Have you heard about Dino’s Diner?”  Etc.

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7 thoughts on “The Deplorable Twitter Feed

  1. Pickle Rick

    It’s different out here in the country. That brings up a salient point-how do rural Deplorables get together? Sure, the guys I ride Harleys with, the guys I hunt with, the brother vets out here in flyover country are the vast majority, but simply apolitical. How does one activate people who aren’t daily confronted with urban leftists?

    1. Severian Post author

      Youtube? I honestly don’t know outside of that.

      There’s a perspective difference, to be sure. I vary between “cautiously optimistic” and “black pill” daily. On the one hand, I was just recently in college, i.e. ground zero for this nonsense. I know how bad it is. On the other, I know it’s not that way out in the heartland — they’re “apolitical,” but would fall our way if pushed… but will they be pushed in time to prevent catastrophe?

      You’d think the Molly Tibbets thing would’ve done it. I bet the Iowans of even 20 years ago would’ve stormed the jail and “escorted” that fellow to the border personally. Now, though? If I were an organizer, I’d be banging on that nonstop. If it doesn’t work, well, time to hang ’em up and hit the showers — see you in the reeducation camp!

  2. Pickle Rick

    It’s not happening. Our Congressman is in a fight to retain his seat in a newly redrawn district against a young Democrat “moderate” who is up 17 points right now. So far, we’ve gotten campaign ads from him for elderly boomers worried about social security, a light attack on integrity for the pro-life evangelicals, and one claiming he’s beholden to special interests. Your typical boilerplate GOP establishment nice guy campaign. That shit works in the old district, 95% white and rural, but the state Supreme Court redrew the lines to favor Democrats. He hasn’t figured out that playing nice is playing to lose.

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