The Eloi

Another way to phrase this would be: Men who like men don’t like men who don’t act like men.

I think I’ve settled on my designation for Our Betters, the Liberals — they’re Eloi.

Having solved all problems that required strength, intelligence, or virtue, the Eloi have slowly become dissolute and naive: they are described as smaller than modern humans, with shoulder-length curly hair, pointed chins, large eyes, small ears, small mouths with bright red thin lips, and sub-human intelligence. They do not perform much work, except to feed, play, and mate; and when Weena falls into a river, none of the other Eloi helps her (she is rescued instead by the Time Traveler).

That seems to be what the Left’s shooting for, doesn’t it?  Especially the “except to feed, play, and mate” part.   Oh, and the part about not caring if one of their own falls into the river to drown.  It takes a literal deus ex machina to save them.

(Mr. Thompson’s fans, should any wander over here, will note that I’m heroically refraining from linking a picture of Laurie Penny to that physical description of the Eloi).

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8 thoughts on “The Eloi

  1. Nate Winchester

    You’re not the first to make this observation.

    It is discovered that H.G. Wells was wrong in his prediction. We need not wait until AD 802701 to see the English devolve into the troglodyte cannibal Morlock and the effete, pampered frail and helpless Eloi too foolish to realize that they are food animals.

    No, the subhumans in England this day in 2014 combine both the anthropophagic viciousness of the Morlocks and the dainty weakness of the Eloi at one and the same time!

    For awhile JCW has distinguished the Left between the Eloi true-believers and the Morlock con-artists taking advantage. 😉

      1. Severian

        I may have gotten it from there! I haven’t read JCW in a while, but I don’t want to swipe anything – you know how up in arms the Internet Plagiarism Police are today.

        Hardly an original observation in any case, but it’s fascinating how the Left loves telling us what we should be attracted to. Of course, I’m suuuuuuure that the folks telling us the kind of person we should be attracted to are, themselves, attracted to that type… right?

        (Further unoriginal observation: It must be really, really tough being gay. You’re already dealing with a small dating pool, and of those, most aren’t attracted to by far the most common type. That’s rough).

        1. Altitude Zero

          As has been noted before, in the end, whatever you love, the Left will eventually come for it, even if you’re liberal. You’re a gay guy attracted to ruggedly handsome men? Sorry, that;s heteronormative violence, can’t have that, be attracted to this soyboy instead. You’re a crazy liberal cat lady? Nope, cats kill birds, can’t have that, off to the killing chamber they go. You’re a Commie birdwatcher, like Alger Hiss, nope, bird feeders cause “species imbalance” can’t have that, bird feeders are now illegal according to city ordinance. You’re a lesbian who likes raunchy comedy… well, you get the idea.

          Be advised, liberals. Leftism is a jealous false god. Anything you love, anything you worship, anything that causes you joy… in the end they will come for it. We Righties learned this a long time ago. You are about to learn, and fast.

  2. Altitude Zero

    By the way, if you doubt that the Left will, in the end, destroy everything that you love or hold dear, read Frank Dikotter’s book “The Cultural Revolution; A People’s History”. If you think that you couldn’t possibly hate Leftism any more than you do now, think again. To call Mao and the Red Guards slime is an insult to slime…

  3. RW

    As I drive through the suburbs of the Evil City, I am surrounded by what I have long referred to as Eloi – timid men and women driving SUVs while they play with their phones. I am far from handy, but I do possess the will to live and to defend myself from Morlocks, which are also well represented in my area. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the two, as it was in the Wells novel. One side gets food, one side gets preening.


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