The Emporer Has No Clothes

Apparently some folks at The Onion have figured out TED Talks.

Now … I had watched exactly one TED talk all the way through in my life — and that was Mike Rowe’s.  It was really good.  Because it highlighted a problem in our culture that’s real and tangible.  The solution, of course, is to stop seeing jobs that don’t require spending years in front of TED professors to get a Kudos certificate — as somehow demeaning work, unworthy of our efforts or praise.  I thought it was really good.  It actually illustrated egghead, theory-saturated policy makers being wrong, and people who actually … you know, do stuff … being right. (I guess technically it wasn’t a TED talk, it was included by TEDin a “TED Partnership Series”)

But most TED talks, which is why I never got through any of the others I’ve tried … came off just a LITTLE more … like this:

The self-appointed idea guys? Those are your statists. They want the job of being paid to give their brilliant visions of the world – which are usually snake-oil. I think in many ways these are the new Snake Oil Salesmen.

And The Onion’s got it pegged.

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One thought on “The Emporer Has No Clothes

  1. Severian

    I’ve never watched a TED talk either. I just don’t see the point. I mean, I’ve been to college, and I’ve been in the real world, and now I live near a college again. Not a day goes by when I don’t split my sides laughing at some of the wisdom emanating from the ivory tower. And these are just your garden-variety, cow-college profs and their students, mind you, not the scintillating uber-geniuses that get invited to give — and watch– TED talks. I’d probably crack a rib.

    PS, geniuses: “Imagine” was a treacly song by a wife beating, child abusing fame whore. It’s not an economic plan, much less a model for society.

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