The End of Frivolous Lawsuits?

That’s too much to hope for, I realize, but significantly cutting down on America’s litigiousness might be yet another unanticipated side effect of the Kung Flu.*

Word comes that the NCAA is thinking of moving its football season to spring. Several smaller conferences have already cancelled their fall football seasons. Some NFL teams, like the Packers, have already announced ludicrous “social distancing” policies that will result in, at best, 1/3-capacity crowds on gameday. It’s quite possible that the NFL will end up playing the “Black national anthem” to empty stadiums come September.**

It’s not fear of COVID driving this. It’s fear of lawsuits. Consider that the NFL has also announced their “post-game social distancing policy:”

NFL teams will be forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other and jersey exchanges between players will be prohibited during the 2020 season, sources say.

So you can bang on a guy every play for four quarters, getting slathered in three out of four of his bodily fluids for going on three hours… but you can’t shake his hand after the game, or switch jerseys with him. That’s the kind of thing that only makes sense to lawyers — you can’t sue, say, “the Dallas Cowboys” for your case of COVID, but you can sue So-and-So, the Cowboys’ left tackle, if you come down with it. Same thing with the NCAA. You can’t sue the stadium, you can’t sue the fan in seat 42A, but you can sue the college. It’s all about where the buck lands — who’s going to be named in the tort?

It might take one of these nuisance lawsuits actually getting to court before we finally break free of this COVID nonsense, but break free we shall. Because who’s gonna win, the fan in seat 24B, or the University of Southern California? All the defense has to do is point out that there’s no possible way to establish transmission of the virus, and we all go back to “you pays your money, you takes your chances” when it comes to event attendance.

And once that happens, the ongoing mask hysteria loses its last conceivable rationale. Once it has been established that you can’t sue the grocery store for letting people without masks in, the management is going to tell Karen to stuff it, because their bottom line demands it. And the precedent can be extended in all sorts of useful ways, by deep-pocketed entities that — let’s face it — do most of their business CYA-style, working far harder to avoid pesky lawsuits than they do to deliver the goods.


*Is anyone else starting to actually kinda like this bug? I mean, the educational system is voluntarily putting itself out of business… that alone is a big win, yuuuuuge, and then there’s cord-cutting, the end of sportsball mania… provided it doesn’t start a giant war (see previous post), the Wuhan Flu might end up being one of the best things to happen to America in a long, long time.

**Which raises the fascinating philosophical conundrum: If a bunch of spoiled multi-millionaire felons kneel for the real National Anthem and no one’s there to see it, did it really happen?

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33 thoughts on “The End of Frivolous Lawsuits?

  1. ganderson

    I still kinda like sportsball, although my favorites are hockey baseball, and lacrosse, with golf as my favorite participatory sport. Hmm… what differentiates those sports from, say, basketball and football?

    Oh- it is my belief that schools will not open in person in the fall. The Panic has a firm grip on the ed establishment on both the K -12 and the university levels. Most likely no college hockey (which for me, which along with lax is the only thing worthwhile about college) until Winter 2021 I

  2. WOPR

    I figure Congress will pass something specifically tailored to protect business from Kung Flu lawsuits. Of course it will be so open worded that there will be multiple lawsuits anyways. There’s a reason people have hated lawyers throughout history.

    All the defense has to do is point out that there’s no possible way to establish transmission of the virus, and we all go back to “you pays your money, you takes your chances” when it comes to event attendance.

    In a sane world, you would be correct. But we live in clown world. The lawyers will run amok. They’ll test every thermometer used. Heaven help the place that has a defective one. They’ll collect videos of staff improperly wearing masks. There will be a video of some minimum wage schlub missing disinfecting a row. When the law was semi-sane, it wouldn’t matter. But today, we live in “You must do everything perfectly or you will be sued.”

    Wild Karens are less a driving factor of mask hysteria than Official Karens in government positions. There hasn’t been a rational reason for masks for public use from day one. Yet, here we are with more jurisdictions requiring them.

  3. texinole

    Embarrassed myself just yesterday spouting off things like, “where the f-ing hell are the bottom feeding weasel trial lawyers when you finally NEED them, when they could be doing some good for once?!?”. then realizing that EVERYTHING we’re doing is because of trial lawyers. I was thinking along the lines of suing colleges, school districts, counties and the like for taking taxes but not providing services. I also stupidly thought that a few lawsuits against businesses who, like mine, go way overboard on protocols would convince people of the futility of those measures.

    But I was very wrong. As WOPR and Sev say, businesses playing CYA is what got us here and it will equally keep us here, and there’s no way our collective governments will allow a taxation-without-representation like precedent to be set. I mean, yall even remember what happened the last time a bunch of Yankees got their tights in a twist over that?

    I have no hope that any medium-term hurt will change the death cloud cult’s premise as lockdowns, blatant lies and mistakes, re-lockdowns, and ritual humiliations have done nothing but strengthen their resolve that if only – IF ONLY! – those idiots would wear a mask and stay home we would arrive at the post-covid utopia that much faster. Have you talked to a true believer? They’re just as sick of this crap as everyone, if not more given they at least half-hardheartedly try to be good little sheep, but that just engenders more bitterness toward those obtuse morons who keep going on about “liberty” and “falling death rates”.

  4. Pickle Rick

    So the Gook Flu is destroying Sportsball, and the educational system? Fuck, this virus is doing more for us than 50 years of Republicans.

      1. Severian Post author

        Seriously. All for a fatality rate 0.002% higher than t he regular flu. Fuck it, I’ll say it: COVID for president 2020! At this rate, we’ll be colonizing Mars in no time (or shipping the SJWs there, it’s all good either way).

        1. Pickle Rick

          I’m all for space colonization of Planet White. And not leaving a forwarding address. We can come back in 500 years to check out Planet Ghetto.

      2. Frip

        I must withdrawal my compliment Pickle, as I see now that Severian already pointed this out in his footnotes.

  5. MBlanc46

    As WOPR says, in a sane world, you would be correct. If white men still ran things, none of the nonsense of the past sixty years would be happening as it happened as is happening. But white men. abdicated their responsibility for keeping social life on the tracks. They decided that they had to let the blacks and the women and the poofters and the rest of the usual suspects take the controls. You let the usual suspects on juries—and be judges!—and you get ridiculous decisions. And there are plenty of lawyers of all categories who will take advantage of that. If white men are back at the controls, reason slowly returns. I don’t see that happening.

  6. texinole

    RE a previous thread about how unbelievably insulting it is to say that concepts like individualism and scientific inquiry are mere white artifacts and therefore bad and/or unattainable for non-whites…a challenge:

    Was this slick pamphlet written by actual white supremacists or the people who say they just hate hate hate all those icky white supremacists?

    Between this sort of thing and letting ChinAIDS threaten their major footholds on western civ I’m thinking we need to put the left on suicide watch (and assign the Epstein guard to night duty).

    1. contrariandutchman

      There is no human soul on Earth who would mind the left suiciding, problem is the left has murder-suicide in mind, and the murder part is rather objectionable.

  7. Frip

    Sev, I red a comment over at Z that you need to cover. “Maybe Putin created the great Northern Kingdom as stated in the bible.” Sounds delicious. I’m super psyched. I grew up on the bible but have no idea what he’s talking about. Please get on it. White pill the shit out of us.

    1. Severian Post author

      No idea what that means. Given the way Z’s comment section has been of late, it’s undoubtedly something about Teh Jooooooos!!! stealing our precious bodily fluids. I know, I know, I’m a Fed. And a cuck. But mostly a Federal cuck.

        1. Frip

          There’s definitely a range within the D-Right. Hardcores at the upper end. “The genocide is happening as we speak. The war is now. Stop enjoying yourself. FOOOOLS!!!!” To the Softcores at the other end. “As things stand now, our incremental resurgence is gonna take at least 30 years. So I’ll say and do my part. But I’m not throwing my TV out the window.”

          1. Severian Post author

            But that’s just the thing. All they do is say. They never do. None of them. And if you suggest that some of them should actually do, they either:

            a) shit all over it as unworkable;
            b) call you a Fed; or
            c) all of the above.

            Pretty much the only thing the “Dissident Right” is good for is putting lots of (((parentheses))) around (((words))). Which, you know, if that’s your thing… but you really ought to consider this

        2. Severian Post author

          Lot of that going around.

          I understand the frustration. And I’m all for ethnic loyalty — there are lots of White people I support, for the sole reason that they’re White. I wish a lot more of us would get on board — since we’re going to be a banana republic here in a generation, let’s do like they do (the leadership of most being Whiter than mayo in a snowstorm).

          But the 1488 shit is just retarded. White folks aren’t tuned in to some Mysterious Essence of Gaia, any more than Marxists are tuned into the Scientific Essence of History. If you want to obsess over (((them))), well, be my guest, but a) you sound like a fucking moron, and b) you’re taking your eye off the ball, because they do quite well what we should be doing — namely, looking out for our own, first, last, and always.

          1. WOPR

            The people who obsess over it go nowhere. It’s is interesting right now though watching people comment on the Nick Cannon circus and make the people at Insty uncomfortable. All you have to do is point out that he got fired and rehired after apologizing for anti-semitic comments. Meanwhile, no one cared that he called whites animals. Even a couple of commenters mentioned it over at Ace. That is far more effective than doing Holocaust denial, etc.

          2. Pickle Rick

            That’s the way forward. The 1488ers are always screaming about some future ethnostate. Look retards, that shit got tried back in Cat Fancy land, by guys who were WAAAAY more hardcore than you. It didn’t end well. You want to attract people, not repel them. German solutions of a century ago don’t apply to American contexts.

    2. WOPR

      I believe it is a reference to Revelations where the Northern Kingdom attacks Israel. The Northern Kingdom though is defeated by God.

  8. Southern Belle

    I, for one, would be thrilled to see universities go down in flames. Thanks to our top beauty queen, Miss SC has filed her class action (pardon the pun) lawsuit against USC for lost tuition over Covid-19. Think she’s planning to go to law school??

  9. Frip

    Just in case Severian ever continues with his Stoicism blog.

    This is an interesting angle on the the subject, by the author of the greatest book on narcississm. The video may serve as a point of disussion at that blog. Though it seems almost more nihilstic than stoic. And I disagree when he touches on politics. Seems obvious that from a tribal conflict view, stoicism or any peaceful creed, only works if everyone is on board with it. And that’s never gonna happen. I mean, everyone knows that. Anyway, entertaining talk.

    “Embrace Nothingness: Antidote to Narcissism”

  10. Wuhan Luke

    Slow and steady, organize organically.
    Use the opportunity of CV-19 induced home schooling to start, it’s a two-fold win in the desired direction. Small neighborhood street-by-street home schools.
    Needs teachers. Volunteer.

    1. MBlanc46

      That’s certainly a thought, Wuhan Luke, but it’s not going to happen. Public education is one of their principal organizing tools. They’re not going to give it up. In fact, they’re starting to get all private education in their sights. Plus, most women don’t want it. They want tax-funded daycare whilst they pursue their “careers”.

      1. Wuhan Luke

        Who’s to say it won’t happen until it doesn’t happen. Lots of people have surplus time on their hands; lots of programs and apps to conference with; lots of educated people right here; lots of kids and young people who need educating; lots of subjects besides the three “R”s, like how to plan for future X, actions & consequences, politeness and common etiquette, the list goes on for the betterment of one’s progeny and society as a whole, and none of it has any competition from the state.

  11. Wuhan Luke

    Who’s to say it won’t happen until it doesn’t happen. Lots of people have surplus time on their hands; lots of programs and apps to conference with; lots of educated people right here; lots of kids and young people who need educating; lots of subjects besides the three “R”s, like how to plan for future X, actions & consequences, politeness and common etiquette, the list goes on for the betterment of one’s progeny and society as a whole, and none of it has any competition from the state.

  12. texinole

    RE alt schooling…my former teacher wife’s FB is awash in parents organizing “school pods” and “centers” and “teach sessions” largely from people’s houses, with varied PPE/protocol arrangements to accommodate all levels of pantywaist. (It appears the skills acquired from arranging those insipid play dates are bearing fruit.) Many, many inquiries from current teachers to the ISD’s and unions about working these gigs.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s something I really ought to get in on. Severian University — real online history for real people. No mincing little pantywaists need apply.

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