The Endless Now

In the comments to the previous post, MBlanc46 makes the case for the honorable nonbeliever.  I agree — it’s certainly possible for a nonbeliever to be concerned with his honor, reputation, etc.  As I wrote yesterday,

one only defends one’s dignity and honor if one believes he’ll be called to account for them, and who’s going to do the accounting?  There is no God, and as for the bar of History, what could that possibly matter to a cultural marxist?

Perhaps I could’ve phrased this better.  As longtime readers know, I believe a “right-wing atheist” is an impossibility.  As Orwell (I think) put it, an atheist doesn’t disbelieve in God, he actively dislikes Him.  Since actively disliking Him is a repudiation of the entire Western tradition, the best an atheist can do is some flavor of libertarianism… which is, and always was, a heresy of the Left (they’re kissing cousins to Bakuninite anarchists).

A right-wing nonbeliever, by contrast, is not only possible, but pretty common.  I myself was one for years.  The key is that “bar of History” stuff, above.  The best practical definition of conservatism I’ve heard is “planting trees you won’t live to sit under.”  I’ll die, and though nothing of me will remain, my home, my community, my nation, my civilization, my people will remain… and I did my part, however small, to ensure it, by living my life well.  My honor is my loyalty, as someone or other once said.

None of that matters to the cultural marxist, though.  How could it?  As I wrote yesterday, to the fanatic, the past is one long catalog of freely chosen error.  Nor is there any meaningful future to a fanatic.  That seems wrong, I realize, but consider that time passes through contrast.  People will be born and die in the Communist Utopia, but since everyone will always have everything, human activity will be exquisitely pointless….

Ignore what Leftists say.  Watch what they do, and it’ll soon be obvious that what they long for above all things is stasis.  They want everyone and everything to be one way, and one way only, forever.  Homosexuals are the most flamboyant example.  Imagine that — having your entire life defined by your sexual attraction.  I like blondes, but you know, if the right brunette came along I’d go for her.  Heck, I’d even go for a ginger (I know, I know, I’m a monster).  But according to the Left, that’s not allowed.  I like blondes, and therefore I’m only allowed to like blondes.  Oh, and I can only vote for Bernie Sanders, because he’s the attracted-to-blondes candidate, and I must support abortion, and use the word “cisgendered,” and….

Thus, to the Leftist there’s no past, and no future either.  There’s only now, and the only thing that matters now is power.  How could it be otherwise?

I sometimes think that converting a Leftist could be as simple as showing him he has a choice.  Hey, maybe you are gay (attracted to blondes, whatever).  I’ve lived my life under the complete control of my gonads.  It was called “high school,” and I didn’t like it very much… as, I assume, you didn’t either.  But you know what?  I grew up.  I don’t let my johnson lead me around anymore, and you don’t have to either.  You sure as hell don’t have to let your wang determine your position on foreign affairs, or the marginal tax rate…..

There’s more to life than now.

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13 thoughts on “The Endless Now

  1. Pickle Rick

    “Cattle die, kinsmen die; you must also die. I know one thing which never dies: the reputation of each dead man.”

    Odin’s sayings in the Poetic Edda, 77.

  2. kirkforlatt

    Sev wrote, ” As longtime readers know, I believe a “right-wing atheist” is an impossibility. As Orwell (I think) put it, an atheist doesn’t disbelieve in God, he actively dislikes Him. Since actively disliking Him is a repudiation of the entire Western tradition, the best an atheist can do is some flavor of libertarianism…”

    I don’t know, brother….I don’t know.

    Every time I comment here, I crack my knuckles and take the deep abdominal Zen breaths and remind myself that I am way, WAY over my head with you fellas, in every way. But I feel a kinship with y’all and I love both Sev’s writing and the very bracing comments from the other Readers, so I occasionally wander out of the trailer park and onto the golf course and yell out a few phrases. I’m also aware that I have a strong penchant for sidetracking and hijacking a topic with my opinions. But so far, y’all haven’t banned me or shunned me. So here goes.

    Been a self-identifying Christian since I was a boy. Been told I’m a conservative my whole life. Went to chapel even when I was a young Marine with the scent of last night’s conquest on my chest and neck. Went to Mass when I was a Legionnaire and almost puked from the cloying clouds of incense, but never missed a genuflection or a bow or a response. I was a true believer, man.

    But the years slid past, and I watched them, and I realized that so much that I believed was simply not true, unless I was willing to twist my own experiences and give Him the benefit of the doubt and cram my perceptions into a preformed crate handed to me by Men Wiser Than Me. Got so bad that I…well, what the hell was it that I did? You’ve heard of the dark night of the soul? I went through the dark four YEARS of the soul. And at the end of it, I realized two things. One, I still believed in God. And two, I hated Him. Just fucking hated Him. I concluded that He is either pretty flaccid, or that He hates me and loves a chunk of the population that I despise, or that He’s what the deists say He is — absent and uninvolved in our affairs. But I never stopped believing in Him. It’s jut not in my chromosomes. I believe He’s there. I believe He made all this stuff. I believe He gave me life. But I hate the living dogshit out of Him.

    I suspect that it’s not His fault. I suspect that I was merely lied to. The men who taught me about Him, the men whose books I read to tatters, the men who I idolized, the men who stood in the pulpits….they lied. They lied because they don’t know Him any better than I know the King of Oceania. They made shit up because the worst thing a man can do is admit he doesn’t know something. And the quickest way to get another man to admire you is to pretend that you have Some Secret Knowledge. And I lapped it all up. Like a fool, I lapped it all up.

    I walked away from the church, and I consider this action to be one of the best, most important actions I’ve ever taken. I don’t preach to anyone, but if I am asked, unsolicited, I try my best to warn men about the church, about the slavish mentality of those within her arms, and about the pitfalls of believing something simply because another man said it is true.

    Sorry for the comment-vomit, Sev. I guess I just wanted to introduce the possibility that a man CAN be very right-wing and yet hate God, and yet not be an atheist, and yet reject libertarianism and lovingly embrace the Western tradition. Unlike some white men, I DO recognize that I have a people, and I love my people. But I despise the God who has left us to languish here under the cruel heel of those who mock Him and hate Him as much as I hate Him.

    But those men never sought Him. Never tried to know Him. Never served Him under the rubrics of His official priests. Never truly believed. I did all these things, and I never got a goddamned thing out of it except silence. Always the silence.

    I look at my daughters and my grandsons and I fear for them. I do not want stasis for them. I want to give them faith and hope. But how can I? I live in a world where few men agree with me…and the few who do are quick to say that the one thing that will change the world is unacceptable.

    Time to denounce myself. And to apologize again for hijacking the comments.

    But I mean all of it. Even if it short-dicks every cannibal on the Congo.

    1. Severian Post author

      Hey, no sweat. It’s a safe space here; we don’t judge. :p

      Exceptions prove the rule, right? It’s a very narrow path, but as you demonstrate, it can be done. Maturity helps a lot. I think you’ll admit that most atheists these days are of the evangelical stripe — they can’t wait to share with the world this new thing they’ve discovered, that sometimes the Bible says unclear, confusing, or contradictory things. Oh, and why do bad things happen to good people? In short, they’re little twerps who don’t know enough to even begin to start to realize what they don’t know. (I myself was one of those little twerps, so I speak from experience here).

      I’d never met a sober, reflective, mature atheist — until now. Thanks for that. I am, however, a mite disappointed that you of all people (or Pickle Rick) didn’t jump on me for “My honor is my loyalty, as someone or other once said.” I leave all these easter eggs lying around for the Twelve Regular Readers…..

      1. Pickle Rick

        Hahahaha yes, I caught that little Easter egg tribute some guy paid to Kurt, but I do try to not be a know-it-all and let the other guys take a swing first.

        As for KF’s rage, yeah, I get it, bro. Been there too, although not to your degree. I’m disgusted with the charlatans and heretics and the homosexual pedophiles and that thing that sits the throne of St. Peter. I want that community that my grandmother and great grandmother belonged to, of Holy Mother Church that also was the ethnic community (in their case, Ukrainian/Polish) that’s gone.
        I know some Six Nations guys, and I’m always struck by the fact that their religion is for their people, and them alone. Their ceremonies call to strengthen them as a people, to bind them together and to ask the spirit world not for salvation, but strength to keep the people together, not to atone for sins.
        It was a reaction to a lost people being devastated culturally, where men could no longer be warriors and hunters and alcohol destroyed their towns. We need our own restoration of our pride as a people.

      2. kirkforlatt

        Sev wrote, “I’d never met a sober, reflective, mature atheist — until now. Thanks for that.”

        Well, hell….after what I wrote, you concluded that I’m an atheist???? I took great pains to emphasize that I DO believe in God. I hate Him because of His silence, but I’m no atheist. Never have been. As I said, it’s just not in my chromosomes.

        And as far as me not jumping on you for the “My honor is my loyalty” remark…I think I may have given the wrong impression back when my avatar was a photo of that scary cat fancier guy. I’m not a cat fancier. I love their fucking uniforms, though. I also wish they’d been a bit more successful in their stated objectives.

        1. Severian Post author

          I apologize – I was writing hastily, and ran two different replies (to two different people) together in my head. Inexcusable, but I hope you’ll forgive me.

  3. Frip

    I’m not responding to the content of Sev’s post. I just skimmed it and the replies. So I’m just talking here on the basic subject of religionists in our ranks.

    It struck me about a year ago that Sev is a true believer Christian. It kinda freaked me out at the time. Dude is REAL on Jesus.

    Not me.

    I was raised strongly Christian. I was very Christian till my 20th year. I could no long logically buy into it at that point.

    For the next 20 years I wasn’t a punk about it, but wouldn’t take crap from believers either.

    Now, that I’ve recognized the need for a solid anchor for the Dissident Right, I’m not opposed to joining hands with Christians. And paying lip service to Christianity. After all, it’s still an emotional part of me. i.e. it’s not THAT hard to fake it.

    But one thing that’s going to mess it all up, is the Christian dudes on our side that REALLY push it. We all know the purpose it servers for us. Both practically and morally. But do not start getting in my face!

    That’s the problem. The religious impulse gets out of hand.

    And if it doesn’t get out of hand (remain hardcore), it comes across as fake. Which is what the church is today. About as biblical as hardcore porn.

    I don’t know the solution. But I’m willing to play along with whatever helps our side. As long as the bible thumpers keep cool.

  4. Frip

    Sev: “Oh, and why do bad things happen to good people? In short, they’re little twerps who don’t know enough to even begin to start to realize what they don’t know.”

    Ever been to a children’s hospital? Talked to a 7 year old with leukemia? ….Little twerps.

    1. Severian Post author

      Speaking of little twerps, it’s this kind of puerile argument that gives atheism a bad name. Ever been to a burn ward? Electricity is evil! Ever seen a car crash? Ban ice!!

      Let’s stipulate there is no God. The kid still has cancer, doesn’t he? So you…. what? Shrug your shoulders? But you’re still angry, even though you’re railing against a universe you know can’t possibly respond. It’s like being mad at the tide, or gravity, or cell division.

      See what I mean? Even asking the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” concedes the argument to the believer, because if there’s no God, then “good” and “bad” are just labels we temporarily attach to things depending on how we feel at the moment. If there’s no God, then “cancer” is just entropy in biochemistry, like earthquakes are entropy in the earth’s crust, hurricanes are entropy in the atmosphere, etc. One can’t make a moral argument against entropy, since that’s just the way the Godless universe is made.

      So, yeah: I’ve been to a children’s hospital. It broke my heart, made me question my faith (a daily occurrence to believers, and anyone who says different, isn’t one), etc. But see above: You have to believe in God in order to be angry with Him.

      1. Frip

        You’ve avoided the entire point. As an atheist, there’s no burden on me to be mad at any higher power. Since there isn’t one. As a Christian, you should feel like cheap shit, since the all powerful, higher power, YOU believe in, allows terrible things. Yes, we atheists are left to simply “shrug our shoulders”. But you Christians continue to hail your failed God.

        1. Severian Post author

          Ah yes! Now I see it!! No one has ever before pointed out to me the problem of theodicy and mankind’s two-millennia-old struggle with it.

          As you say, there’s no burden on atheists to be mad at a higher power. So don’t. If you really didn’t care about something — soccer, say — you wouldn’t spend even a second going to sports bars and pointing out the fans’ “errors,” would you? “You know you’re not #1, right? But that giant foam finger you’re wearing says ‘We’re #1!’ Why are you lying to yourself, Mr. Soccer Fan? Why are you trying to force all these other people at the sports bar to participate in your lie?

          Someone who did that, I think we’d all agree, obviously doesn’t mean it when he claims to have no interest in soccer, or soccer fans. He seems to have a case of the seething red ass about it, in fact….

  5. MBlanc46

    “What they long for above all else is stasis”. This is it. They yearn for life without conflict. They imagine that life without conflict is possible. They believe that there are no real interests to be fought for. Deep down, everyone wants the same thing. Just throw off the shackles of class, sex, and race and all will be paradise. Of course, we don’t all want the same thing. We have competing and conflicting interests. When they achieve power, they find that the only way to make everyone have the same interests, is to force everyone to say that they have the same interests. Open the camps. Call in the NKVD or the Stasi.

    With regard to “wanting the same thing” as the basis for social order, one of my philosophy profs used the example of Charles V and Francis I. They both wanted the same thing: Italy.

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