The Face that Launched 1,000 Fists

Heh.  Now this is funny.  I only wish they would’ve included this thing:

B-uDP6fWkAE9mr8I find this one of the most baffling phenomena of the internet era.  Pretty much the first thing you learn in any intro history class is that an era’s cultural artifacts are elite-only.  That is, our few visual representations of 17th century France look like this:

Getty-Louis-XIVcpcr2….which doesn’t quiiiiiite capture the life most people were living back then.  Similarly, most peasants — which is to say, most people, period — weren’t listening to Bach, watching Shakespeare’s plays, reading Voltaire’s essays, or philosophizing with Plato.  The point of all that stuff, in fact, was to signal how elite you were.

At least back then, though, elite status had real power backing it.  Nobody was going to tell Louis XIV that he looked like some kind of transvestite dungeon master, because he had a zillion-man army and the Bastille with which to deflect criticism.  And indeed, the point of dressing like that was to overawe the peasantry.  Nobody could afford to dress like that who didn’t have all the resources of an absolute monarchy backing him.

These days, though… I mean, just look at those mincing pajama boys.  Those are our rulers.  We know what their daily lives are like, because they can’t stop bragging about them on Twitter.  They have no leg up on us in education, in talent, in drive, and certainly not in looks.  They are, in fact, the kind of wussy apple-polishers that we red-blooded Americans used to stuff into lockers for their own good.

We know everything about these pussies, but somehow that hasn’t started a revolution.  Life is strange, homies…. life is strange.

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3 thoughts on “The Face that Launched 1,000 Fists

  1. Robert Mitchell Jr.

    Not really. We’re all “elite” now. For all the “doom!” frothing, we are the richest, most powerful country in history and the world. Our would be rulers are trying and failing to return us to the dark days before America, to the European class system. And no one cares, no one listens to them. Why don’t they dress up fancy? Because the “proles” have taken that from them, and are doing it better. There is a whole Cosplay culture out there. And our “elites” don’t play unless they know they are going to win….

  2. nightfly

    The term we’re looking for here is “backpfeffengesicht,” which is, IIRC, the colloquial German term for “a face that begs to be punched.”

    I could be wrong. My source for idiomatic German isn’t available right now for me to double-check.

    1. Severian

      That’s right — “backpfeiffengesicht” is one of my favorite German words.

      And you know, I post this stuff because it’s funny…. but it’s also a large part of the appeal of fascism. The “Game” and “neomasculinity” sites are so enamored of fascism because it’s manly — well, what they perceive to be manly anyway. I don’t think they recognize their position as fascism, but they definitely understand that our rulers look and act like mincing pajamaboys… and if that’s liberal democracy, they’re having none of it.

      Democratic politics is a lot more visceral than people realize. SJWs are right that bitter clingers are full of hate… but it’s not hate of blacks, gays, etc. It’s hate of them — their values, their attitudes, their smug smirky shitlib faces. Bitter clingers like us “hate” blacks and gays only to the extent that SJWs keep cramming them down our throats.

      All it’s gonna take is for someone in authority to give bitter clingers license to actively, publicly hate the real source of all this — that is, the SJWs — for some seriously jackbooted shit to go down. As I’ve said many times before, this is the Trump phenomenon in a nutshell — every time he tells the media to go to hell, he gains 5 points in the polls. He became a national hero when he all but said that blonde Fox bimbo was on the rag when she came after him during the first debate.

      This is very, very bad… but very, very obvious to anyone who isn’t trying very, very hard not to see it — i.e. every establishment or wannabe-establishment figure in America. When it finally blows, it’s going to be awful.

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