The First Year Experience

Along with “do professors really believe their own bullshit,” the most common question I’m asked as a former education professional is “do students really believe this bullshit?”  I’m much less qualified to answer that one, because I was never on the tenure track, so I didn’t teach more than a few classes, didn’t do any advising, and wasn’t required to do any of the “university service” baloney that such propagandizing usually falls under.  That said…

… yes, and only partly because they’re kids, therefore easily led (and, it goes without saying, entitled, whiny, and horribly maleducated).  The other part is more interesting, and it starts here.

That’s a City Journal article I saw at Ace of Spades, titled “Reeducation Campus.”  It details the goings-on in what’s known as the “First Year Experience,” an indoctrination program that 90% of schools in the country subscribe to.  It’s your usual “social justice” claptrap, but here’s the interesting part:

In 1970, after campus antiwar protesters ransacked and set fire to the administration building at the University of South Carolina, the school’s president appointed a task force to find a solution to student unrest. Many meetings, workshops, and encounter groups later, the university came up with an answer, and it was nothing so simple as expelling vandals and arsonists. No, the key was to teach students to “love their university,” starting with a new semester-long orientation course for freshmen.

The bold bits are the key, as Victorian era PUAs must have said.  See, it’s not just generic leftwing agitprop.  Everyone expects that, even the dullards who are only there to drink beer and grope ass.  It’s leftwing agitprop combined with a Party rally.  You learn to “love your university,” and in doing so, a subconscious but extremely powerful connection is made: Leftwing agitprop IS Education.  Microaggressions, safe spaces, trigger warnings, 37 genders — all of that stuff IS education; being “an educated person” = knowing what “cisgender” and “heteronormativity” mean.

The key to all this stuff is having an emotional — as opposed to factual — touchstone.  Education, after all, is measurable — I can wave my degree around all I want, but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes on the internet to make me feel pig-butt ignorant of a whole universe of things.  Which is why people who wave their degrees around always name the university from which the degree was obtained.  Here again, normal people are probably flummoxed — if I think your argument is bunk to begin with, I’m going to be even less impressed if you made it through a supposedly rigorous education at a name-brand place and still come off like a blabbering jackalope.  But the degree-waver doesn’t see it that way, for he has Been To College and you, sir — you have not.

And, naturally, the importance of Going To College varies inversely with the rigor of one’s major.  Calc III is Calc III pretty much everywhere; they don’t teach a super secret method of factoring quadratics at MIT; you can either do the math or you can’t, whether it’s Harvard or Flyover State.  I’ve met lots of engineers, and I’ve met lots of Harvard men.  I’ve even met some engineers that went to Harvard, but none of them told me in the first five minutes that he’s “a Harvard man.”

Every single one of the English majors did, though.

If Our Thing is ever going to get anywhere, we have to break this association between “being educated” and Going To College.  So far our efforts have been completely ineffective, because we’ve been barking up the wrong tree.  It does no good to point out to the Harvard grad that “gender studies” is a made-up field filled with imaginary bullshit.  It is, of course, but the gender studies major doesn’t care, because gender studies isn’t the point.  The point is: Xir is “a Harvard man” (“persyn of Harvardity,” whatever), and you are not.  You can’t understand, because you’re not of our class, dear.

What we’ve got to do is mock the entire notion of college.  Oh, you mean you spent your entire first year– which you went $40,000 in debt for — listening to Ta-neshi Coates (or however the fuck you spell it) and walking around in high heels, to better understand the nature of “privilege”?  Ha!  I was out working, making better than $40,000 and actually having sex with attractive women, not begging some blue-haired, nose-ringed fatty for a pity handie after an Intersectionality lecture.

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8 thoughts on “The First Year Experience

  1. Pickle Rick

    That’s why it’s exceedingly important for Trump to select the next Justice from outside the Ivy League. (As the Grim Reaper approaches the Ginsburg woman.Tick tock, Ruthie…) He has to promote Normal Americans or else this counterrevolution of ours stalls after Trump leaves office.

    George Washington and Andrew Jackson never went to college, and neither did Ben Franklin or Sam Adams.

  2. P_Ang

    I found that article very interesting. I actually did the editing and proofreading of the TNC contract at U of O. I found it absolutely appalling, but I had no authority to amend anything. Some of the salient points that no one actually knew:
    TNC was to have black security, black chauffeurs, black escorts, and (amazingly) black food-tasters. If there weren’t enough blacks available to fill those roles, white people could be used as long as they were approved by TNC and they were instructed not to speak with him or make eye contact with him. Of course, this blatant racism was all played off as “whitey wants to kill him and anyone could be a spy or make an assassination attempt.”

    1. Severian

      HA!! I love these self-dramatizing “intellectuals.” They’re everywhere in academia (though not to quite up to TNC’s level). Yeah yeah, you’re sooooo dangerous — that’s why The Man gave you guaranteed lifetime employment at $100K per year, to “work” seven months out of the year (and maybe 20 hours a week even then).

  3. MBlanc46

    Learning to love their university…. Why does that make me think of learning to love Big Brother?

  4. Al from da Nort

    I’m not the first to say this, but mockery through effective rhetoric is the best key to delegitimize Big U collectively: Break the emotional bond, as you say.

  5. Doonhamer

    OK what do PAY and TNC acronyms stand for.
    Looked up acronym finders with some possibilities being amusing but could not find a definite.

    1. Severian Post author

      Sorry, should’ve been clearer. TNC is “Ta-Nehisi (or however the hell you spell it) Coates,” the very chic, very #Woke Black “intellectual” these programs always hire to come harangue freshmen. Others call him “Tennessee” Coates, because that’s sorta what that mess looks like it should sound like.

      For PAY I think you’re referring to PUA, which is “Pick-Up Artist,” a very interesting group of folks on the Internet. As a group they’re pretty out there, but they’re dead on in their evaluations of American women (swaggering whores who act like they think guys like Brett Kavanaugh act after a few beers, because they’ve been brainwashed by feminism to equate “being as unpleasant a ball-busting shrew as possible” with “being empowered.”)

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