The Five A’s

Stacy McCain raises an excellent point:  Reducing Miami’s carbon footprint to the level demanded by the eco-fascists would, in effect, reduce Miami to nonexistence.  The eco-fascists are, of course, ok with that, because Miami is full of rich people and the wrong kind of brown people (the ones that vote Republican).  But the rest of us ought to think it over.

Here’s my personal criterion for taking an eco-weenie seriously:  Have you, yourself, personally, sworn off the Five A’s?

  • Aspirin
  • Antiperspirant
  • Air conditioning
  • Antibiotics
  • Automobiles

If not, it’s time to STFU.  All of those things come directly out of the industrial revolution, and would not exist without it.  That’s the world you’re trying to send us back to.  No, really — you do realize aspirin comes from factories, right?  Nasty, Gaia-wounding, globe-heating factories.  As does everything else on that list.

And I do mean sworn off.  It’s not enough to ride your bike down to the co-op, because that stuff, too, comes from… automobiles.  What, you think Seventh Generation — headquartered in Burlington, Vermont — has a bunch of little elves right down the road cranking out their products?  It’s big ol’ honkin’, pollutin’ Jimmy Petes what bring that stuff to your local hippy-dip store.  So unless you get your food from a local farmer, transported by a horse-drawn wagon, you need to STFU.

Again, this is the world you want us to live in.  You first, buckaroo.  Try it for six months, and then get back to me with your grandiose plan to save the world from weather, mmmkay?

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3 thoughts on “The Five A’s

  1. nightfly

    I observe (a few days late) that there’s a particular animus to the “the wrong kind of brown people” that goes beyond their Republican voting… it’s that they can’t be snowed about tales of the “worker’s paradise” and the wonders of glorious collectivism.

    They or their parents fled Cuba, the darling of boutique Socialists and useful college-aged worker ants. They can freely name it for what it is – the glittering jewel of the Caribbean, their beloved home, reduced to an intolerable hellhole. They have first-hand experience of everything the hard Left wants for this country, and that is very dangerous knowledge if it gets out.

    They’re not shy about talking the truth about this, either. People both humble and famous who love and who have lost their homeland have no qualms about how and why this has happened. And they often adopt the United States wholeheartedly as their new home in a way that many others do not.

    All this adds up to someone who is probably more of a hassle as a Democrat as a Republican. Marco Rubio is easy enough to dismiss with some crypto-racist “traitor to his kind” malarkey… someone who is actually among the Left but has no taste for the revolution, who has natural sympathy for people they’re trying to herd along to paradise, who is an object lesson disproving everything they’ve been taught just by being there at the meetings? Or who is actively working to pull them back from the ledge? That must be intolerable.

    1. Severian

      Indeed. The idea that collectivism leads to anything but starvation and gulags is about as proven as any human-sciences hypothesis can possibly be. It has been tried under every condition, by every race, in every climate, and it has always ended in hunger and labor camps. Always.

      And yet Our Betters, the liberals, who only follow the facts and are science’s BFFs, don’t see it. There’s only one explanation: Kip’s Law. “Every advocate of central planning always — always — envisions himself as the central planner.”

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