The Genetic Fallacy

That’s the one where you try to discredit an idea by going after the speaker.  It’s the mainstay of Leftist “argument,” and has been since “the Left” has been a thing — “class enemies” can’t be right about anything, because they’re class enemies.  We like to joke that you can cause a Leftist real bodily distress by asking her if she agrees with Adolf Hitler that 2+2 = 4, but the joke only works because so much of Leftism simply is the genetic fallacy.  Magic Dirt Theory, Diversity is our Strength, pick your Liberal bromide — all of these are true only because the h8rs say otherwise. Asking Liberals to provide arguments and evidence for their assertions is like asking your dog to factor quadratics — at best they’ll just bark at you; at worst, start humping your leg.

This matters, because Leftism is a Manichean religion that sees everyone and everything as either totally good, or totally evil.  Backing off from the apocalypse for a sec, here’s a humorous illustration of the genetically fallacious mindset:

Remember that?  That’s what happens when you accustom yourself to “thinking” in genetic fallacies.  Who wouldn’t want to wear pajamas, sip hot chocolate, and talk about health insurance?  Nobody who’s not a H8R, that’s for sure!!

But fun as it is to ridicule Pajamaboy — and oh God is it ever! — mocking him misses the true horror of this ad campaign, which is this: Nobody ever even thought about putting the brakes on it, because nobody had the conceptual tools.  Who, exactly, was the target audience of this ad?  Laid-off factory workers out there in the flyover states?  Assuming that’s the case leads you to a very scary conclusion: That with all the time, money, and resources poured into this campaign — and the must’ve been vast — nobody bothered to, you know, go out there and check how such a thing would be received.  Assuming that’s not the case leads you to an even scarier conclusion: That the intended audience for this ad was, effectively, no one, because nobody who wasn’t fully on board with Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of American society would respond positively to an ad like this.  It was all just a big circle jerk of virtue signalling.

Which is the natural endpoint of the Leftist worldview.  If everyone who doesn’t agree with you 100%

  • is, by definition, evil; and
  • evil people, again by definition, can’t ever be right about anything; then
  • how can one even function in a world that has evil people in it?

Your run-of-the-mill Leftist can hide out on campus forever, effectively banishing all the evil people from her presence, but lots of Leftists go into government, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  They flail and blunder about on the world stage because they have no idea that communication with evil people is even possible.  Worse, those folks arbitrarily assigned to the “good person” bucket can do no wrong, so what’s the point of trying to persuade them to do, or not do, anything at all?

Thus our ongoing Iran adventure.  Everyone who matters in our government, it seems, has assigned the mullahs to one of the buckets.  Nothing Tehran says can ever be true, claim the folks who have assigned the mullahs to the “evil” bucket, so there’s no point in trying to figure out what their grievances are — just lob a few cruise missiles at ’em and call it a day.  On the other hand, those who put the mullahs in the “good” bucket also can’t grok the mullahs’ griveances, because somewhere high on the list are things like “the existence of Jews in the world,” and no good person could ever mean something like that.  Bismarck wept, but that’s 21st century diplomacy for you.

I sure hope it doesn’t get us all killed.

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5 thoughts on “The Genetic Fallacy

  1. WOPR

    It will get us killed. Just listening to the guys are our side or who lean our way is depressing. First you have the Iran Evil side. They like to talk about nuking Iran. Reality says that will never happen. If it did, then the nukes in general will start flying. So, that means another inconclusive conventional campaign that achieves nothing. All of the evidence of Iranian evil should be taken against the historical backdrop of the Gulf of Tonkin, and other instances of US and Israeli intelligence misrepresentations and actual fake events. Grainy night video of a boat doesn’t tell you much.

    On the other side, maybe it’s not Iran is great, but the US is Evil. Therefore, everything the gov’t says is a lie. The gov’t just wants another war for various reasons. Iran is going to destroy the US fleet. Russian military equipment is nigh invincible. One gets the feeling they want us to lose.

    I wonder if Democracy leads to Manichean foreign policy? One needs popular support to fight a war. What better way to get the population motivated than to make the fight against evil?

    Personally, I don’t like Iran. Being 29, I am old enough to fully remember the hostage crisis and the bungling Carter Administration response. That said, I’m not looking for a war either.

    OT: VoxDay went off, based on a book, about how FDR knew ahead of time and lured the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. The lunacy over there was a sight to behold. A few posters were even convinced that English banks, which meant you know who, were the real cause of the firing on Fort Sumter. I’ve pretty much decided VoxDay and his followers are a good example of Dunning-Krueger.

  2. MBlanc46

    Similarly with Gillette. Who in their right mind would think that adverts denigrating men would sell razors and blades? And when there was a negative reaction, did they back off? Nope. The female who behind it (or who was at least the public face of it) doubled down on it. Crushing white men is now not only the most important thing, it’s the only thing.

  3. Pickle Rick

    What makes me sick is these pricks constantly banging on their war drum like Bolton et al are the same ones who have never smelled a fucking battlefield, not once in their miserable civilian lives. Fuck them and fuck their forever wars that I went off and fought. I spent more time guaranteeing the border security of foreign nations than I ever did patrolling my own nation’s border, which is exactly where these morons ought to be focusing. Neither of these ships were American, and neither were the crews. Not our fucking problem.

    1. neal

      Modern warfare does seem to be everyone in a position to foul up and get people killed ; get busy.
      Dad got sick after Korea.
      I got sick after the before part of the Gulf War which was a foul up.
      Leaky bombs, dirty bombs. Stuff happens.
      I hear they are still testing cows and people in many places due to half lifes and such.
      The Han buy the extra hot stuff up and put into plastic toys and drywall and petfood.
      And ship it here after we pay them to take our recyclables.
      The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  4. Frip

    Respect to you Pickle Rick. I’ve seen some terrible things in my life, but I’ve never seen war or death. The few bad things I’ve seen makes me very respectul of whatever I saw.

    I can see how you’re pissed about these tough guy posers. Jesse Ventura is half-idiot. But he’s also real, and exposed this fake Clint Eastwood movie sniper as the liar he was. The MSM couldn’t handle Ventura because he was so “dirt people”. But like you, he’d been there. And spoke truth to power.

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