The Great College Cultural Revolution

An addendum to Altitude Zero’s comment on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution:

If you think the current sexual harassment witch hunt is fun when politicians and media dweebs are the targets, you’re going to bust a gut when the hysteria hits the ivory tower.  For decades now, our public schools and especially our universities have been training Red Guards — in my not-inconsiderable experience, quite successfully.  Each new class is louder, dumber, meaner, and more fanatical than the last.

There will be more politicians ruined, of course, but this is just the Hundred Flowers phase of our Cultural Revolution.  Y’all have no idea what goes on behind ivy-covered walls*… but I guarantee you, you’re about to find out.  Go long on popcorn futures.



*Nor do I, I hasten to add — at least as a participant.  I don’t even hear all that much, being both antisocial and far removed from the main sources of drama.  But if even half of what I have heard is true…

… and I suspect that most of it is, plus fifty times more that I haven’t heard of.  It’s gonna be a hoot.

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5 thoughts on “The Great College Cultural Revolution

    1. Severian

      Eggheads are infatuated with thinking themselves clever. When I was starting graduate school, for instance, it was chic for feminist (meaning, all female and many male) professors to claim that prof/student relations were fine, so long as the woman felt “empowered.” When the two sane men in the room pointed out that this meant, in effect, sex went from “empowering” to “rape” the minute the relationship soured, we were practically laughed out of the room.

      Yeah, about that…. it’s not gonna end well, and they have no one but themselves to blame.

  1. RW

    Severian, how do you mange to work in this environment without blurting out the things you regularly blurt out here? You must have super-human control over your blurt function.

    I am reminded of the Donald Sutherland version of Body Snatchers, with the roaring, pointing monsters. Of course, you have your sense of humor to keep you afloat . . .

    1. Severian

      Three equal parts:

      a) Well, you kinda answered your own question — I say it here, so that I don’t say it there.

      b) Ketman, baby. As Milosz says in The Captive Mind, ketman has its own special pleasures and can be quite addictive.

      c) If one must vent, vent away…. but present it as a caricature of the “conservative” position, then follow it with “…but of course, as good liberals we all know that’s wrong. So very, very wrong.” There are lots of students out their practicing their own ketman; they sometimes get it. The Leftist students are like Millennials generally — implacably, almost impossibly literal. You can’t use figurative language in the classroom without getting it spit back at you verbatim on the test. I could declare that I’m Marie of Roumania, also the 12th Hidden Imam and the Avatar of Vishnu, and 95% of my students would write it down and spit it back to me on the test.

  2. Altitude Zero

    I have no doubt that you are right. Historians will write (probably in Mandarin, although there is still a bare chance of English) that the American Cultural Revolution actually began in 2012. We are about where China was in 1965. Of course, the evil insanity of the Cultural Revolution in China led to the pragmatic reaction that led to the current regime in Peking, complete with its economic growth, and relative freedom. Interesting times ahead…


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