The Guns Go Off to College…Texas Style

(With apologies to our friend Texan99…)

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As they say…God Bless Texas. My state could learn so much from them.

I’m going to just dive right in here. Apparently, even in Texas, college campuses are a no-go zone for firearms, even when carried by licensed permit holders. I’ve always found this a bit odd, just as I do every other no-go zone. I do not understand that. If you’re a concealed carry holder, what the heck difference does it make WHERE you carry? Either you’re cleared to handle a firearm responsibly or you aren’t.

Even if you don’t subscribe (as I do) to the school of thought that the 2nd Amendment is really the only permit one should ever need to possess or carry a firearm (or keep one in your car)…the fact remains that even Texas does not hand out concealed carry permits like candy. Furthermore, there’s a distinction to be made between stuffing a handgun down your pants and storing that same weapon in a car. (The gun owner-student is reasonably expected to properly secure his weapon out of sight while it is stored there.)

The proposal isn’t about concealed carry, of course…but about the right of students, licensed and otherwise, to keep a loaded weapon in a locked car parked on campus. I don’t see why it matters where the car is parked, either. It is a given (under this bill) that a person doing so has already obtained the weapon legally – otherwise he’s already a criminal by definition, whether he keeps his firearm on campus or somewhere else.

Theoretically, this bill would be enacted so that a student could quickly run to his car and retrieve his weapon in the event of an emergency. You know, an emergency like some whackjob shooting up a college campus.

Alas, wouldn’t you know, someone has a problem with it:

During the debate on the Senate floor, Democratic Sen. Jose Rodriguez of El Paso argued the bill would lead to allowing guns in college classrooms. He later told, “I opposed the bill because, given today’s climate and the rise of crime on ours campuses, the last thing we need to do is pass a bill like this.”


Really? And why is that, Sparky? What is it about “today’s climate” that makes you so reluctant to allow students to arm themselves?

He continues:

“You allow it in the glove compartment of your car in the college campus and if you have a disgruntled student who wants to take (his or her) anger out on the teacher or an administrator, what’s going to stop the student from walking to the car and getting it?” Rodriguez said.

Here we go again – gun grabbers once again refusing to draw any distinction between law-abiding gun owners and the violence-prone. Once again making this gosh-awful, am-I-so-ever-sick-of-it, flimsy assertion that having a gun available is all it takes to cause a person to act rashly and murderously without regard to the consequences. Are you as tired of these people lumping all gun-carrying people together as I am?

Really, I’m sure there’s no difference at all between a guy who goes duck hunting before his office job…and some little punk with a rap sheet a mile long who’s looking to put a hit on someone for selling crack on “his turf.” No difference between the burglar with the 9mm and the homeowner with the 12 gauge. No difference between Joe Gunbuyer at the target range with his buddies, and Joe Crazyperson spending four months planning an assault on a mall. There’s definitely no difference between someone carrying out an attack on a classroom, premeditated or otherwise….and someone using a similar weapon to bring down the attacker.

No. Gun owners are all the same. They’re all just ticking time-bombs, just waiting to “snap” and start shooting indiscriminately, don’tcha know. Gun owners are all hot-tempered, rash, borderline-insane people with no morals, no respect for human life, no consideration for the consequences of their actions. (Sadly, many in America actually believe this.) Having access to a firearm makes you a dangerous nut, right?

I not only disagree with the Senator…as a gun owner I’m insulted by his characterization. How about you?

But since Sen Rodriguez is asking: What does stop a student from going to his car and grabbing his gun because he’s mad at the teacher?

I’ll tell you: Other students who also have loaded guns locked in THEIR cars.

(I don’t know whether they’d be able to get to their cars and retrieve their firearms in time to do much good or not, but that’s not really the point. It’s the principle of the thing. Right now, they don’t even have that option. The most fleet-footed student on campus won’t have that option unless the bill passes into law.)

This is the problem with gun-grabbers’ reasoning – they never count on the fact that when someone starts acting crazy with a gun, some OTHER person with a gun is going to put him down…not join in the fun or sit there doing nothing. Isn’t that precisely why we issue concealed-carry permits in the first place (and take other measures to expand firearm carry)? To expand the ability of civilians to protect themselves and others around them from gun-waving crazies?

No, seriously – haven’t you noticed that mass shootings never seem to take place at gun shows, gun ranges, gun stores, target competitions, skeet/trap shooting events, hunting expeditions, and other places where there often are actual loaded guns in people’s hands? Why do you think that is? Pardon the pun, but take a shot at the answer. I’ll wait…

As Thomas Sowell put it, “Attacking one of those places might be the last dumb thing you ever do.” I’ll leave it to the reader to understand why. It’s really not complicated.

It’s a great idea. I just wish my state would follow Texas’s example, instead of making things tougher for us out here and trying to disarm us.



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