The Mechanics

The Z Man’s latest echoes what I’ve been saying around here for a while now: Whatever happens in the election’s wake, it won’t be a civil war. Not yet, anyway. The key word in “organized violence” is organized, and the organization just isn’t there.

Yeah yeah, I know, Soros etc. And his non-intersectional, genderfluid peeps can organize a riot like nobody’s business. But there’s a vast difference between organizing a riot and even something as low-level as an insurrection, to say nothing of an actual alternative government.

There’s no revolution without an experienced group of competent, accomplished people — what the Commies, who knew a thing or two about it, would call cadre. Note that the cadre doesn’t have to instigate the whole thing — Lenin and the boys were famously late to the storming of the Winter Palace. That situation was all-but-complete chaos… but note that even there, the “Provisional Government” that emerged was chock full of talented, experienced people. Kerensky is a footnote to all but field specialists now, but in his day he was a seriously impressive dude, with long political experience (like Jeff Davis, the fact that he couldn’t rise to the highest challenge is no demerit; he was a man in a hundred thousand, taking on a situation that called for a man in a million).

Nor was Lenin, man in a million though he was, some kind of revolutionary savant who just happened to fall into power. The Russians had a revolutionary tradition like no other. Chernyshevsky wrote his famous novel in prison and died in exile, in Siberia, and he was a pantywaist intellectual compared to hard men like Lenin, Trotsky, and Koba. They were degenerate psychopaths, but they were no cowards, and they had long, hard schooling in revolution in which they placed their lives on the line.

Where are those among the American “revolutionaries”?

Before you answer “the fact that they can’t be found proves how hardcore they are,” consider the mechanics. Seriously ask yourself the following question: What would it take for you, personally, to pack up your entire life, lock your door, and march off to the nearest recruiting center, gun in hand, to sign up for the People’s Militia?

I know, I know, I’m old, and my huevos get lighter every year, but for me, a bare minimum answer to that question starts with: A hell of a lot more than “Antifa,” or the “Boogaloos” (or whatever the dumb shit on “our” side is supposed to be), or whoever, is offering.

Seriously imagine it. Biden wins, and a few days later there’s a knock at your door. Some goober in a MAGA hat says “I’m Colonel Bubba from the 3rd Boogaloo Brigade of the Provisional Army. Drop your socks and grab your cock, my fellow American, we’re going to war!”

Ummm…. no.

This is bipartisan, of course. I’m a professional historian, and as such I can imagine a lot more “worst case scenario” than most people, so hell yeah I’m armed. I have seriously put myself through mental visualization exercises in which I’m forced to pull that trigger on another human being. All the combat vets here are laughing at me right now, I know, but y’all, I’m fuckin’ Rambo compared to the average Liberal. You think they’re going to drop everything in their nice gated community and go join the Resistance after Trump wins? Colonel Ocasio-Cortez shows up at their door, representing the 3rd Nonintersectional Genderfluid Brigade, and a week later they’ll still be arguing about their pronouns.

Actual revolutionary situations require strong, personal leadership ties. Both sides in the American Civil War could organize huge armies quickly because those armies were organized by community. You didn’t march off to war as a member of the 75th United States Infantry; you went off as a member of the 4th Rhode Island. You elected your commanding officer, and your company’s commanding officer, and your fellow soldiers were literally your neighbors.* I don’t even know my neighbors more than a few houses down; do you know yours? It’s possible that I’d go to war with Tommy, the dude three houses down, I guess, but I’m sure as hell not trusting my life, fortune, and sacred honor to “the guy who drives the green Subaru” three blocks over.

That’s the situation on our side, guys — and we’re the strong-community, family-values types. We might actually get our small farming towns to mount up, Civil War militia-style. The Left, by contrast, are massively online. Who are their local leaders, let alone their national ones? It’s not just a presidential election, y’all. Watch the candidates’ ads for all the downstream offices. Would you go to war for any of those poofs? I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: The very sight of a fey little twink like Gavin Newsom on the barricades is worth at least three divisions to the other side.

Finally, consider “ideology,” for lack of a better term. What, exactly, do the Left want? They don’t know. They have never known. For their militants, flipping cars and setting shit on fire IS the point. Nobody wants to live in “CHAZ,” least of all them. Who’s going to sign up for that?

Not that “we” have much of an ideology, either, but we do have potent visuals. What do we want? NOT THAT, “that” being whatever the 5’2″, 200lb., purple-haired, multi-pierced, sleeve-tatted lesbians who can’t figure out which pronouns to use want. I may not like Orange Man all that much, but I’m ok with my life as it is right now. I’ll happily endure it if I could freeze it this way forever — stupid mask mandates and all — provided that the only alternative is “rule by those fucking fuggernauts.” Which, if it actually comes to cases, will be exactly the choice.

See what I mean?

This is not to say it’s all roses. We’re not voting our way out of this. But civil war isn’t happening tomorrow. Use what time you have left well, kameraden, and prepare accordingly.


*Now is not the time or place to discuss the mechanics of Civil War recruiting, but briefly: Since the US government did not want to imply that secession was valid, they never declared war on the “Confederate States.” The Civil War, legally speaking, was always a domestic insurrection, which means that United States forces in the field were always mere militia. Hence, the 4th Rhode Island, not “the 4th Infantry.” By the end of the war, you might not be able to find a Rhode Islander for love or money in the 4th Rhode Island (I’m just making that unit up; I have no idea what their real record was), but always it was technically, legally, a state militia formation.

There were outfits in the field with the “US Infantry” designation, but those were almost always freedmen — soldiers in the United States Colored Troops (USCT) had various unit designations, and early on you might see “the 5th US Infantry (Colored),” but generally in Civil War parlance “US Infantry” means freedmen; Whites served in state regiments.

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7 thoughts on “The Mechanics

  1. jwm

    Consider Chaz. How deeply did the the clowns who started that show think it out? Let’s see. Where and how do we make our stand? I know. How about in the middle of a city. Someplace where food and water are provided by the very people we are rebelling against! If we get hungry we’ll just order pizza. If they cut off our water, well, it’ll rain eventually. That’ll work.
    Quite some time ago I found myself in the middle of a huge anti-war protest in Long Beach. My sentiment was neatly summed up with “Fuck these people. We need to kick some moslem ass.”
    But at least the anti-war crowd had an objective. They were protesting something real, and if Bush would have stopped the war, their goal would have been met, and they could declare victory and go home.
    None of the riots of this last awful summer had a point other than to cause chaos. There was no objective. “End systemic racism?” “Justice for Fentanyl Floyd? OK sure, just how is that accomplished? There was no plan, no specific demand to be met.
    In a way, these people are more evil than the Russian revolutionaries. They are the un-makers. They destroy without a plan to rebuild, or the ability and inclination to do it. They shit in their own lunch pail, and wait for someone else to feed them.


    1. Severian Post author

      Here’s my best guess as to how it plays out:

      2020: Trump wins reelection. Being a figurehead, he permits Big Tech to continue their cyber-kristallnacht against badthinkers. They’re all forced offline, where they start organizing in communities.

      2024: Demographics being what they are, President Ocasio-Cortez is elected.

      2025: Some combination of China, Russia, and Iran — or all three together! — make their moves.

      late 2025: President Ocasio-Cortez, being catastrophically retarded, gets the United States into a war with one or all three. The US suffers a massive, humiliating military defeat.

      2026: The badthinkers, forced offline and hounded into their own little enclaves since 2020, emerge on the national scene, and then it’s on for real.

      1. Codex

        That’d make a good near future SF adventure. The writer who could game that out while being realistic about both the various liberal tribes, and the effects of racial divides would really have something.

        All he needs is some kind of speculative tech or alien digest to get it past the watchful dragons.

  2. Some Guy

    I like to tell my friends that well fed people don’t revolt. During the great coronavirus disease of 2019 panic of 2020 I was starting to get worried when they were closing the meat packing plants but fortunately they pulled some government shenanigans and the plants opened back up. We’ll see what happens during the great coronavirus disease of 2019 panic of 2020: This time it’s personal. I’m betting dumb though our social betters may be, they at least understand that hungry people tend to revolt. Also fuck those boogaloo assholes, because of them I can’t go around work calling it SARS-2 electric boogaloo.

  3. Maus

    OK, first … F**k Offline October! That lasted about two weeks, and the last one was twitchy. So, I am Maus and I’m a netaholic.

    Been lurking since White Genocide Day, I mean Columbus the Enlightener Day. This is the post that snapped my resolve. Must comment.

    I agree entirely with Sev’s analysis of the preconditions for revolution (and insurrection). We simply are organized sufficiently and their is no identified leadership with the ability to galvanize that quickly enough for the type of blitzkrieg that would be required for significant regime change in 2020. But that doesn’t mean there’ll be little to no violent response to the current eructations from the hellish mouth of the globohomo elite. What’s on tap is anarchy. The Zman commentariat tends to label it monkeywrenching or throwing sand in the gears. The idea is to make the cost of ruling deplorables exhorbitant. But the challenge is to avoid a price war. I suspect that the reason we haven’t seen more Rittenhouse-type activity is the swift and disproportionate response brought to bear on those few who have “pulled the trigger” so to speak. I don’t know how to reduce the cost of such tactics in practical terms. As a lawyer, about all I can actually contribute is to volunteer my services for a Hail Mary legal defense.

    The root of the anarchy that is blooming in our cities is the breakdown of the rule of law. The organs of government from law enforcement to and including the judiciary no longer strive even to appear as if they remain committed to the concept of equality under the law. If the Founders actually believed that all men were equal (as oppposed to simply endorsing a bit of high-flown rhetorical ornamentation), it was precisely in the sense that the law would deal with each man according to his deeds (and intention) without regard to his circumstances of birth, wealth or social position. (Aside: slaves at the time — whether African or otherwise — were considered chattels under the law, more akin to horses and hounds, and had no rights as such. Any care or concern shown them was nothing more than a proprietary regard for the improved function and decreased depreciation of a capital asset. Sometimes the Law is just a bitch. The wisdom of a particular law can always be debated.)

    As anarchy increases and the rule of law fails more generally, at some point the ruling elites will be unable to reverse the situation. It will be a Hobbesian war of all against all; and each individual will have to respond with some measure of cunning or force to the importunities of life. The ability to project cunning or force is not equally distributed in humans (bell curve for cunning; probably for force, too). So there are going to be winners and losers; and the the extremes of violent death and crushing poverty are going to be more prevalent. If normies think the middle class has been “losing ground,” they ain’t seen nothing yet. Very black pill. But out of this caldron of chaos, leadership will emerge and a cadre clinging desperately to survival will coalesce. Then a new chapter can begin. Whether it is a revolution or a restoration or however it is labeled will be a judgment of history looking backward. For all of you with children and grandchildren, I wish you and your progeny good fortune.

    1. Severian Post author

      Welcome back…..? I know what you mean; I thought I was pretty much done with blogs back in April or so, and look where we are.

      When the sad, sordid tale of this time is written, it will become obvious, I hope, how easy it would’ve been to stop what’s coming. Speaking of Rittenhouse: All the DA would have to do is decline to prosecute. It’s clearly self defense. Do that, and the message is sent: Riot at your own risk. Armed citizens would set up in front of their homes and shops, giving the rioters a stark choice: Go big or go home. And since I’m pretty sure the residents of a Wisconsin town outgun out-of-town Antifa goofs by about 25:1…

      That’s all it would take, even in the upcoming anarchy. The cops have been told in no uncertain terms that the law doesn’t apply to Negroes and their enablers, so the citizenry will have to do it for themselves. And they will. Simply decline to prosecute when the inevitable happens, and it all goes away.

      If they don’t, the law of the jungle takes over — “shoot, shovel, and shut up.” Or, worse, start shooting back when then cops come to enforce the “law” on the only group it still applies to. I hope and pray, fervently, every night, that it won’t come to this… but I know which way I’m betting.

      Exodus from the cities is already well advanced. The combo of feral Negroes and Kung Flu has made a lot of people rethink their priorities. Yuppie professional-class strivers can have ’em; people who want a decent life for themselves and their children are going rural. I’m pretty sure Mao Zedong had some insights into this type of situation; it’s worth revisiting.

  4. Pickle Rick

    Oh, Lefty has the organization. They got their lockdowns and mask hysteria working and they barely had to lift a finger.

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