The Moonwalk

You’ll have to trust me on this, I guess, but way back in Rotten Chestnuts’ early days I had a post about “moonwalking.” This was my attempt at… meme generation, I guess, although it was really just shorthand for some things we were dealing with at the time (anyone who came over from House of Eratosthenes remembers the Cuttlefish infestation). “Motte and Bailey” seems to have caught on as a way to describe this Leftist rhetorical tactic, so you may have seen it described that way, but even if not you know the kind of thing I’m talking about:

From the totally 100% true scientific fact that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, Lefty will, if you let xhyzer, insist on the whole “Green New Deal” schmear. If you point out all the problems with the GND, though, and Lefty feels like xhzyr is losing the argument, xzhe scuttles back to “carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas!!,” then calls you a “science denier” — as if all the flaws you pointed out with the Green New Deal only exist if you deny, as no literate person could, that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.  It’s such a bizarrely stylized gesture — didja really think we didn’t notice, Snowflake? — that it looks like a dance move. Hence, moonwalking.

You see it pretty much every time the Left confronts reality. It’s been SOP in academia for decades, so much so that they’ve perfected the trick of slipping “just” in and out of their conversation unconsciously. So, from the 100% true historical fact that “real men” acted differently in Medieval Saxony than they do on campus, eggheads assert that — all together now — “gender is just a social construction.” Meaning, of course, that there no no differences between the sexes, absolutely none, that aren’t attributable to “the Patriarchy.” But when you call them on it — threatening to cut off their funding for teaching absurdities, say, or simply by telling them to move that goddamn couch their own selves — the word “just” mysteriously disappears from their vocabulary. Then they’re just pointing out a historical commonplace, and why do you hate science etc.

Sh’mon! Hee hee!!

Given their total control of  the culture, the Left have made more money off moonwalking in just the last decade, I’d imagine, than Mr. Jackson made in his entire career. But it’s not perfect. Sometimes xzhey have to disguise a tactical retreat. Liberals can never, ever be wrong of course — because they are Smart — but they can hold their tongues for a while if they’re sufficiently motivated.

Take “gun control,” for instance. The Left feels that no one should be armed but the State. But that’s a problem, because even if you eliminate all the non-Maoists from government, the police still seem to have this habit of shooting innocent Joggers for, like, no reason when they, the Joggers, are just minding their own business after AP Calculus on their way to their piano recitals. Worse yet, those innocent Joggers might actually… but no, for decency’s sake let’s leave the Left weeping in their shame closet, and just note that lots of #woke persyns are suddenly thinking they might actually need to defend themselves from… well, from something. What to do, when they can’t instantly buy a bazooka because of their own stupid laws?

Obviously Lefties aren’t going to go back and rethink all their shrieking about “gun control.” Because that would entail that they were wrong about something, and as we all know, Smart people can never ever ever be wrong. So they’ll just…kinda… shut up about it for a while. Oh, you know, Joe Biden still has to say something about “gun control,” but you’ll have to go pretty deep into the platform to find it — see here, for instance, where you have to go into the drop-down menu, and even there all you’ll see is bromides like “voluntary buybacks” and “universal background checks.” If he wins, God forbid, gun-grabbing will be right back at the top of the agenda, because then the State can roll in the tanks on those uppity Negroes and make Minneapolis great for organic shade grown free trade tofu again.* But until then, they’ll just quietly drop the subject and hope you won’t notice… and, because they control Newsywood, you won’t.

All of which leads to the last, and most fascinatingly terrifying scenario: What happens when they have to bail out on one of the Dogmas of the Faith?

Like with COVID, for instance.

If you live in the Twitter/ivory tower bubble — I truly don’t think there’s a difference anymore — you can still, just barely, convince yourself that the pandemic is raging and the deadcarts are rolling down suburban streets. Out in the real world, though, even the dullest of dullards are starting to realize it’s all a big nothingburger, and always has been. The Left are willing to destroy such bastions of their power as the academic-industrial complex (that number is 4 billion, with a B… and that’s from May) in order to keep the faith…

…but even that won’t propitiate the only god they truly fear: Mockery.

We know Smart people can never ever ever ever be wrong… but when it comes to COVID these Smart people look like a bunch of fucking idiots, and the longer this goes on, the worse they look. Moonwalking won’t save them, since “OMG we’re all gonna DIE!!!!!!!” was their opening bid. Nor will tactical silence, gun control-style, thanks to those stupid fucking masks. Maybe people won’t notice that you’re suddenly dead quiet about gun control, but everyone can see you’re no longer wearing the Birkenstock Burqa.

What to do? As I’ve suggested before, Smart people can’t be wrong, but they can be fooled, so long as the fooling also allows them to pat themselves on the back. Call it “More in sadness than in anger,” and the classic example was the 2004 election — Liberals just cared too much to realize what raging idiots you people really are. But how’s that going to work here?

I dunno, but it sure looks like they’re setting up some fall guys. If I were Dr. Fauci, I’d make sure my pension was fully vested… hell, if I were him, I’d have a jet smoking on the runway in the early dawn hours of November 4, ready to spirit me away to a hidden hideout in a country with no extradition treaty. Because COVID’s over after the election no matter how it goes, and if Trump wins, the mob of kind caring Liberals might well rip him limb from limb.





*What, seriously, y’all think they actually care about Black lives? Hahahaha! You guys are useful tools to them at the best of times; they’ll squash you like lice if they ever get power again. For your own good, of course, because they care.

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17 thoughts on “The Moonwalk

  1. MBlanc46

    The Left have always been masters of changing the Party line and then denying vociferously that the Party line has changed. Today, you’re a Hero of the Soviet Union. Tomorrow, your page in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia is blank.

    1. Severian Post author

      True, and that will work fine for the Twitterati. But it’s deadly for the average Karen. So much of the Left’s cultural domination relies on the Junior Volunteer Thought Police, who are so unctuously self-righteous that everyone will take great joy in humiliating them. What happens when your average soccer mom and PTA busybody have to take off the face diaper?

      1. contrariandutchman

        Never underestimate the ability of the average Karen to switch the enemy from Eurasia to Eastasia in mid speech. Doubleplus good duckspeakers they are.

  2. Maus

    1. Michael Jackson is a perfect symbol of the leftist of today: a mask-wearing chomo who tinkered with the appearance of his racial identity. Moonwalking indeed.
    2. It is almost as if the wokerati insist on filling those deadcarts. If the COVID can’t get the job done with the speed and pervasiveness necessary, then perhaps acute lead poisoning will be tried next. At its heart, the Left is a Moloch-worshipping death cult and the pyre incessantly demands more bodies.
    3. Recent history has shaken my worldview to the core. I used to stand firmly in the Aristotelian camp, which viewed man as the rational animal distinguished from all others as the sole possessor of intellect and will. But the depth of human stupidity and the collapse of rationality, which are omnipresent, have disabused me of that. The Enlightenment refined the experimental method and produced both the technological explosion that has reached its apotheosis in social media and the post-modern deconstruction that has rendered argument from first principles completely nugatory. In this era of globohomo hegemony, I am truly a yesterday man.

    1. contrariandutchman

      History is probably neither a straight arrow nor a circle but rather a spiral. Rationality and science created the circumstances where people can be safe to give themselves over to the most fluorescent irrationality. Thus society is destroyed and frm the ashes it will rise again. Not a circle, something of the knowledge will be passed on. Hopefully our successor civilization will learn how to suppress leftism so this style of collapse can at least be avoided.

  3. Frip

    Off Topic. Re. D-Right interest books. It’s really hard to find Jean Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints” in paperback. It’s my understanding that it’s popular on far Right. It must be, because you Google the name and a bunch of seriously negative Left wing reviews come up. “Dangerous” is again the word. Amazon doesn’t really want you to have it. They even have a book by the same name, to re-rout/confuse would-be buyers. Other used book stores have it from $500 to $1K. You can get Amazon digital version but I’m not into that. Not even the famous Powell’s bookstore has a copy. Why doesn’t a publishing house print another edition? Will they be burned down? Jesus, what the hell is in this book? Instructions on how to cripple babies?

    Amazon no longer sells “Day of the Rope”. Luckily I bought 2 copies a few years ago.

    So, I’ve been trying to find more contemporary D-Right dystopian fiction. Rightist Action-Adventure is tricky, because the writing usually isn’t so good. Former Army Ranger – now author, type stuff.

    Any recommendations? Maybe AmRen or V-Dare has a recommended fiction book list. I’m not looking for serious non-fiction. I have those. Or pre-2000’s Ayn Rand fiction. It’s got to be within the last 20 years. Looking for action-thriller…world-in-chaos…Severian turned Mad Max type stuff.


    1. The Kaigat Of Wands

      Wow, I paid $13.50 on Amazon 10-15 years ago for Camp Of The Saints, wish I’d bought 1,000 copies ……. you’re not missing anything, it’s not very well-written, struck me as being on a par with The Turner Diaries in that respect. The message, unhappily, is all too believable but no point in depressing yourself! We all spend too much time reacting and not enough figuring out what to do – myself included.

      1. Frip

        I know what you mean. But on another topic. There’s many non-fiction books that explain the history of how it all went wrong. How immigration got out of hand, etc. “How we got to this point” books. Hell, I don’t care to be bogged down and depressed by the details. This shit happened and here we are. That’s why blogs like Sev’s, Z’s, et al. are what to read. They’ll brief you on the history, but provide a way forward.

        By the way I saw on the back cover of Kurt Schlichter’s book a Shapiro vote of aproval. Which means the book doesn’t cover race and immigration in a real way.

        Anyway, appreciate the recomendation, but I need not waste my time.

        1. Codex

          Ah… You only want the ones with the race issues at least dealt with? How much? Black cultural dysfunction? Grabbler-Q?
          That still does not leave out Shlicter entirely. Grab a free sample download and see for yourself (I doubt Ben Shapiro actually read it).

          Hmmm… These might work

          John Ringo’s The Last Centurion with its black inner city warlords.

          The Hidden Truth by Hans Schantz has no blinders about the poz or the race games (Mr. Sevarian might find some of the academic scenes amusing) but it is YA. Go to the scifiwright blog for a detailed review.

          Tom Kratman might work: I just picked up one of his on the big Labor Day sale. Maybe.

          Definitely the Monks of St. Possenti

          John Wilder also wrote a series of thought experiments that are also short stories… Let’s see if I can find them…Yes, it’s on the Wilder Wealthy Wise blog, Parts III on are called TEOTWAWKI Part

          I still recommend Calexit. There’s no cat fancy, but no-one is pretending sBLM and La Raza Cosmica aren’t problems.


  4. WOPR

    Most people seem to be treating the Kung Flu restrictions as just another stupid gov’t regulation that they’ll avoid if possible.

    Remember the book “What’s the matter with Kansas?” Republicans do the same thing with blacks. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that blacks get a lot from the Democrats whether it is AA, welfare, or gov’t jobs. They don’t care what Democrats think of them as long as the benefits keep coming. Actually, I think knowing the Dem race talk is so much hot air is a selling point. They think the Repubs are the same way, but simply not honest about it.

    I had an interesting little adventure on a turnpike recently. It was late at night at the plaza. Gas pumps were crowded and wife squeezed between two vehicles to get to the pump on the other side. She didn’t realize she cut off someone who was turning around their SUV to get to the pump. They started honking and I got out anyways to fill up. Suddenly had a jogger, 16/17 well built, beside me who told me not to do it. He must have been in the food court. Didn’t know what to say but with all of the goings on I decided I was going to fill up. Took out my what and got out the CC and he kept saying “Don’t do it.” Then the lady in the SUV started yelling at him to get in the van. He walked away. Now I am a pudgy, non-intimidating guy. My role in CWII is alpha squad of the elite cannon fodder company. But it seemed to unnerve the kid that I didn’t get into some display contest with him. Instead I just went about my business and for them most part ignored him. Anyways, my wife failed to collect on the life insurance policy as I’m sure was her plan. 🙂

  5. Southern Belle

    Ever since Professor Perkins turned me onto If P, then Q, I have been careful about my views on this and that. At university we could substitute logic for math so that’s what I did. With regards to the Left, we know they bypass this step altogether. They automatically jump on bandwagons without any consideration as to what the outcome will be. In discussions with liberal friends I’ve found it easier to trip them up on topics such as gun control by giving them a scenario in which they could find themselves. It forces them to think (individually). It will not change their minds in the long term perhaps but it plants the seed in those that are misguided rather than insane. My data is old, but I think it’s still true that most guns used in crimes are not legally purchased so gun laws are irrelevant in reducing crime.

    By the way we have had three white people minding their own business killed by blacks in the past few weeks. I don’t think this has made national news.

  6. MBlanc46

    Indeed, cd. I’m pretty sure that most Goodwhites have their breaking point, but I sense that most of them are still pretty far from reaching it. And there are some who won’t reach it until the split second between the muzzle of the pistol touching their necks and the trigger being pulled. If even then.

  7. texinole

    I wish I could agree that dullards are catching on but in my circle nobody has budged on their positions in months, either way. In my case the branch civilians are all rightwing boomers who get all their news from TV and left wing millennials/zoomers who get all their news from Reddit.

    I’ve said it before: The mask and other light protocols are “get out of house arrest” talismans to these people, allowing for most modern luxuries while feeling sufficiently safe from the Death Cloud. They’re not letting it go until the Left lets it go.

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