The New Perestroika

The Democrats thought putting this on the stand was a good idea:

God help us all, they really did.

You’d go a long way to find a grosser caricature of a hectoring, out-of-touch, anti-American LGTBWhatever (((elitist))) than that one.*  Normally at this point I’d break out Severian’s Corollary to Hanlon’s Razor (“there’s some stupidity so stupid, you actually pray it’s malice”), but instead let’s talk about perestroika.

Quoth Wikipedia:

Perestroika allowed more independent actions from various ministries and introduced many market-like reforms. The alleged goal of perestroika, however, was not to end the command economy but rather to make socialism work more efficiently to better meet the needs of Soviet citizens by adopting elements of liberal economics. The process of implementing perestroika created shortages, political, social, and economic tensions within the Soviet Union and is often blamed for the political ascent of nationalism and nationalist political parties in the constituent republics. Perestroika and its associated structural ailments have been cited as major catalysts leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Allow me to dissent.  Perestroika’s what happens when you turn the reins over to the third generation — the generation that didn’t come up hard, and thus wasn’t forced to deal with objective reality.  For all his faults, and for all the debate over whether Stalin was “really” a Communist (hint: he was), the Boss knew what it takes to hold onto power in a one-party state.  He learned his craft in the hardest school — maneuvering against Lenin and Trotsky, two of the coldest, most ruthless sons-of-bitches ever to draw breath.  His successor, Nikita Khrushchev, survived both the Great Purge and the Great Patriotic War for the Motherland — an achievement, as you can imagine, that pretty much no one else of consequence could boast.

Mikhail Gorbachev, by contrast, was born in 1931.  His childhood was affected by the war — as was every Russian child’s — but his grandfather was a kolkhoznik from way back; Mikhail was wired in to the Party from birth.  Stalin died in 1953.  Gorbachev was 22 — in an earlier generation he could’ve been a serious player at that age, but the postwar generation didn’t start rising until their 30s, or more usually their 40s.  He was still at university when the Boss kicked the bucket; he didn’t start his official political career until 1955, and wasn’t recognized as a bona-fide comer until the late 1960s.

What this meant was that Gorbachev grew up in the kinder, gentler Soviet Union — the one where Khrushchev released a whole bunch of folks from the Gulag and denounced cults of personality.  This is not to say that Gorbachev wasn’t a sincere Communist; he was.  In fact, that was his problem — he was too sincere.  The earlier generations faced the stark choice between hewing to orthodox Marxism, or hanging on to power.  They chose the latter, of course, and that’s why Trotsky had to go —  he kept on claiming to be the only true Marxist of the bunch (which he was, of course, but that’s a story for another day).  Gorbachev, though, got to see Communism “working,” and from this he deduced — not unreasonably for someone who didn’t come up hard — that Communism’s manifest failures were due to not following Marx and Lenin more exactly.  Marx and Lenin talked a great game about “openness” (glasnost), “democracy,” and all that “improving the lot of the People” jazz.

So he did all that, the fool, not realizing that Communism “worked,” such as it did, only through repression.  Take your foot off The People’s neck enough to let them breathe, by all means — that was Comrade Khrushchev’s great insight — but if you ease off any further, they’ll try to wriggle out… and eventually kill you, their tormentor.  Having never seen The People at close range — as everyone in the previous generations had — he couldn’t understand this, and so crashed the system.

Our modern Democrats are in Gorbachev’s shoes right now.  Whatever tenuous grasp of reality Pelosi once had, 40+ years in power has completely eroded it.  When she came up, California was still a red state (would’ve been “a blue state” back then, but you get the point).  In her lifetime, San Francisco went from “the one hippy enclave in a conservative state” to “the bellwether of Progressivism;” it’s no wonder she’s out of touch.  The younger generation — “the Squad” and the rest of them — never were in touch.  They were marinated in identity politics while they were still in the womb.  They took the private-school pipeline straight into “elected” office.  Having been raised, educated, and supervised by Pamela Karlan types their entire lives, they see her as a Mommy figure — a benign authority that only wants what’s best for everyone.

Seriously, they do.  It’s like Gorbachev’s attempt at creating a kinder, gentler KGB — what he saw as a necessary reform for The People’s welfare, The People saw as their opportunity to finally turn their knives on their tormentors.  What do the Democrats want for America?  Imagine Pamela Karlan wagging her finger in a human face, forever.

These people are terrifyingly stupid.  Pamela Karlan makes Pajamaboy look like the fucking Marlboro Man, and she’s unscripted.  Gorby’s still alive – they’d better talk to him, fast.  Otherwise, we might’ve just seen the opening shots of the revolution.




*As much as I hate this (((special people))) shit so many in Our Thing insist on, you don’t have to be Heinrich Himmler to see her and think “Oh lord, another one.  Do they have anyone on the varsity that doesn’t carry two passports?”
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18 thoughts on “The New Perestroika

  1. Pickle Rick

    Well, since we were just talking about optics down below, yesterday’s bagel fest was a serious problem for them.
    I’m not one of those cats that believe that “Protocols” conspiracy shit, but seriously, they act like nobody’s noticing out here in flyover country that the Imperial Capital, which is quickly becoming an object of active hatred, is overrun with certain people, whose absolute arrogance and visible hatred of us is becoming unable to ignore.
    I’m sick and tired of them.

  2. Severian Post author

    I know, right? I hate this (((special people))) shit, but man, if they were actively trying to turn me into an anti-Semite, I’m not sure what they’d be doing differently. I don’t care what this woman’s for — if she says she’s pro-oxygen, I’m going to start holding my breath. Put her and that Thunberg freak in a scold-off, find a way to power a turbine with it, and you’d have free green energy until the sun’s a cinder.

    1. WOPR

      They can’t seem to help themselves. I’m not an anti-semite. I support Israel being able to act as an ethnostate in its post-’67 borders. I just want some delineation from American Jews. Either you’re an Israeli or an American. Pick a passport. I would say the same with any other group. Plus, American interests come first. It’s shocking how evil I am.

      But no, they can’t seem to help themselves and seem determined to make more people dislike them. The constant cries of anti-semitism at Insty, on things that often Christians or conservatives have suffered from as well, only increase the problem.

      1. MBlanc46

        WOPR: Your statement that you are not an anti-Semite is belied by the entire rest of your post, which is nothing but anti-Semitism.

  3. Vizzini

    I hate this (((special people))) shit, but man, if they were actively trying to turn me into an anti-Semite, I’m not sure what they’d be doing differently.

    Alas, once you start noticing, you can’t unsee.

  4. Major Hoople

    Raised by a Jewish stepfather, who was a sound man, and good to me. So, you’ll understand that the JQ has never really been an issue for me in DR stuff, and has never been a way I analyzed stuff. So when someone like me takes a look at this impeachment fiasco and notices that “Geez, everybody involved on the crazy left in this circus is…ahh….uhhh…blue…” you’ll know that something is up.

    What is really astounding, and hard to comprehend, is that the people putting this together are so cloistered, so cut off from normal people, that they have no idea how their craziness comes across. I’d like to think that this means Trump will get elected, not because I expect him to do anything he campaigns upon, but simply because it means we will have a four year delay from descending into the hell of another French Revolution.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s exactly what I’m getting at. Not only do they not know how this insanity comes across, they think they’re winning. Of all the zillion people they could’ve had on the stand, they went with this shrieking little goblin, because they truly thought it was the best way to advance the cause. They thought, that is, that folks would turn in to the impeachment, see Carlan, and think “Yeah, that lady makes some excellent points.”

      It’s fun to speculate on what, exactly, will finally kick off The Unpleasantness, but stuff like this is why it’s a fool’s errand. These people are terrifyingly stupid. The straw that breaks the camel’s back will be so dumb you’d laugh if it weren’t so horrifying. What a fascinatingly idiotic time to be alive. I’m hoping to survive it, just to see if they file my memoirs under “history” or “comedy.”

      1. Pickle Rick

        Part of it is standard Democrat strategy. Bring in the shrieking maniacs to perform in front of Republicans, then get them behind closed doors and threaten them with either acquiescing to the “reasonable” Democrat demands, or they unleash the crazies. Most Vichy Republicans then immediately fold, and the ratchet moves left. In a few months or years, repeat the process. It worked wonderfully for years with a spineless Republican Party, but not with Trump, who isn’t a Republican. They’re in deathly fear that given a mandate by the Senate by refusing to convict, followed by a crushing electoral victory, Trump will purge the security forces and move against them with real intent. Remember that threat Trump made to put Hilary in jail?

        1. Severian Post author

          Jail? I hear the view is lovely from 1,000 feet, especially dangling upside down from the skids of a Huey….

          Aaaand that’s where we’re at in Current Year America. The Left claims to be afraid that Trump will become a dictator (like the man says, SJWs always project). Increasing numbers on the Right are terrified he won’t. What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive. I really hope I survive it, just to see where they shelve my memoirs: History, Horror, or Comedy.

          1. Pickle Rick

            I’m terrified that Trump tries to be a CivNat dictator instead of a Caesar. Successful right wing dictators come from only one place- the officer corps. Caesar, Napoleon, Franco, Pinochet, Putin…
            Mustache Guy and his Italian counterpart, Chef Boyardee, crucially, were unsuccessful right wing dictators because while they came from the army, they only made lance corporal and sergeant, respectively.
            I’ve never, ever, recalled a right wing dictator who came from a civilian context. Left wing, everyone. But now we’re in a position where our general officer corps is leftist, not rightist.

    2. WOPR

      I once caught some of an old TV show called Picket Fences from either the 80’s or 90’s. A court case was going on over a nativity scene in the public square. Both lawyers in the case were Jews. The older Jew was defending the city and was telling the younger Jew bringing the case that he was being stupid, the nativity scene in a Christian village isn’t hurting anyone. Also, all he was doing was making people not like Jews.

      It’s the young Jews in charge now.

      1. Severian Post author

        This has a lot to do, I think, with Basic College Girl culture (which is why I write so much about it). “You’re making them dislike us” might’ve been a winning argument back then (though maybe not). These days, though, “making them dislike us” is seen as a positive.

        Because, of course, the people who dislike us are “h8rz,” and nothing confirms the rightness of what you’re doing more than having h8rz. If they hatin’, it means they’re thinking about you, and you’re not thinking about them, which means you win.

        May God have mercy on us all, Basic College Girls really do think that way… and their culture is our culture. It’s not just young Jews — it’s young girls of both sexes and all 57 genders.

        1. Pickle Rick

          h8 and h8rz, to them, is people saying mean words on Twitter and instagram. I don’t think they understand what rough beast is slouching towards Jerusalem to be born.

          1. Severian Post author

            As I said at Z Man’s yesterday, there will be some real upsides to life under our Chinese overlords. Anyone who has ever complained about White racism, sexism, etc. is gonna love being ruled by people who think King Leopold’s Ghost is a how-to manual, and who measure “strong, empowered women” by how many rows they can plow. Frankly, I hope they bring back foot binding — you people wanted this, and you deserve to get it, good and long and hard.

  5. contrariandutchman

    No Chinese overlords will ride to your rescue. The population of China has begun its collapse and the Chinese will be more then busy enough trying to keep China itself somewhat stable as huge numbers of old people cannot be provided for and the core Han population loses its massive numerical superiority. I suppose the strong empowered women will be very pleased by the Guatemalan way with women, so there is that.

    The show in the House I think is not for us or the public at large but for the GOP senators, if enough of them are spineless once again the deer will be found to be a horse indeed and the coup to pave the way for Revolution complete. Ans as our favorite pickle notes, GOP senators have form here.

    And Severian, should you make it through, do come to this side of the pond, I can use your firsthand observer input for my “Fall of the American Empire” and writing history by the Mediterranean sea seems a great way to spend our dotage. I will include a chapter “History, Horror, Comedy or all of the above?”.

    1. Severian Post author

      Done! I hope to meet all fourteen of you someday, in this life or the next. Family — which includes brothers-in-arms — is all that’s worth saving.

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  7. MBlanc46

    It’s the old Ibn Khaldun idea. The hard men of the desert see the soft men living easy in the oasis, so they swoop in and take the oasis for themselves. They’re hard men, so they can hold the place without difficulty. Their sons are hard enough that they can hang on as well. But their grandsons are soft men (who probably study art history). The hard men of the desert see these soft men and….

    I, too, get the ((())) thing. I first came into serious contact with (((them))) at the University of Chicago in the late 1960s, but I never really gave them a lot of thought. But as social chaos making has become the dominant social force, it’s impossible to not notice that (((they))) are seriously over-represented the social chaos makers.

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