The Official Uniform – Like a Boss

Never let it be said I don’t give the dozen readers (I think that’s what we’re up to?) what they want!  Presenting….

the Official Uniform of #TheRealResistance. 

I’ve got mine on order.  It’s the all-white version, obviously.  Wander around wearing one, and see what happens.  If you live in a very fashion-forward area, put a cat-related pin somewhere near the brim.  If anyone gives you “the look,” flash a covert “OK” sign at them.

(Since what you’re wearing will be unusual enough to cause comment — especially with the pin — you might get some looks from the ladies.  Give them the OK, too, by all means, but if you want to save the political sermons until after the hookup, well, nobody here will blame you).

We’ll be the most stylish guys in the reeducation camp, that’s for sure.

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17 thoughts on “The Official Uniform – Like a Boss

  1. Frip

    Yeah, the Boss cap gives us more fashion flexibility. You can’t wear a sports cap in nicer places without looking like a prole doofus, whereas you might get away with a Hugo Boss cap. Hell, you can golf with it. You can’t golf in a team cap. And while New England is one of my fave teams, I don’t always want to be Patriots fan guy at the bars. It’s not so bad now, as the team is nominally “conservative”. But a few years down the line, who knows? Some Kaepernick type takes over and I’m not gonna be ok wearing a Pats cap.

    The only downside is that…I can see it now, all the bartenders are going to start referring to me as boss. “Eh good to see you again boss, what’ll it be? ”

    As a cap guy, (light skinned, ancestors prone to skin cancer) the variety of styles on the Boss site blows me away. I’d no idea Boss was cap crazy. I bought a navy blue. They also have a deep red, which is a great looking unflashy red. I’m gonna go ahead and purchase a white cap too, (maybe with the giant BOSS logo even), to honor the strategic practicalities of Severian’s original idea. We should all buy a white Boss cap and keep it on standby. To be worn at political gatherings, marches, parades, etc. Or when the shit hits the fan, so us bros can easily identify each other amid the smoke and tear gas.

  2. Skedastic Racket

    I will actually blend in more with this hat. Gotta be vibrant.

    Those books on overcoming inertia sure look interesting. Of the many sticking points in overcoming inertia, the main source of static friction I think, is in the recruit pool. How do you establish ties of loyalty, brotherhood, common sacrifice? The cat fanciers had the military to draw from, and the Great War in the background. They were sort of able to easily establish the willingness of the recruits to sacrifice for a common goal, and their ability to be loyal. However, this must also have required that the Great War be mythologized. The army didn’t lose the war, the politicians did, and so on. Then you can project virtues onto people who may never have had a chance to demonstrate them. Which is one of the primary benefits of belonging to a group by the way.

    As Sev pointed out, we have no groups.

    I also don’t think we here on this blog can mythologize anything. But we have to live right? And as I’ve already read Camus, I’m definitely stuck.
    Well, if we can’t create a mythology, we have to repurpose something into a mythology. And here is where I may have an insight. Our recruit pool is hwhite, male, youfs. No offense to you geezers. What common experience do people in this cohort have? What thing have they all, knowingly or not, commonly suffered under for what could be their entire life? Why, PC culture. Which conveniently is a narrative which can be broadened into many things. Cause really guys, we’re here to (tell lies write history make memes).
    I want to make the distinction that we are not blaming PC culture for losing us the culture war. Everybody knows that, and nobody cares. But, if we can put out the idea that suffering under this culture is like a right of passage, that it is a brand which we all carry, maybe that could go somewhere. Then we have established common suffering, which breeds loyalty, which begets brotherhood.
    #thoughtexperimentofagiantobesevidyagameaddict #cheesypoofdust

    1. Severian

      I see where you’re coming from. I for one assume this will be an easy sell, as the student loan bubble has to burst here in a few years. It’s not quite up to the level of “stabbed in the back on the Western Front,” but it’ll do for Millennial America.

  3. MBlanc46

    It’s damned depressing, all right, and that makes it easier to face the fact that I’ve got only 10–15 years left before checking out. But the white cap thing is at least something until something better comes along (if something better comes along).

  4. Frip

    Skedastic: “But, if we can put out the idea that suffering under this culture is like a right of passage, that it is a brand which we all carry, maybe that could go somewhere. Then we have established common suffering, which breeds loyalty, which begets brotherhood.”

    Agree. It’s called playing the victim card, and in Western Christian culture it’s worked like a charm for everyone else. Now it’s our turn. The more the Left calls us evil, the more we can play the scapegoat/victim, and seem legitimate about it. Because it is legit. And I don’t care what enemy-idiot or cohort-idiot calls us whiners. They say whiners. I say ragers. Potato potahto.

    (And don’t tell me you’re not saying to play the victim card. Because you are. And you’re right.)

  5. TBoone

    sked rac, wise insight.

    Start with a Truth they already know/feel/live & connect it other Truths they may not have thought about. Digital bread crumbs, cheesy poofs, as it were.

    Is this where I say “yo” to show I’m old & don’t belong?

  6. Al from da Nort

    I meant to reply several posts ago. I think you are headed in a very wrong direction with all that ‘cat fancier’ stuff, but I get your structural-functional attraction to it as possibly effective meme.

    Why_? Well, if what was once Western Civ. had any defining element, it was Christianity in its several forms: Maybe Christianity + Roman Law as modified by German tribalism in the secular realm is the short answer. So any subsequent future iteration of our shared history, (and there may be many more iterations until the final days) ought to take account of that long-lived social arrangement (soon to be modified): But it produced the abundance we stupidly bask in today. In any event, that ought not be casually discarded.

    Cat Fancy, as you name it, was an explicit rejection of the West’s Christian heritage in favor of a reimagined, mythical Nordic Paganism (which had many variants in reality). But, there was then and there is now more than a slight stench of the diabolical sulfur from the Left these days. It’s as though vile Moloch worship never went away through all recorded history.

    We should have no part of this. We need another path than Cat Fancy. The vertical, man – God, dimension still matters, not just the overtired right-left horizontal one.

    We ought to have nothing to do with any revised neo-pagan direction. I get it that you are about the aesthetics and brotherhood appeal: But…

    1. Severian


      thanks for commenting — it turns out I need to be much, much clearer in my writing, as I am IN NO WAY ADVOCATING the doctrines of National Socialism. All caps, because there’s no nudge-nudge wink-wink here, as there might theoretically be in other things I might theoretically have written, hypothetically, at some point in the past.

      Nazis are retarded clowns; National Socialism is a retarded clown show. I can’t be any plainer than that.

      That’s explicitly why I used the term “Cat Fanciers” — to avoid any discussions of the tenets of National Socialism. All I’m interested in is the techniques of movement building. The Cat Fanciers had a myth; the myth worked well for them; we should get a myth. Those statements should IN NO WAY BE CONSTRUED as me advocating that particular myth, as it is — and I repeat, 100%, swear on any and all holy books — a retarded clown show myth, suitable only for retarded clowns.

      [See, this is the problem with having to express oneself hypothetically. By going overboard with the sincerity, I sound like I’m nudge-nudge wink-winking. But I promise you I’m serious about this. I am a Christian. I love Western Civ. The Nazis — retarded clowns that they were — hated both. We should not take anything they said or did as a model, except in the most abstract sense as a demonstration of technique].

      Does everyone get that? Are we 100% clear on where I stand?

  7. Skedastic Racket

    I did not actually make that connection mentally, but you’re exactly right.

    @Unwashed Mass
    If I understand you correctly, you are making the point that our side doesn’t want to be victims. (?) Which I agree with, but I can’t come up with any common bond other than suffering under PC culture. Which means a lot of work has to be done to convince men that they are suffering, and that they are bearing their suffering manfully. One quality of a leader is seeing his subordinate’s weaknesses, and re framing the weaknesses to the subordinate so that the weakness can be turned into a strength.
    That’s what needs to be done today. And you can do that for a group by creating a myth. Note that this is not an attempt to rationally convert anyone. This isn’t lesswrong’s sequences or slatestarcodex. And those guys belong in monasteries anyway.
    Think of Frip’s comment. If someone says, “You guys sound like a bunch of whiners” and Frip replies with “You say whiners, I say ragers.” Boom. Re framed. Like in game. Now, whining/raging is a positive quality.
    But to do that on a group scale requires a mythology, as Sev has been teaching us.

    “Start with a Truth they already know/feel/live & connect it other Truths they may not have thought about. ”
    Thanks for the aphorism. That is much easier to keep in my head yo.

  8. Frip

    Skedastic, yep. When I say we should accept victim status, it’s just echoing what everyone on our side has known and been saying, in that we should accept identity politics. Of course, it’s just one of many angles we should play.

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