The Point of It All

“Game” blogger Heartiste has a report on racist babies (really university psych department pseudoscience), from which he concludes:

our Equalist Underlords are dehumanists, wishing to cleanse the world of its humanity and replace it with a dehumanized slurry of deracinated emotionless self-deluding automatons feeding the atomized consumerist borg.

Yep.  That’s the point.  You won’t find this in the history books, but sometime around 1979, all the former hippies realized that they really kinda liked capitalism.  Oh, not the war and racism stuff, but the other stuff.  The stuff stuff.  Think Mother Simpson running credit checks at Tom Hayden’s Porsche dealership.  Or, think Hillary Clinton doing anything.  Live like a satrap while preaching equality, that’s the Modern Left.

And as it turns out, the New Soviet Man — that “dehumanized slurry of deracinated emotionless self-deluding automaton” — is actually the ultimate consumer.  Marx, child of the Enlightenment that he was (born 1818), thought that a person stripped of all the old culture would be truly free.  We know that a person stripped of the old culture will do anything, anything at all, to belong.  Which is why we can sell him anything and everything.

tl;dr — this right here is modern Leftism:


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