The Pre-Crime Department

As it seems I’m auditioning for the role of Our Thing’s E.M. Cioran, let’s talk about things to come.

We all broadly agree that “race is real,” by which is meant — again, broadly — that 1) certain mental and behavioral tendencies are strongly heritable.  We also broadly agree that 2) society’s current trajectory is unsustainable, because it takes a certain suite of strongly heritable tendencies, IQ and high future time orientation being the most prominent, to keep an advanced technological society going — tendencies which, obviously, the Replacement Population currently flooding over our borders doesn’t have.  Finally, we broadly agree on 3) what they called “degeneration” back at the turn of the 20th century (the last time we were allowed to speak on such topics): That this advanced technological society is, itself, destroying the tendencies necessary for its maintenance, by easing or eliminating the evolutionary pressures that produced them.

So: What to do about it?

Let’s leave the nightmare scenarios of apocalyptic collapse aside for the moment (see below).  Let’s also set aside Ray Kurzweil-ish speculations about widespread genetic engineering and the robot future.  Let’s treat the givens as given — we have such-and-such a population now; they are what they are right now; and thanks to all the stuff we broadly agreed on above, technological innovation is pretty much dead in the water (what, you think Jose, Prajneet, and Kunta Kinte are going to invent the gene editing kiosks?).  Let’s stipulate that we’re working with what we have on hand.

Starting from the top: Technological progress has flatlined, or will shortly, as thanks to 2 and 3, above, the necessary tendencies aren’t being inherited in sufficient numbers.  Since that’s the case, whatever’s left of “free enterprise” will quickly be co-opted by the state.  If you’ve only got five engineers where you used to have fifty, those five guys will need to keep every brain cell firing just to maintain what we have — any “innovation” will involve streamlining existing processes for an ever-dumber workforce.

Therefore: Do we have reliable, widely-available genetic tests for IQ and high future time orientation?  If we do, we can go ahead and implement the caste system now.  But if we don’t, and I don’t think we do, then the educational system will need a complete redesign to help ferret them out.  I know, I know, but you’re not gonna like this one: Instead of endless self-esteem and sex ed classes, you’ll need a Prussian-looking system that’s all-STEM, all the time.  Note carefully our stipulations: Since the suite of necessary tendencies is rare, and getting rarer, we’re doing all this to discover (let’s say) 25% of the population.

What happens to the other 75%?

Since we’ve already stipulated that the only issue that matters is maintaining the technological infrastructure we have, and so we’re willing to do what it takes to find future techies in the cradle, the other 75% are, at best, support staff.  But since we’re running on the assumption that society requires certain heritable traits to keep going — and that we can test for them — the only logical thing to do is to ruthlessly select against the other traits, while we find something useful for the current crop of Marching Morons to do.  We already have industrial-scale applications for Marching Morons — fruit pickers, meat packers, and the like.  How scalable are those, and how early do we need to start?

(Note that the process could be streamlined still further if we cut out the middleman — that is, if instead of the State taking over the Big Tech companies, the Big Tech companies take over the State.  If you dig the thought of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez setting your kids’ curriculum, you’re gonna love Mark Zuckerberg’s syllabus.  The other industrial-scale app for Marching Morons is, of course, the infantry, and while I’m sure the Jack Dorsey Division could settle Al Qaeda’s hash over in The Sandbox, I imagine Jack himself might insist on deploying them a little closer to home).

The culture will need a complete overhaul, too, since it’s obvious to all but the die-hard HBD True Believers (alas, something like 90% of Our Thing at last count) that biology and culture have a dialectical relationship.  Biology is prior, I’ll grant you — the best-designed culture in the world isn’t going to turn a bunch of Congolese into a nation of rocket scientists — but culture is a major influence nonetheless.  See, for example, the African-American population.

When Daniel Patrick Moynihan was writing The Negro Family: The Case for National Action all the way back in 1965, it was obvious that huge programs designed to help the Black community had had the opposite result.  Welfare encourages bastardy single parenthood, and single parenthood is closely correlated with just about every social pathology negative life outcome there is.*  Black Americans were indisputably better off, on just about any metric that makes sense, before programs like The Great Society….

…that is, in the era of Jim Crow.

It seems, then, that a monolithic culture, imposed from the top and ruthlessly enforced, can ameliorate, if not outright eliminate, a lot of bad heritable tendencies.  Not a lot of rocket scientists came from the Jim Crow South, I’ll grant you, but Clarence Thomas did, as did Thomas Sowell. If you’re looking for role models for the non-techie 75%, you could do a lot worse… and does anyone really believe that Thomas and Sowell would be who they are if they’d been born in the Great Society?

Lest we be tempted to the sin of race essentialism, note that it works just as well on White people.  The Soviets actually did a lot of the stuff I’m suggesting our future HBD-compliant state will do, and it worked — the USSR had way more engineers in 1957 than in 1917.  That it turned Ivan Sixpack into a low-IQ, low future time orientation, vodka-swilling oaf was a feature, not a bug, of the Soviet system, but it’s proof enough of the dialectical relationship between biology and culture.   Between the tackles, humanity is pretty plastic.  You might not be able to turn the Congolese into rocket scientists, but you can definitely turn Russians into modern-day cavemen.

Time being what it is, and demographics being what they are, ruthless imposition of “culture” at bayonet point is the only hope.

A final word: Some will no doubt say that I’m cheerleading for Fascism.  I’m not.  It’s abhorrent.  But History doesn’t care about our morality, let alone our preferences.  It is what it is, and no individual can stop it.  There may have been a “Dissident Rightist” in Rome in 410, who saw everything perfectly and had the perfect plan to fix it.  I make no such claims for myself, of course, but it wouldn’t matter if i did see everything perfectly and did have a foolproof plan — the barbarians were already at the gates.  What I’m talking about — “Bio-Fascism,” I guess you could call it — is repugnant, but in my “black pill” moments I’m convinced it’s actually the best-case scenario.  It’ll be an ugly couple of generations getting the DNA back up to snuff, but considering the alternatives….



*N.b. that’s from The Brookings Institution, the most wretched hive of Goodwhite virtue-signalling there is.  If they say single parenthood is “problematic,” it must really be the fucking apocalypse.


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5 thoughts on “The Pre-Crime Department

  1. rwc1963

    This so called technological age you’re so in love with is killing us because it’s not user friendly in the least. And that is why it’s unsustainable. It’s like the Soviet Union, Gorbachev thought it was fixable but didn’t understand that the system could not be repaired due to inherent flaws within it that doomed it from the get go.

    Ours just lasted a bit longer but it’s going to conk out as well.

    I look at Japan who has a very high tech society and what is the response of the people to it? They stopped having kids because they turned their country into something that wasn’t all that human friendly.

    Europe is the same. A high tech socialist utopia and the response is people who cease to marry and have children, where their culture is dying as well.

    This cannot be fixed by a bunch of mini-Mengeles from the alt-right cooking up humans in test tubes in the hopes of creating some mutant modern man(our version of the True Communist Party Man) that is perfectly adopted to our insane modern society and can sustain it(for what who in the hell knows). Maybe the Chicoms will, as they’re closer to a race of insects thanks to Xi’s social engineering.

    1. Severian Post author

      I’m not in love with the technological age; like you, I think it’s fundamentally anti-human. But I DO think that we’ll go to just about any lengths to preserve it, which is why the next 20-100 years will go like they go.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. I linked to an article here somewhere were a “Green” proposes that we ban smartphones because they’re Bad for the Earth. Yes, absolutely!! Let’s do that! Even the debate over such a measure would show how far gone we really are. I’d bet on rioting in the streets at the very thought of it….

  2. WOPR

    Short term it’s all about maximizing your current population while long term molding a better population. You’re stuck with whatever biological material you have. I also doubt the ability of anyone to use genetics to pick the winners and losers. My sense is that having a society based on high genetic traits would result in a dystopia just as bad as Idiocracy, only in some other form.

    Shaping morality is the right track. My pet theory is that morality has long term IQ consequences. It would have to be top down and sadly, that isn’t happening.

  3. MBlanc46

    I’m not convinced that the nation, as currently constituted, can be saved.If it can, draconian methods will surely be required. And, if it can’t, there will doubtless be considerable violence required to construct whatever succeeds it.

  4. Maus

    Genetic engineering won’t be adequate to address the problem without increasing the TFR to above the replacement rate of 2.3 or more. What is called for is a Republic of Gilead scenario as envisioned by a general rather than a handmaid. We needn’t wait for the post-nuclear environmental precursor, but there’s going to have to be a major reassertion of patriarchal values. It goes without saying that women’s suffrage and the wholesale careerism of females outside the domestic arena must be eliminated. Given the biologically rooted physical weakness of the female sex and their propensity for irrationality, this is simply a matter of men’s will to assert dominance and impose a patriarchal culture that punishes any female insubordination. I am not eager to deal with a future Ofmaus, but I will take one for the team.

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