The Problem of Assimilation

The last Assyrian I’ve ever heard of was Yossarian, the protagonist of Catch-22, and while I’ve met plenty of “Anglo-Saxons,” I’ve never met any Angles or Saxons (or Jutes for that matter).  Ditto Etruscans, Babylonians, Mound Builders, Harappans, Minoans…. they didn’t get wiped out, they just assimilated.

The trend in the modern West is to embrace ever more bizarre boutique “identities.”  But it doesn’t really work, and we all, boutique “nationalists” most certainly included, know it.  That’s why referendums on Scottish etc. independence always fail — True Scotsmen may be so proud of their heritage that they’ve got an informal fallacy named after them, but they’re not proud enough to consign their country to shivering unimportance on the ragged edge of nowhere by voting “leave.”  Ditto Croats, Serbs, etc. — if the Austro-Hungarian Empire were still a going concern, they’d all make big noises about leaving it, while hanging Franz Joseph’s picture in every living room.  The days of “national self-determination” are long over; the Black Hand would be a chat room for keyboard warriors.

That being the case, we’d do well to craft ourselves a “culture” into which many disparate groups can merge.  The alternative isn’t tiny minority states getting along in wary but ultimately benign coexistence; it’s merger into a global super-empire, either

  • Chinese,
  • Facebook,
  • or the Brotherhood of the Irradited, Mutated Survivors.

Humans sprawl.  It’s in our firmware.  Hobbes said that our only imperative is “a desire for power after power, that ceaseth only in death,” and he’s right.  That’s why human organizations always expand until checked by a hard limit.  In the past, the hardest limit was communication speed — you simply couldn’t control an empire past a certain size when outpost commanders had a six months’ lag time in which to contemplate the pros and cons of continued allegiance.

The Internet nixed that, though, which makes the current hard limit nuclear.

We’re getting a police state anyway, y’all.  Let’s get to work on making it the most congenial police state we can.

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3 thoughts on “The Problem of Assimilation

  1. Rod1963

    One cannot use the European model with highly diverse groups such as the Chinese, Koreans and hope they’ll merge with Muslims and Africans because they won’t. The Chinese are just as likely to exterminate them. On their scale these people are nothing but swine and worthless ones at that. The Japanese have no use for Muslims or Blacks nor do the Koreans. And these people aren’t ruled by suicidal, inbred whites with Ivy League degrees.

    That said, here in Los Angeles the LAPD has heavily recruited among Hispanics and is paying a price for it. Turns out even the cadets are committing crimes and the patrol officers are being busted for a litany of crimes from rape, robbery and even murder. Now what happens when the LAPD is 60-75% Hispanic and Black? You get Juarez, Mexico where the cartels own the cops and dozens being killed every day. Imagine what facilities and infrastructure will be like when it’s a bunch of AA hires maintaining our water and power systems.

    This is why the police state will fail here. It the elites kept it squeaky white it would be a different story. No they wanted vibrancy in all areas.

    That said, most lower class whites despise Blacks and Muslims and would like to seem them gone. They dislike them because they have to deal with these Morlocks on a daily basis unlike the upper class whites who hide n NerfWorld and think the good ship lollipop will go sailing on forever.

    We tolerate the hyper violent ethnics now because we have the state with lots of angry men with guns(cops) along with judicial fatwas dictating that we must embrace diversity or get a bullet in the head or get gang raped by said ethnics in prison.

    If anything I see a South Africa situation developing here where whites and Asians are viewed as prey by Muslims, Mexicans and Blacks. No merging, just lots of bloodshed instigated by a our white elites.

    Remember the white elites have made it abundantly clear they want us dead and gone.

    1. Contaminated NEET

      If the system can’t hold things together anymore, what makes you think White will continue consenting to be prey? It’s easy to forget while there’s always a sympathetic teacher to run to, but we’re not locked in here with the Blacks (and Mexicans, and Saracens, and various other bezonians): they’re locked in here with us.

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