The Psuedo-Intellectual Myopia of a Trump-Derangement-Syndrome Victim

Our friend and co-blogger Morgan threw out a Matt Walsh quote,

“Tolerance is not a virtue. Diversity is not a goal.”

This makes lefties’ heads explode.

Morgan went on to bring up Chesterton’s Fence, which he instructed us to read up on Ace’s blog.

Left leaning dude chimes in that Morgan must be using Chesterton’s fence to defend Trump’s fence.

Swing and a miss, strike one!  and boy we could feel the breeze from that one in the upper deck behind the third base line.

He said he was struggling with its relevance to … I guess the Matt Walsh quote.

This got me to thinking, and I posted a response that I am posting here … mainly because I think it’s a train of thought worth posting.  So here it is:

If you’re looking for something that has something to do with Trump’s fence, which does not exist, then I would suggest you take a few steps back and shake off your myopia. You are looking too closely.

It has much more to do with the Michael Walsh quote Morgan posted.

I will risk trying to spell something out to somebody who either can’t or won’t see it …

Chesterton’s fence has nothing to do with damned fence. This is a thought exercise where the fence is merely a placeholder. Chesterton’s fence is something that exists that someone who doesn’t know why it exists and doesn’t like it wants to get rid of.

If you don’t know why something that somebody built exists, you MIGHT want to ponder why that somebody or those sombodies built it in the first place in the course of assessing its value.

Of course, when a modern progressive sees a post that questions diversity as a sacred value, they immediately see racists — because that’s what they’ve been taught to see by their clergy.

In this case, the thing that exists is intolerance. Why is there intolerance? What purpose does it serve? If you haven’t thought about this, you have no business instructing us not to tolerate intolerance.   (Never mind that it’s fundamentally hypocritical – an that’s also a clue that might actually get you to start thinking about the purpose it serves).

Diversity is such a catch phrase. If you haven’t considered why every culture has a characteristic realm of relative homogeneity, you don’t understand culture. So you certainly don’t understand its value. And you don’t understand that the whole concept of a “multiculture” is an oxymoron.

Diversity of race is a symptom of a great culture. It is not a cause. Further, the left has conflated (ironically) race with culture, and insist that particular cultures are inherent in particular races, and to reject elements of such a culture is to reject the race. This is an extremely racist worldview. It is dangerous. It is destructive.

Which is why the left embraces it. Postmodernism is about deconstruction, which is a method of destruction. It seeks to destroy what has been built, for it does not see the utility of what has been built. It employs diversion and obfuscation to direct hate at order. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go!” You can get hundreds or thousands chanting that in a couple of minutes at ANY big leftist rally. They have been taught that mindless destruction is a virtue — and they don’t even realize that is at the core of their worldview.

This is key to fomenting revolution, which is ultimately what the bigwigs behind the left want.

They lemmings don’t learn. They ended up with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Guevara, Moussilini, Castro, Pol Pot and the like.

Do not destroy what you do not understand. The minions do not understand what it is they are helping destroy. The leaders do … in the case of western civilization, they are destroying obstacles to absolute power for themselves.

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5 thoughts on “The Psuedo-Intellectual Myopia of a Trump-Derangement-Syndrome Victim

  1. AvatarSeverian

    The leaders do … in the case of western civilization, they are destroying obstacles to absolute power for themselves.

    I used tot think so, too, but I’m beginning to seriously consider that this is wrong. What can e.g. Soros want, that he doesn’t already have? And while the rank-and-file Left are pretty dumb, I have no doubt that Soros is a bright guy — you have to be to make the kind of money he has, and he’s known from a very young age how to bend with the wind (yep, that’s an allusion to his collaboration with the Nazis). Maybe his acolytes don’t, in other words, but he certainly knows that destroying Western Civ would make absolute power over the ruins pointless. There’s no point in being the absolute lord and master of a pile of garbage.

    If he’s at all in this for himself, in other words, he has to realize that his current policy is counterproductive. Would you rather be a slightly-less-than-all-powerful string puller in America, or the all-powerful dictator of Botswana? I know the answer, and so does he….

    ….which leads me to conclude that destruction itself is the point. As the Z Man keeps pointing out, whatever Liberalism used to be, it’s now a nihilistic death cult. And the more I study, the more I see this, stretching further and further back in time. Western Civ committed suicide in the trenches in 1914; our modern Lefties think they’re just tidying up loose ends, and weeding around civilization’s gravestone.

    1. Avatarnightfly

      Sad but true. A good many of these people hate themselves, and hate life, and whether they are self-aware enough to realize it, they are turning Western Civilization into a pyre upon which they will lay down once all else has burned.

    2. AvatarJohn C Stephens

      “The evil man is a source of fascination; ordinary persons wonder what impels such extremes of conduct. A lust for wealth? A common motive, undoubtedly. A craving for power? Revenge against society? Let us grant these as well. But when wealth has been gained, power achieved and society brought down to a state of groveling submission, what then? Why does he continue?

      The response must be: the love of evil for its own sake.

      The motivation, while incomprehensible to the ordinary man, is nonetheless urgent and real. The malefactor becomes the creature of his own deeds. Once the transition has been overpassed a new set of standards comes into force. The perceptive malefactor recognizes his evil and knows full well the meaning of his acts. In order to quiet his qualms he retreats into a state of solipsism, and commits flagrant evil from sheer hysteria, and for his victims it appears as if the world has gone mad.”

      — from The Face, by Jack Vance

    3. Avatarmrz80

      Psalm 2

      Why do the nations conspire[a]
      and the peoples plot in vain?
      The kings of the earth rise up
      and the rulers band together
      against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
      “Let us break their chains
      and throw off their shackles.”

      It’s all about “throwing off their shackles,” the idea that there might exist out there Someone to whom some species of allegiance is owed, and to whom some degree of explanation must be offered, and from whom some species of judgment might be received. The very concept of an almighty God who created us and will someday judge us stands opposed to the desperately desired state of absolute individual sovereignty for the elites. The shackles must be shucked, and since western civilization’s moral and philosophical foundation is inescapably Judeo-Christian, then a critical part of the quest for absolute self-actualization is the necessary destruction OF that civilization.

  2. AvatarAnonymous White Male

    “Which is why the left embraces it. Postmodernism is about deconstruction, which is a method of destruction. It seeks to destroy what has been built, for it does not see the utility of what has been built.”

    You have to differentiate between the leftist leaders and the leftist lemmings. The leaders know what they are doing it and why they are doing it. The lemmings don’t know why they must destroy society. They have been told it must happen, it is inevitable, but they also have no idea what it will be replaced with. This is what is scary about the mass’s thought process, if it may be referred to as thought. The average boob really does not think about consequences on a global or historical scale. They have never thought about it and do not have the capacity to do so. But, if they do expend any effort upon it, they seem to believe that “things” just automatically happen and magic will replace what they destroy with something wonderful. It never has happened but it will, once we think the proper thoughts and chant the proper slogans. In the meantime, the pawns are moved into position to be sacrificed for a better position in which to arrive at mate.

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