The Real Generation Gap

It’s fascinating — and scary — to see how we pay for the sins of our fathers.

The Greatest Generation, having lived through World War II, came to believe there’s no problem that can’t be solved with an application of good old fashioned American firepower.  This brought us Vietnam.

The Baby Boomers, having lived through Vietnam, came to believe there’s no problem that can. This brought us Bosnia, Gulf War I, and the current mess.

Gen X and the Millennials, having lived through the current mess, will probably come to believe that it doesn’t matter, since the Progressives’ kinder gentler smart power war looks exactly like the Neocons’ splashy lazy quasi-imperial war, and the only winners in either case are Halliburton and Lockheed-Martin.

I’m betting that “hey, not my problem, dude” will become the unoffical foreign policy motto of the United States once the kiddos take charge.  It’s going to be a smaller, colder, meaner world, that’s for sure.

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