The Real Tragedy

[fair warning: this post contains no actual content.  I’m just venting].

This Kung Flu might turn out to be the end of the world.  It really might.  Stranger things have happened.  But since the Media has never, ever been right about the oh-god-so-many freakouts they’ve imposed on us in the past, I know which way I’m betting.  And that’s sad, because I’ve lost some friends from this pandemic.

No, they didn’t die of COVID-19.  They caught a terminal case of pussy-ache, and now I can’t respect them anymore.

Curve-flatteners, call-out-the-National-Guard!-ers, curfew imposers, toilet paper hoarders, wimps and itty bitty bitches of all sorts — that’s what they turned out to be.  Folks who I assumed to be reasonably level-headed and calm in a crisis just…. aren’t.

I know a guy who doesn’t trust “the Official Narrative” on anything.  Yeah, he talks like that — you can hear the Capital Letters and the quotation marks whenever he talks about whatever’s on the news.  Doesn’t trust the government’s story on 9/11, thinks the newspapers “lied us into war” on Iraq, dismisses “birtherism,” calls it “Faux News,” dismissed the Muller Report as propaganda, the works.  And yet this same guy now treats as gospel every wild pronouncement from every 3 am shout show, because … wait for it… this time the Media can’t possibly have any political or financial motive for lying.  In this one case, the same people who according to him routinely lie about everything, selling their souls for a few pennies more on Viacom’s share price, are 100% totally straight and on the level.  “What, are they trying to hoax us into better health?”  He actually said that.

Another guy, makes a fetish out of being an “independent.”  This fellow is more than a little Libertarian-curious, and not just for the weed.  This fucking guy wants the army called out to enforce a national curfew.  If it reduces the possibility of infection, then he’s for it, civil liberties be damned.  And here’s the real kicker: This guy knows his history.  “What do you call it,” I asked him, “when a government suppresses civil liberties and closes private enterprises and generally whips up a frenzy in the name of national hygiene?  And a whole bunch voters all go for it, enthusiastically, because even though they can’t actually see the bad germs doing bad stuff, they just know they’re responsible for all the nation’s ills?  Any of this ringing a bell?”

His response?  “Fuck you, this is different.”

I swear to god, I sure wish self-righteousness killed the corona virus.  99.8% of the population would be totally immune.  Crash the economy, trash the Constitution, implement neverending martial law — do whatever, so long as we get to preen and parade on social media, getting retweeted and upvoted for being so ostentatiously panicked.  Obesity probably kills more people in New York City alone than Kung Flu has killed worldwide, but if some NYC mayor — Mini Mike Bloomberg, let’s say — tried to ban carbohydrates, these very same ex-friends of mine would be out there screaming about creeping fascism.  Fuck a vaccine for COVID-19, get these whiny little hoes some fucking Vagisil — it’ll do ’em a lot more good.

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9 thoughts on “The Real Tragedy

  1. Maus

    Sev, that’s some real fire-breathin’ zeal for the Truth with a capiital T. Amen, brother. Just remember that hypertension is one of those risk factors for elevated COVID-19 mortality. Join me in a soothing martini and get that idiocy-induced blood pressure back down to 120/80. There has to be an opportunity in the aftermath of this crisis (real or engineered)? I’m spending my splendid isolation trying to find the silver lining.

  2. Pickle Rick

    Are we taking bets on when the riots, fires and looting starts in our wonderful diverse inner cities and then the real fun begins. It’s going to look wonderful as the Democratic mayors of every city beg the Bad Orange Man for help and troops to quell riots that will make LA 92 look like a fun time. I hope he tells them to fuck themselves. I’m pretty sure the rednecks in the NG won’t be giving two fucks about the cities when they’re looking out for our own out here in the country.

  3. dave b

    I wonder if the people freaking out ever figured out the cost of the overreaction? Do we destroy our economy to save the lives of a few elderly people who were in Gabriel’s waiting room anyway? Do we destroy supply chains so medicines such as insulin are no longer available? Do we allow millions of people who take insulin to die to save a few thousand from the Chinese flu? How about people who don’t get sick but have their lives ruined because they lost their job and can no longer afford their rent or mortgage?

  4. Severian Post author

    Exactly my point. Z Man has been on fire on this, including the insulin example. Truly rational people understand that everything in this life is a tradeoff. So, yeah, there IS a level of mortality that justifies all this. That level is “Black Death” — 40-60% of the entire population — because at that point, if you let the Black Death rage unchecked, your economy is screwed anyway (see also: the end of feudalism and the rise of capitalism following the Black Death).

    And yes, I’m well aware that I personally, or someone I love, could well be in that 40-60%. That’s just math. Am I going to go out and smother my 99 year old grandma just on the off chance? Of course not. I’m going to take all reasonable precautions to help her. But am I going to demand a global recession so that granny might not get an infection that might rob her of her few remaining…. years? Months? Days? Of course not.

    Call me a heartless monster if you like. I prefer the term “adult.” Only a generation of people who truly in their heart of hearts believes they deserve to live forever could urge a global economic crash on the off chance that they avoid the sniffles. And yet, here we are. Just when you think humanity couldn’t disgust you any further….

    And here again, that’s the real tragedy. It doesn’t really bother me, when you come right down to it, that idiots are out there being idiots. They’re idiots, and that’s what idiots do. What does bother me — what disgusts me, what fills me with vile loathsome rage, is that smart people are out there encouraging the idiots. These ex-friends I’m talking about, these are smart people with advanced degrees, some in real subjects that require math. And yet, they really do think the government can prevent the common cold. And they really do think that, because I’m asking “hey, do we really need Great Depression 2.0 so that a few extra old folks don’t die?”, that I don’t think the virus is “real,” or I don’t care that bodies are piling up in the streets, or that I’m actually hoping bodies will pile up in the streets, or that I’m out there encouraging people to lick random doorknobs, or something… something. Always something, anything, other than asking “is actual honest-to-god fucking fascism worth it?”

    Long story short: History don’t care about your feelings, bro. I thought you people understood that. But crisis is a test of character, and y’all failed. Badly. And so we can’t be friends anymore. We’ll still be “buddies,” sure. Have a few drinks together, a few laughs. But I just can’t trust you when the chips are down, because you turned into giant inflamed vaginas the moment there was even a vague possibility of the chips being down. And that’s tragic.

    1. WOPR

      I’ll admit I was in more of the “this is serious mode” up until early this week. Now it’s looking like a complete overreaction. The Dark Herald pointed out the Diamond Princess cruise ship and the results of that infection. We’re looking at about flu level results with around a 17.5% infection rate. More infectious than the flu, but around the same mortality. Add it that the death rate in South Korea is 1% of the infected and it says a panic reaction.

      I mentioned it online at another site and some data guy went off on how the sample was too small. I don’t know what sample size he needs. It was around 4K people in a closed environment with older skewed demographics. I figure most medical guys would kill to test in such an environment.

      1. Severian Post author

        There it is. Cruise ships are geriatric germ labs. I don’t trust China’s figures as far as I can throw the Forbidden City, but I do think that the numbers reported for cruise ships are in the neighborhood of accurate (if only because back then, reporters had much less incentive to lie). What’s the death rate for those cruise ships? I haven’t seen it reported, so it must be in the neighborhood of ZERO — otherwise, the Media would be reporting it nonstop, a la Princess Diana.

        It’s a total fucking farce. I sure hope Fascism 2.0 is worth it.

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