The Red-Pilled Leftist?

In the write-up portion of his Friday podcast,* Z Man muses on the possibility certainty that the Democrats will screw Bernie Sanders over in favor of some Wall Street creature:

A lot of people moved into dissidents politics when they saw how the so-called conservatives responded to Donald Trump in the primary. Something similar could happen to Progressives when they see their party side with Wall Street to block Sanders. It’s possible the party could literally throw in with a billionaire to stop the Sander’s movement….

…it is an intriguing possibility that will offer up opportunities for dissidents. No one knows what will happen when a bunch of white Progressives get red pilled.

All due respect, but I’m pretty sure I know what happens, and so do you.

First things first.  What happened to “conservatives” in 2016 was: They got knocked over the head with the realization — in retrospect, so very very fucking obvious — that the Republican Party has nothing to do with conservatism, and hasn’t for a long long time.  The GOP is the Big Business Party, full stop, and Big Business has nothing to do with conservatism.  Never has done.  Just look at the behavior of the Robber Barons.  Does J.D. Rockefeller fixing world oil prices look conservative to you?  If the choice is between rule by J.D. Rockefeller and rule by J.V. Stalin, I know which one I’m picking, but just because Rockefeller is to the “right” of the Vanguard of the Proletariat doesn’t make him any kind of conservative.

Dissidents have been pointing this out for years.  Big Business is actually the natural home of proselytizing Leftists, because both the impulses and methods are the same: Control of what can be done, said, and thought, enforced by restricting access to products.  Just as there’s no need to rack up the expense of running a gulag when you can just cut off a dissident’s ration card, so there’s no point in agitating for state repression when you can just deny a dissident a bank account.  What are they going to do, build their own Internet?  Start another Wall Street in some place like Omaha?  Ask the wildcatters who tried to go against Standard Oil how that worked out.  J.D. drinks your milkshake.

There is effectively no conservative party in America, and again, we dissidents have been pointing this out for years.  But it took the GOP backstabbing one of their own for many normal Americans to start figuring this out.  “Conservatism” means “looking out for your own.”  Stuff like NAFTA obviously hurts America; therefore, no conservative could possibly support NAFTA.  But all non-Trump Republicans do, ergo….

Americans want to remain Americans.  Trump got that, which is why he won… over the vigorous, nasty, and ongoing objections of the Republican Party.

But if actual Americans have no authentic voice in American politics, then neither do actual Progressives.  The Bernie Bros had a point in 2016.  The Dems really did do everything in their power to rig their primaries in favor of Hillary, and does anyone really doubt that if by some miracle Bernie had won anyway, he soon would’ve slipped in the shower and fallen on seven bullets?  The Bernie Bros got with the program and grudgingly voted for Herself anyway, of course, but only by way of the same vicious binary logic of actual conservatives voting Republican — if the choice is between unbridled predatory capitalism (as they see it) and slightly less predatory crony capitalism with a few #Woke noises, they’ll very grudgingly pick the latter.

Just as there’s no real conservative party in America, there’s no real “Progressive” party either.  Everyone but Bernie makes increasingly bizarre #Woke noises — e.g. Lyin’ Liz Warren vowing to let a transgender child pick her Secretary of Education — but Progressives would, it’s increasingly clear, sacrifice all that “intersectional” crap for some real reform.  Single payer health care, for example.  They figure — correctly, by the “logic” of their fundamental assumptions — that trannies would benefit from this, too… whereas the tranny-child-approved EdSec is an empty gesture from a bought-and-paid-for Wall Street shill.

Just as a vote for Trump was the only way for real Americans to express their deep, heartfelt desire to remain Americans, then, a vote for Bernie is the only way for real Progressives to reaffirm their Leftist faith… and like the Republicans with Trump, the Democrats are going to do their damnedest to take the Bernie option off the table.

There’s a historical analogue for this, of course.  You’re not gonna like it, but you know it.

Cat Fancy was an alliance between the realists on both sides of the Left/Right divide.  Every other “Right” party in Weimar openly longed for the impossible: the restoration of the Kaiser.  Every other “Left” party was full of Marxists — international Socialists, which in practice meant that if they attained power, Germany would be ruled from Moscow as a Soviet province.  The Left-realists wouldn’t give up their faith in scientific socialism, but they refused to knuckle under to Russians.  The Right-realists wouldn’t knuckle under to Russians either, but they understood that the Kaiserreich’s glory days were gone for good.  Cat Fancy threaded the needle as the only party dedicated to helping Germans, and only Germans, as Germans.  

That’s what you get when you red-pill a bunch of Leftists: They join up with the red-pilled Rightists, because they all want the same thing.  Pick any dissident Rightist blog.  When they write about “banksters” etc., you could be forgiven for thinking they plagiarized it out of the Daily Worker circa 1924.  We’re supposed to be shocked at Bernie’s people wanting to put Wall Street types in work camps, but how many of us actually have a problem with it?  I’ve got several million White boys, killed in someplace unpronounceable or dead from opiate overdoses, who’d like a word with the Wolves of Wall Street.

I’ll go ahead and let my freak flag fly: the only reason I’ve got a problem with Bernie sending the Morgan Stanley boys to work camps is because it’s Bernie signing the orders.  Donald Trump could give the whole lot of them helicopter rides, and I’d be the first guy signing up for the pay-per-view broadcast.  And I’m a moderate.  As a historian, I know what Fascism entails — the lesser of two evils is still evil.  But I also understand the alternatives  — the lesser of two evils is lesser.

Maybe it won’t work out that way.  But I know how I’m betting.



*I don’t listen to podcasts.  I’m sure Z Man’s is good, but as I read 20x faster than I listen, I simply don’t have the patience for them.  Same deal with YouTube videos.
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17 thoughts on “The Red-Pilled Leftist?

  1. Vizzini

    Excellent post. First one by anyone in a bit that had me sit back and think, “Well, yeah, now that you put it that way….”

  2. MBlanc46

    Interesting speculation. We’ll sure know how it’s all going to play out within twenty years, perhaps less. One quite possible development will be the emergence of an explicit socialist party out of the Dems. The two Sanders campaigns have perhaps laid sufficient infrastructure for that to happen by 2024. If Sanders is screwed out of the Dem nomination (and, c’mon, be fair, it is very brassy to run for the Dem presidential nomination when you’re not a Dem), the socialist faction of the Dems could break away next time round. Question: Does the Dem establishment oppose Sanders because the money boys don’t want him or because they’re afraid that the voters don’t want him? I get that it’s difficult to disaggregate money and votes, but I’d like to hear peoples’ opinions. A word about the Repubs. They’ve always been the party of Wall Street. But they also used to be the party of Main Street. Your local pharmacist or haberdasher or hardware dealer almost certainly voted Repub, and their interests and Wall Street’s interests weren’t perfectly aligned. Now Wall Street has ingested Main Street, and there’s nowhere else for the Repubs to go. Further, there was a time when Wall Street’s interests weren’t anti-American. “What’s good for General Motors is good for America” always aroused some skepticism, but back in 1953, or whenever it was said, you could make a plausible case for it. Now it’s just a joke in very poor taste.

  3. contrariandutchman

    When you introduce Cat Fancy the American Way tm to the world, do make sure to match the snazzy look of the German original.

    1. Severian Post author

      I never liked the peaked officers’ caps, and the excessively bloused trousers. That Waffen-SS tiger camo sure was snappy, though. But we must replace the death’s head badge with a smiley face, because this is of course America.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Unfortunately, Americans couldn’t pull off wearing the uniform, because it also requires that Prussian bearing to properly make it work. Americans can’t pop and snap, because they like to shuffle and slouch.
        Martin van Creveld actually posits that the American military (except the Marine Corps) in the 20th century unconsciously tried to make their uniforms as shapeless and unmilitary as possible to distance themselves from the German (Imperial and Cat Fancy) style because the American psyche has never truly respected and venerated the soldierly virtues as Europeans prior to 1945 did.

        1. contrariandutchman

          You can’t properly do Cat Fancy without getting serious about Körperkultur, that and some proper military drill should fix the bearing.

        2. Publius

          Americans have never been very big on Military culture. The Founders had a healthy fear of standing armies, and we relied on glorified militias built around a tiny corps of professionals for every scrap up to an including clearing Spain out of the New World. For much of the 20th Century, we relied upon conscription, which is another form of glorified militia.

          The downside of this is the learning curve that comes in for every war. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have eaten Canada in 1812, and no reason the Confederate States of America should have survived beyond six months, but we had to build the army first, and in the meantime the soldiers pay for their officer’s lessons.

          The World Wars were little different. We’ve always loved artillery (It was our comparative advantage aginst Mexico, and the one thing the Union edged the Confederates at), but in the trenches in 1918 we got damn near obsessed with it. By 1942 we had more, bigger, and better guns than anyone, and our Forward Observers could call on All Guns Within Range, which the Germans found irksome and the Japanese a glorious way to die. But infantry training was always secondary. Always.

  4. Maus

    +1 contrariandutchman. Who is the successor to Hugo Boss? I have a feeling uniforms will be back in vogue before the end of the new decade (black is so slimming and nothing says “Achtung!” like feldgrau). I begin to regret not entering a Carthusian monastery when I had the opportunity in the mid-90s.

  5. Frip

    Sev: “Dissidents have been pointing this out for years. Big Business is actually the natural home of proselytizing Leftists, because both the impulses and methods are the same: Control of what can be done, said, and thought, enforced by restricting access to products. Just as there’s no need to rack up the expense of running a gulag when you can just cut off a dissident’s ration card…”

    Great summation and cuts to the heart of it.

    Sev: ” J.D. drinks your milkshake.” lol. wtf. I’ve never heard that one before. Is it a saying? Or you make it up? When I lived in the South I heard, “careful, that boy will eat your lunch.” Meaning a guy was tough or ruthless, etc.

    But milkshake?

  6. WOPR

    I have to believe that a lot of the Bernie Bros, in their saner moments, looked at Trump’s election and went “How is it a bunch of redneck hicks plowed under their establishment? We’re the vanguard of the proletariat and lost to a drunk, white, barely ambulatory woman.” Then said woman lost in an electoral landslide to Orange Hitler.

    Trump isn’t the guy to provide free one-way airfare. He’s a Boomer guy who sees America as it was. It will be the guy the establishment thinks they own that will be the airline provider. He’ll understand the game and play it better than anyone else.

    In my darker moments, I understand why the French decided a lot of people needed to lose their heads.

  7. Frip

    I’ve no idea who will win. Last time I thought anyone with a hurricane of a comb-over couldn’t be elected. This time I thought Kamala Harris had all the right ingredients at this moment to win. My gut says the Progs easily have the numbers now, and the insane passion. They’ll either win outright. Or lose, then cheat, then win. It could be Bernie, Trump, Bloomberg, or that skinny old lady (I truly can’t recall her name. That’s how little impact she has on one’s mind & soul). It could be Hilliary. The only thing it won’t be is Biden. I’m pretty damn sure of that. But then again, I’m the Kamala guy.

    WOPR: “In my darker moments, I understand why the French decided a lot of people needed to lose their heads.” I know what you mean. Back in high school / college I thought the French must have been crazy. Now I can see how it all happened. I totally get the seeing-red passion that makes it happen.

    We here at RC should write a musical number together. Called “In My Darker Moments”

    I’ll start.

    In my darker moments
    I see red for miles
    It’s not the wine of roses
    It’s the blood of their childs

  8. MBlanc46

    Frip: I’m as agnostic as you are about the ultimate victor. Trump will very likely be the Repub nominee (I don’t think that they’ve got the guts to backstab him now) and the Dem circus tent seems to be about to catch fire, and who knows how that will turn out. I, too, early favored Mx Harris, but only because I thought that Our Champion had the best chance against her. (Actually, I thought he had the best chance against Spartacus, but Spartacus was never going to get the Dem nomination). Yes, it appeared that she could really get the Dem base worked up (which turned out to not be the case), but I also thought that she’d scare enough normies bleepless that they’d hold their noses and vote for Trump. How it will all turn out, I know not. All I do know is that heads should row.

  9. Maus

    Well, the Super-Pozzed sportsball festival of negrolity, this year with a stirring tribute to a dead accused rapist (how did he explain that to his four daughters?) and a slew of super-woke commercials (keep a running count of miscegenation and homo-normalization if you can stomach it), begins in a few hours. I’ll understand if the blood boils enough to demand a few elitists’ heads as an accompaniment to the chicken wings. But be careful what you wish for and remember what happened to Robespierre in his excess of zeal. I am content with a separate homeland ala Orania and a smug feast of schadenfreude. Even now, in my most black-pilled moments, I smile when thinking of all the useful idiots living in San Fecescrisco and walking through its favaela-like streets to pay $30 for the equivalent of a Denny’s Grand Slam. Let them live long and miserable lives stewing in the filth they unleashed.

    1. Pickle Rick

      Not interested in the slightest about Negroball, and haven’t been for a few years. I was actually more exited to watch Punxsutawney Phil this morning. I cleaned my flintlocks because deer season is over and did some 18th century projects.

  10. Frip

    It’s hard to know who will win the presidency because it’s hard to know who America is anymore. Are we what idealist Prog TV shows us to be? Or are we the guys I talk to at the sports bars? What’s the ratio?

    There’s one thing I love about the lower middle class, and proles. They don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of them or their opinions.

    This trait can make them quite unappealing as polite conversationalists . But they do stand their ground. They follow their interests. They KNOW the deal. And usually their bitch wives next to them are just as real and ornery. Oh yeah, trust me, their women are even meaner than them. Good!

    They drink their drinks and pay their tab. And often don’t even say bye to me or the bartender. These are the people the machine wants to crush out of existence. The elites can’t even believe these people get to vote. These last idiot bastards are the only thing saving us for now.

  11. contrariandutchman

    In fairness, leftists taking the red pill and going full Cat Fancy is precisely the sort of (inevitable) outcome that makes current establishment policies so disastrous. Cat Fancy didn’t end pretty last time and then it was destroyed before it could unleash the greater horrors, American Cat Fancy cannot be stopped on the American continent by military means once it has control of (a sufficiently large part of) the US.

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