The Reluctant Revolutionary

I love competitive #Wokeness.

No, seriously — it’s high time you people out in the real world got to experience one of the defining joys of life in the ivory tower.  In the ivy-covered halls of academe, the Marxist Postcolonialist Feminsts have longstanding beef with the Postcolonialist Feminist Marxists.  They’d each happily feed the other into a wood chipper, even though to outsiders it would look like the pot executing the kettle for counterrevolutionary crimes.  If you’re the sort who takes schadenfreudy delight in very obvious folly, university life is hilarious.

It’s even funnier if you take these buffoons at their word.  Compared to the pronouncements of your average Angry Studies professor, Pol Pot was a sane and balanced man.  In reality, of course, university people are so soft and coddled, they make the Eloi look like the Sons of Anarchy.  Spending so much time around college folk is one of the main reasons for my mantra: “Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer.”  They talk a fearsome game, these campus Ches, but they cry if the cafeteria is out of free trade sustainably sourced indigenous grown gluten free soy milk.  When the zeitgeist shifts, they’ll be the first to knuckle under.  It has happened before.

There are lots of explanations for why college folk are the way they are.  I’ve offered several of them myself.  But when it comes right down to it, all the various explanations are just symptoms of the same fundamental disease:  They’re boring, and they know they’re boring.

Boredom is, in fact, the modern West’s signature pathology.  Nobody with a rich, full life — a rewarding job, some hobbies, family and friends — bothers about “intersectionality” and whatnot.  That’s not to say that Normals don’t get bored.  However, for us boredom is a temporary feature of life.  We know how to handle it; we have a zillion ways of killing time.  What’s more important, we know that boredom’s just a part of life; it happens to the best of us.

For them, each episode of boredom is an existential crisis.  They’ve convinced themselves that they have all the answers, that to be #Woke is to be a god among men.  So if their lives aren’t 100% wonderful and fulfilling all the time — every second of every minute of every hour of every day — it throws the fundamental premise of their entire existence into question.  It it any wonder, then, why they’re constantly hyperventilating about everything?  Without a constant infusion of drama, they have to face the fact that they’re just people, buggering through life with the rest of us.

As much as it pains me to say it: We need to be more like them.

We’re faced with two incompatible ideas here in Our Thing.  The first is: It Can’t Go On Like This.  We’ll need to come back to this one fairly often, so let’s just get the acronym over with: ICGOLT.  The second incompatible idea is, for lack of a better term, isolationism.  Speaking of university people, I’m sure we’d all love nothing more than not having to know what “intersectionality” etc. means.  If the Postcolonialist Feminist Marxists really did get the opportunity to feed the Marxist Postcolonialist Feminists into a wood chipper, we’d all buy tickets, but other than that we’d be exquisitely happy leaving them to it, whatever “it” is.  We’d leave them alone, if only they’d extend us the same courtesy.

But they won’t, which is why ICGOLT.

The question then becomes: How do you get people worked up, who have made “not getting worked up” one of the cornerstones of their lives?

Studying the SJWs is an obvious first step.  It’s hard to do — they’re just so fucked up, so cattywampus to observable reality, that it’s impossible to take them seriously.  This Ocasio-Cortez idiot is a perfect example of the type.  Look, we all know in any sane polity that broad couldn’t get elected dogcatcher.  I understand that she was a bartender back in college, and that seems to be her natural milieu — bug eyes and donkey chompers aren’t drawbacks in low light where everyone’s drinking, but excellent cans (which, let’s be fair, she does have) are an, ahem, oversized advantage.  But simply yelling “Go back to tending bar, you dumb dummy!” — which is what most commentary on her in Our Thing boils down to — misses the salient fact, the truly horrifying fact: She’s an elected official.  And not a minor one, either — she’s only been in office a few months, but is the most recognizable person in American politics short of President Trump himself.

Think about that for a second.  How in the name of Almighty tap-dancing Allah did that happen?!?

It’s not a rhetorical question.  There’s an answer.  I don’t have it at the moment, but we need to find it, fucking stat.  How does she get people worked up?  What are they worked up about?  Crucially, how can we co-opt those techniques?

It can’t go on like this, so it won’t.  We either become reluctant revolutionaries (metaphorically, NSA creeps, metaphorically) or we go under.  We’d better start hanging together, or we shall surely all hang separately.

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5 thoughts on “The Reluctant Revolutionary

  1. Joseph Moore

    “So if their lives aren’t 100% wonderful and fulfilling all the time — every second of every minute of every hour of every day — it throws the fundamental premise of their entire existence into question. ”

    It means, by definition, that they are being oppressed.

  2. Joseph Moore

    More to the point: California, my home state, passed laws in 2017 effectively making it a hate crime to refuse to call someone by their preferred pronouns. Companies must ‘educate’ their employees or they, the company, can get sued. The state education department enacted regs requiring all curriculum to include sections pushing gender theory, on down to 1st grade, starting I think next year.

    So: we have a situation whereby if a parent complains about his children being indoctrinated, not only will he get the hate mob treatment, but he’s liable to get hauled in as a hate criminal.

    If we lie down for this, we deserve to get run over.

  3. WOPR

    I don’t know if we can be like them. Trying to understand what and how they do things is one thing. Trying to operate at their level seems unlikely. It is a type of asymmetric warfare that works against our weaknesses. We need to hit their weaknesses in ways that don’t draw attention to ourselves.

    It does not help that a huge chunk of the guys on our side buy into significant sections of Lefty nuttiness. Take the guy spouting off about how he has his own arsenal and he is just itching to bag him some Progs. He also defends women in the military beyond far behind the lines auxiliary positions, homosexual rights with homo-marriage, and thinks our immigration problems are due to a lack of assimilation.

    The only two areas where there has been any sort of holding the line or progress in the political realm has been abortion and gun rights. It is a constant battle there to simply hold the line. But, with the Progs using banks and other institutions, those lines are going to collapse eventually.

    So, I do not believe we can fight them on their terms. Many of our allies are compromised and do not even realize it. Then the political realm is out but ruled out as an option. Anyone sticking their head up is going to get hammered. Therefore, what are their weaknesses and how do we exploit them as the underground?

    – They are constantly looking for heretics in their midst.
    – They live in a hothouse of unreality.
    – The next new thing is always important.

    1. rwc1963

      We can’t fight them on their terms because we don’t have the MSM, BigTech, Soros and other billionaires to bankroll and protect us Or for that matter attack dogs like the ADL and SPLC who monitor millions of whites and various groups for WN and any movement of whites organizing. Nor do we have city mayors protecting us when we assemble in public.

      And as WOPR points out, too many “conservative” whites have bought into diversity, globalization, PC/MC. Just watch Hannity or Laura and see how the GOP talking heads sell this c**p to our side every night. They don’t get those talking heads are our enemy as much as Hillary is. Does anyone think they’d be allowed on the air if they said anything remotely resembling the truth? Lou Dobbs on CNN found that out the hard way, they fired him for going after GW Bush and exposing him.

      I watched certain regular guests vanish because they crossed some invisible line and said something that wasn’t meant to be said in public. Or just watch what topics they don’t cover.

  4. Frip

    From NBC:

    “Flores, for her part, said Biden’s latest comments show he “hasn’t reflected.” Flores: “To make light of something as serious as consent degrades the conversation women everywhere are courageously trying to have.”

    Prog women take talking points to a new level. They sound like they spent all night in a prog meeting constructing the most pristine prog sentence possible. And women, being so great at remembering lines, are good at reciting these perfect sentences without flubbing it. They’re so annoying. In these scripted lines they always casually embed some “fact” about degradation. They will never rule the world. They’re nothing but pussies. “degrades the conversation”. gtfo. Far from deserving respect, half the population needs a punch in the face.

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