The Rescript of Hillarius

The Rescript of Honorius was a message to the Roman cities of Britain: “Look to your own defense.” In other words, we know the barbarians are coming, but we’ve got a civil war on our hands here, so you’re on your own. Best of luck.

The Weiner emails have put us in a Rescript of Honorious situation. No matter what happens with the election, FedGov is going to be paralyzed for quite some time. Stability-wise, the best case scenario is something like “Obama pardons Clinton; president-elect Trump orders a whitewash for the sake of national unity.” (N.b. to spergs: I said best case, stability-wise. Nothing about justice, or right, or deserve, or should / woulda / coulda. Just “allowing the government to resume basic functionality in the quickest possible time”).

Even under this scenario, some very high-level people are going to have to swing. No, I don’t believe that John Podesta, Bill Clinton, and Huma Abedin were getting jiggy with kids on Satan’s behalf; nonetheless, the amount of shady shit that unquestionably, incontrovertibly went down, and has been documented in gruesome detail, is quite sufficient to get some big names shot under the Espionage Act. John Podesta, at least, is going to have to see some serious federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison time, which might keep the current Cold Civil War just simmering.


Note that it took a while for the Romans to acknowledge the loss of Britain, and even longer for the barbarians to take over completely. I don’t expect blood in the streets this year, whatever happens. But what citizen can, in good conscience, obey such a criminal government? Who will ever trust the media again? What commander is going to order his men into battle on behalf of traitors and (possible) kiddy-fiddlers?

Someone’s going to get propped against a wall and shot for this. The only questions are when, and who’s doing the shooting?

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5 thoughts on “The Rescript of Hillarius

  1. severian Post author

    Sounds like Neil Postman got there before RC… but whatever – everyone in DC reads RC anyway. At least 3 of the 5 Regular Readers are top men. Top. Men.

  2. Obama's boyfriend

    The Hildabeast will steal the election. Watch the Miami region go for Hildabeast without a single vote going to tRUMP, AS WILL pHILADELPHIA, cHICAGO AND dETROIT.

    So will there be trouble? Not if you don’t want to face an IRS audit followed by a drone attack.

    1. severian Post author

      Ok, but at this point, if “everyone knows” that opposing Hillary leads to all that, then why are so many of us doing it? If we suspect legit election theft — and there’s no way Donald concedes in that case — then what do we have to lose? We’re already on the IRS hit list… or so I imagine the thinking of the violently-inclined goes.

      1. P_Ang

        But the “everyone knows” is a result of the law of averages, not some kind of provable thing, which is why it’s been neatly protected for 50 years by the Dems own confessions.

        For example, something I’ve been saying about my own Commie State of Oregon.
        1. Mail in vote, enacted by Dems knowing full well that they were tapping the vast well of people who wouldn’t ordinarily lift a finger to vote, but will vote when a ballot is handed to them with the promise of lots n lots of freebies if they just continue to elect Dems. Underhanded, but not illegal.
        2. Votes gathered and opened by State Government Union workers. No need to explain that one. Common reports of Republican ballots being torn up and thrown away are immediately discounted by the media. Note the State itself lies and claims they are opened by “citizen employees” (what the hell is that? Like Democrat Republicans? White Hispanics?)
        3. Votes then fed into Soros-owned Scantron counting machines. Every couple of years another article comes out pointing to the fact these machines are clearly shaving points off Republican tickets and handing them to Democrats.
        4. We then go to the Democrat side of things to see the orchestration. Like MFreeman stated in one of his articles, what is claimed by the iron fist of the State Dem propaganda machine is repeated perfectly by the lackspittles. “Vote fraud is rare in Oregon.” You can then see 20 media sites quoting verbotim.
        5. Last, but not least, Oregon is one of the few states that refuses to allow you to check that your ballot has been counted correctly. This would easily disprove all the previous four and completely nullify any claims of vote fraud. There is a REASON this is not done. It IS to protect Democrats in office, but not to “protect YOUR privacy.”

        I think the problem in this case is they are wondering if they can falsify the ballots ENOUGH to get Hillary elected without giving the whole thing away by maintaining just the right amount of plausible deniability.

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