The Spirit of ’68, Again

For the record, I agree with Pickle Rick in the comments on the previous post: Trump is the last peacetime president.

The Left always goes to the gun.  Violence is a feature, not a bug, of their worldview.  The only question is when, and given that the Left is made up of exceptionally dumb, impulsive children, the smart money is on sooner, not later.

Speaking of exceptionally dumb, impulsive children, I didn’t see the “press conference” — really, a Trump-bashing pep rally — held by the so-called “Squad” yesterday, but since I’ve got basic historical literacy I didn’t need to.  It was just seven years from the Port Huron Statement to the Weather Underground — just seven years, in other words, before spoiled, coddled preppies decided that change was taking too long, and should be accelerated via firebomb.  Please note that those were 1960s preppies — White kids, from intact families, who went to good schools where they got real educations.  Their parents came of age in the Depression and World War II, so they had decent role models.

If those kids decided to get violent in just 7 years, how long do you think “the Squad” is going to wait?

That name, in fact, tells you everything you need to know.  Simultaneously frightening and childish, it calls to mind your high school’s Mean Girl clique in paramilitary gear.  And they’re Millennials, Basic College Girl edition, which means they make the 1969 version of Billy Ayers look like Fabius Maximus. Remember how I suggested that the Dems’ 2020 convention in Milwaukee might make the “Chicago Police Riot” look like a weekend at Disneyworld?  These days, I’m seriously wondering if they’ll even make it to 2020.  It’s not like Democrats have any problems about shooting each other when the party votes don’t break their way…

As aneurysm-inducingly lulzy as the thought of the so-called “Justice Democrats” running their own ticket is, there’s no way a Democratic party split happens peacefully.  Why would they bother?  They’re going to the gun no matter what in the next few years.  Even if they win the Presidency, the guns are coming out — they’ll be too busy rounding us up to start shooting each other right away,  but again, basic history shows what happens in a successful Leftist revolution.  The execution of useful idiots, too, is a feature not a bug of Leftism in power.

Fun times ahead.  Do you see what I mean about everyone always misjudging the pace of change?  Even five years ago, I would’ve called myself a lunatic for writing something like this.  Hell, maybe even three years ago.  And yet…. here we are.

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3 thoughts on “The Spirit of ’68, Again

  1. Pickle Rick

    Speaking of the spirit of 68, just what is wrong with a 69 year old man STILL playing street demonstration games with millennials and deciding to get himself killed ineptly assaulting the illegal immigrant detention center like he’s still a 20 year old revolutionary?

    Second, is it me, or does Ilhan Omar have a perpetual smirk on her face? It’s infuriating.

    Thanks for the love, (no homo), Sev.

    I think it’s time for you to fully explain what I called the John Brown Moment.

  2. MBlanc46

    One reservation. While the useful idiots of the sixties were simply white middle-class college kids, many of the people doing the organizing and writing things like the Port Huron Statement were Red Diaper Babies, who ingested The Revolution with their mothers’ milk (actually, probably baby formula, but never mind). There was a large, hostile foreign government (those damned Russkies just never quit, do they?) funneling millions to support the chaos makers. I’m not sure that there is much of a ready-to-pick-up-the-bomb infrastructure today. Soros, maybe, but I don’t know. I doubt that the likes of Tom Steyer want to see the US government overthrown. They want to take control of it, not destroy it. Yes, there’s intense anger and hostility. It might break out into street -fighting quite soon. Or we may only see the inexorable stream of Third Worlders eventually submerging Western civilization.

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