The Taylor Swift Thing

I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about contemporary pop culture, but the Taylor Swift freakout entertains me a little.  If Our Side had any game at all, we’d be doing something like this:

This is your body before Social Justice.  And this….

…is your body after Social Justice.

The “Game” guys have it right on this one.  There’s no super-secret evil plan here.  Swift is only 28, but pop tarts age in dog years.  If she wants to continue having a career, Swift needs to become a “serious artist,” which as we all know is synonymous with “SJW-cliche-spouting Progtard.”  By coming out (heh heh) in favor of the Democrat at the tail end of a losing race, she’s testing the waters, trying to figure out which way her second career is going to go.  Will she be the new Sarah McLachlan, or will she spend the 2020s opening up for the Indigo Girls?

Remember: Modern politics is almost exclusively aesthetic.  We have the pretty girls.  They have the ugly girls.  Which means they get the formerly pretty girls who hit the Wall at Mach 3.  “Social Justice: It’s What’s For Dinner” would make one hell of a COPROP meme.

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8 thoughts on “The Taylor Swift Thing

  1. Pickle Rick

    That’s how Cat Fancy got put over the top in the elections after 1933, by mobilizing female supporters, which most modern historians or political thinkers won’t touch with a ten foot pole, because Cat Fancy (as the rightest of right Badthink) is supposed to not appeal to white empowered womyn, but it did, and Mustache Guy took full advantage of the fact that leftist females of the time were the same screeching ugly things we are plagued with today. That’s the other thread the left is terrified of us pulling to unravel their coalition of the insane- white women. Bagels, Negros, Muslims, fags and trannies and border crossers lose everything if white women abandon their party. That’s why the media immediately went so viciously after Susan Collins for supporting Kavanaugh.

    1. Severian Post author

      I’ve said it before, and will say it again: If Trump really wants to be dictator, forget the Wall, fund an American version of the Bund Deutscher Madel. He’d get 75% of the female vote, and 100% of the male vote, in perpetuity.

    1. Toddy Cat

      The same thing happened to Madonna back in the 1980’s. In 1981 Madonna was a cute little ball of fluff who impersonated Marilyn Monroe. By the late ’80’s she looked like a twenty dollar whore, with a used-up body and dead eyes. Needless to say, that’s when she got “serious”…

      But man, Taylor Swift was really something back in the day, wasn’t she?

      1. Severian

        Honestly, I never found her that attractive, but I know I’m definitely in the minority on that.

        Madonna’s a good example. I remember when her goofy “Sex” book came out. I was every bit as horny as the next young man, but my review was, verbatim: “not even with a rented dick.”

        Seriously, if Our Side had any game at all, we’d be banging (heh) on that nonstop. “Ladies, want to prove to the world you’re a washed-up old crone no man in his right mind would ever want to bone? Then Social Justice is for you!” We could advertise “Andrea Dworkin starter sets” — a copy of Gender Trouble, three cats, an industrial deep fryer, and some blue hair dye. Act now, and with this special tv offer you’ll also get a crate of Twinkies and a pocket edition of Sappho’s verse.

        1. Toddy Cat

          One thing that’s really odd is how badly female celebrities have been ageing since about the early 1980’s. I mean, lots of 1960’s – 1970’s celebrities remained attractive well into their forties and even fifties – Elizabeth Montgomery, Mary Tyler Moore, Nancy Sinatra, Barbra Eden, Brigitte Bardot all stayed pretty nice looking for quite a long time. Hell, Barbra Eden was between the ages of 34 and 40 when she was on “I Dream of Jeannie” – how many modern female celebs would dare to wear a harem costume at that age, let alone look hot in it?

          What’s really strange is that it shouldn’t be this way, what with all the gyms and beauty aids and crap around now. All the usual suspects fall flat; Lord knows there were plenty of drugs around back then, ditto processed foods. I’m not even sure that it’s leftist politics – Elizabeth Montgomery turned into a screaming leftist loon later in life, Bardot is an animal rights nut, and Nancy Sinatra is a conventional liberal – only MTM and Eden were even remotely right of center. Any ideas?

  2. Haxo Angmark

    TS is no different than any other “star” in the (((entertainment business))). Sooner or later, they adopt the poisonous values of their Jew paymasters

    or they don’t get paid

    1. Severian

      Or she just hit The Wall.

      There’s no (((conspiracy))) here. Taylor Swift has been a pop star since she was 16; I assume that by the time she was 18, she’d already done stuff that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. None of that made her get “political” before. The only reason she’s doing it now is that her tours aren’t selling out, and the only reason for that is because she doesn’t have that tight little pop tart ass to swing around anymore…

      ….which is why Our Side should be making all kinds of hay out of this. Isn’t it one hell of a coincidence that pop tarts get all “political,” singing feminist grrl-empowering anthems and whatnot, the minute their tits start sagging? All these once-hot showbiz people suddenly catching the SJW religion is a huge own goal; we should put the point on the scoreboard.

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