The Upcoming Show Trial(s) [UPDATEx2]

UPDATE x2: I’m not sure lots of people, most certainly including Congressional Democrats, recognize the gravity of the situation. The charge against Trump is “inciting insurrection.” That’s TREASON, which is a death penalty offense. This ain’t 1865, when, after four indescribably horrible years of civil war, the nation agreed to sweep that under the rug and let the South off with a brutal, open-ended military occupation. This is NOT, needless to say, a “slap on the wrist”-type offense. If he’s guilty — if, that is, the Powers That Be agree to pretend that President Trump actually advocated the violent overthrow of the United States — the bare minimum punishment that must be meted out is some serious time in Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

Are they really prepared to do that?

Consider what happens if they do. Then consider what happens if they don’t — oh, ok, we’re calling those goofs who walked into the Capitol after the guards conveniently, mysteriously opened the doors for them “domestic terrorists,” but the very guy who “incited” these “terrorists” to do terrorisms gets, what, probation with time served? What kind of message does that send?

They’re fucked, comrades. This could be the biggest own-goal of all time.

UPDATE: This just keeps getting weirder. Via Ace of Spades, Sen. Rand Paul just introduced a motion to cancel the “impeachment,” using the logic that it is head-slappingly obvious that a private citizen cannot be Constitutionally removed from a public office that he, as a private citizen, no longer holds.

This motion failed along party lines, with all Democrats and the five “Republicans” who haven’t bothered to change their registrations yet (Violets only bloom in March, I suppose) voting to continue.

But then Chief Justice John Roberts broke out his pocket copy of the Constitution — damn, he must’ve needed to blow a LOT of dust off that thing — and looked it up, and sure enough, he can’t preside at the “impeachment,” because the Constitution says that the Chief Justice shall be the judge at a President’s impeachment trial, and since the Presidency is currently occupied, however fraudulently, by one Joe Biden, he, Roberts, can’t actually legally preside over the… whatever it is. So the presiding judge shall be Pat Leahy who, as a sitting United States Senator, will presumably also be voting on the verdict.

Short of forcing Trump to use an actual kangaroo as his defense counsel, I can’t see any way to make this a more obvious sham. You’d think that with all the long-serving career politicians involved in this thing — and there has to be close to an actual millennium’s worth of “government service” tenure involved — someone would step in to point out that there’s no possible way this can’t backfire…

…but no. I have to admit, I take a backseat to no man in my contempt for politicians’, especially Democrat politicians’, intelligence, but this one beats my pair of jacks. Seriously, guys: What the fuck are you doing?

n.b. this is a two-parter, but instead of breaking it up into separate posts like I usually do, I’ll break it into sections. Part I is the interesting part for the general reader; Part II  is for hobbyists.

Part I. Most people who say that Cat Fancy wasn’t a true ideology are just parroting stupid crap their professors said, but those who know what they’re talking about acknowledge that there’s something of a point to this. All that stuff about the Nazis’ legendary German efficiency is almost entirely hooey; the actual, historical Third Reich for all intents and purposes didn’t have a government for long, critical periods. (That is situation was actually an outcome of their ideas is discussed in Part II — the hobbyist one; feel free to skip). The main point, for our purposes, is that the Nazi regime was an ad hoc mess, with an org chart that looked like a plate of spaghetti. This is in dramatic contrast to the Commies, who were system builders par excellence.

You can see the contrast most clearly in the different ways they handled their domestic political enemies. German efficiency isn’t completely mythical, and the Night of the Long Knives, discussed in a post below, is a good example. They purged both their dissidents and their street goons simultaneously, simply shooting them without trial. Which spares the State a lot of time, effort, and expense, it’s true, but it creates more problems than it solves in the long term. The Reich may have been destined to live for a thousand years, but Adolf Hitler, the man, was well into middle age by 1934 (he was 45). How would the Fuhrerprinzip fare, when the Fuhrer died? Or, worse, became incapacitated through old age, dementia, etc.?

(In case you were wondering: Yeah, there’s a modern parallel to all this).

Uncle Joe Stalin had a truly excellent Cult of Personality too, of course, complete with a snazzy (informal) title — the vozhd (leader; Stalin’s inner circle of toadies routinely referred to him, Bruce Springsteen-style, as The Boss). The crucial difference being, the Commie version of the “leader principle” specified that one becomes the “leader” NOT by embodying some mythical racial spirit, Hitler-style, but through mastery of Marxism-Leninism. While it was obvious to everyone that Hitler’s demise / incapacity would lead to a bloodbath (if the Reich survived, of course), it was at least theoretically possible to have a “peaceful” transfer of power in the USSR when Stalin kicked — which, in fact, happened (that movie’s hilarious, by the way — the blackest of black comedy, but you need to be pretty up on your historical Kremlinology to catch a lot of the jokes; and yes, “peaceful” in the Soviet context means a lot of toadies like Beria get executed).

That being the case, it’s useful to look at the famous Show Trials of 1936-8. That’s how you handle dissidents, comrades, if you want your system of government to survive long term. Hitler said Rohm and the boys were plotting a coup, of course, but Stalin actually put the “conspirators” on trial. This gave Stalin’s regime crucial “legitimacy,” both in the eyes of his slaves and in the gullible foreign press. Then as now, journo-tards were Fox Mulder — they want to believe that the USSR was “a new civilization” (even today, nearly a century later, you’d have to go a long way to find two more perfectly willing dupes than Beatrice and Sidney Webb).

You’ve got to deliver the goods eventually, of course, but simply obeying the forms of legitimacy and legality will get you a long, long way. Hitler’s version of the Fuhrerprinzip was too obviously thuggish — the Education Biz has done a fantastic job of covering this up, but there were plenty of people back in the Thirties who were as gullible about National Socialism as they were about Stalin’s international version (Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism is a joke of a book, riddled with obvious errors, but the sections where he quotes contemporary Lefties heaping praise on Hitler and especially Mussolini are worth glancing at). All Mustache Guy would’ve needed to do is give them an excuse, or half an excuse, or one-fiftieth of an excuse, to believe in his legitimacy, and they would’ve licked his shoes almost as shiny as they did Stalin’s…

As we discussed, below, it’s hard to tell what the idiots are doing in DC, there behind the razor wire and the Praetorian Guard, but show-trialing ex-President Trump might well be their attempt at building legitimacy. It appears they’re actually going to go through with it, betting — I guess — that one more glaring stupidity (how do you impeach an ex-official?) among so many won’t matter too much.

It’s not the worst idea. The charge against him, I gather, is “inciting insurrection,” and when he’s found guilty — it is, of course, a foregone conclusion — then that’s the fig leaf they need to implement all kinds of Enabling Act-type stuff. It’s a show trial and Reichstag Fire all in one. If I were advising Comrade Joe Stolin, I’d tell him to go whole-hog — mass arrests of anyone who ever took a paycheck signed by Donald Trump. If you’ve read your Machiavelli, you know you need to get them all, in one fell swoop, lest they become a focus around which popular discontent can rally. They already halfassed purged the National Guard for the “inauguration;” better get the commanders of the politically unreliable units into the dock ASAP, and work down from there.

The problem with this analysis, obviously, is that it presumes Comrade Stolin and his apparat actually have a plan. It’s much likelier that this is just the “panic fire” described below. Having thought no further than the ouster of the Bad Orange Man, they’re now crapping their Depends with the realization that they’re actually going to have to do stuff. They know better than anyone that the Antifa / BLM genie isn’t going back in the bottle willingly; just yesterday, Portland’s idiot commie mayor had to mace an “activist” who was getting in his face about some stupid Portland commie shit. Enjoy all the healing and unity, boys and girls of whatever sexes and however-many genders you’ve decided there are today!

It might work out for them, of course, but being the kind of “people” (in the strictest biological sense only) that they are, it’s guaranteed that they’re going to cock it up somehow, doubtless in many insane and hilarious ways. And that’s your white pill for the day, comrades, because ask yourself: What if the Moscow Show Trials had failed? Stalin’s judges knew, down to the syllable, everything the accused were going to say on the stand. Stolin, of course, has no idea what Trump is going to say on the stand, and since Trump is a) much smarter than them, and b) not insane, and c) not in steep cognitive decline, they have no idea how it’s going to go…

…and they’re going to put this unscripted, ad hoc, off-the-cuff shit show on national television. What’s the worst that could happen?

Part II. For the hobbyists and specialists:

Cat Fancy actually was an ideology, of course, a fairly robust one, with some real Marx-style Idealist philosophy behind it (you’ll need to auto-translate that page; for some mysterious reason it’s not available on wiki in English). More to the point, the Nazi version of Fascism had some serious science behind it, too, and note the lack of quotation marks. Nazis were all-in on Social Darwinism, and again the Ed Biz has done a bang-up job of repressing this, but around the turn of the century the whole I Fucking Love Science ™ crowd was all in on Social Darwinism — it was the hottest fad of them all, religiously embraced by American Progressives (from whom, let us note, Mustache Guy drew a lot of inspiration).

In the Social Darwinist worldview, a society’s institutions emerge organically; they change as people do. In short: apply the principle “survival of the fittest” to bureaucracies, and you get the Nazis’ very weird, distributed, seemingly-no-government-at-all power structure. “Government” in the Third Reich, even (perhaps especially) in peacetime, was a free-for-all between little islands of authority, with bureaucrats constantly jockeying for power both with other organizations, and within their own organizations.

This accounts for a lot of the Nazis’ “efficiency.” Oh they were efficient, all right, but not because of some inherent German gift for organization. Indeed, their “organization” was incredibly cumbersome. Rather, the Social Darwinist ethos prized outside-the-box thinking, delegating decision-making authority to the lowest possible level. Whoever could grab it, did — the bureaucratic version of the Wehrmacht’s famous Auftragstaktik combat doctrine. Thus a major architect of the Final Solution was a mere lieutenant colonel; a situation inconceivable in a rigidly hierarchical system like the Nazis supposedly had.

This is also one of the main supports for Holocaust Denial. For a dictator, Hitler was famously averse to giving orders. Instead, he’d rant about a particular topic, and his listeners were left to themselves to discover his intentions, and implement them (later historical analysis calls this “working towards the Fuhrer“). Thus, although the evidence for the Holocaust is copious, indeed overwhelming, it’s very hard to find any direct orders about it. There are endless reports of a trainload of “evacuees” being given “special handling,” and everyone knew what that meant, but direct orders to liquidate that trainload — or ANY trainload, anywhere — are extremely rare. Here again, it’s Social Darwinism in action — everyone knows what the Fuhrer wants, and anyone at any operational level is fully empowered to give it to him, so they do. Again, you’ve got a lieutenant colonel redirecting the entire Reich’s train traffic towards the Final Solution, even as the fronts are collapsing everywhere.

All of this is inherent in a distinct ideology, just as Siberia is inherent in Communist ideology.

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16 thoughts on “The Upcoming Show Trial(s) [UPDATEx2]

  1. AvatarThe Kaigat Of Wands

    The vital component of show trials is willing participants, if you’re trying to convince an audience of your righteousness – not so much if you’re trying just to terrorise it. Assuming we’re not at the latter point yet I hope that Trump doesn’t even appear and that if he does he or his representative simply refuses to plead, offers no evidence or justification for anything and walks out – all, hopefully, on national television. He should also tell his supporters in the Senate not to say anything or participate in the action – preferably not even show up for it.

    Alas his ego is probably too big to allow that, but it would be more effective than joining the game.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I assume he’ll appear, for ego reasons as you say, but agreed he shouldn’t. You can’t impeach an EX official. You can try him as a private citizen – “inciting insurrection” is a defined crime, a quite serious one – but doing that invokes due process of law, and since we have scads of Democrats on record saying far worse they won’t dare. The whole of his defense strategy in either case should be simply to quote Democrats, and invite them to go impeach themselves….

      (That this is an obvious gambit, but they’re going through with it anyways, is to me a sure indication that this is just panic fire. They’ve got nothing other than “Orange Man Bad,” so they’re making him into Emmanuel Goldstein. Of course, a Goldstein only works if he’s never actually identified… but again, these are profoundly stupid people).

      1. Avatarurbando

        ” . . . everyone knows what the Fuhrer wants, and anyone at any operational level is fully empowered to give it to him, so they do.”

        Sounds like our recent election.

        1. AvatarGeo. Orwell

          The late American empire, from perhaps the collapse of the USSR onwards, is nothing if not an archetypal exercise in plausible deniability. From “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” to “no controlling legal authority,” to “wiped with what, a cloth,” the woke elite has risen concomitantly with the erosion of defined authority giving way to sheer opportunism in the use of power. Very third world in character… hey, what a demographic coincidence!

          You never find elite Left boss men like Mr. Soetero issuing anti-white screeds in bald language. Just bon mots like “ I don’t look like the presidents on our money.” The message is sent, no Enabling Acts needed. Likewise, after four years of every media pimple bursting with “Hitler is in the White House” pus, there was no need to directly order some hierarchy of right-thinking bureaucrats to implement election theft. Just the spontaneous behavior of thousands of freelancing Heroes of Democracy, destroying the franchise in order to save it.

          Winston Smith peeled apart the pages of a Newspeak dictionary to discover Goldstein. If only someday millions could open a New Yorker or a Kamala Harris biography and see a slip of paper fall out, reading “It’s okay to be white.”

  2. AvatarPickle Rick

    Or, he could (inadvertently) pull off a performance at his trial like the 1923 Putsch trial of Mustache Guy, which backfired on the Wiemar government, bigly.

    Either way, it will be a win for Our Thing. The Bad Orange Man will be a martyr for Normie if he’s convicted, which will destroy any credibility for Dementia Joe, his Party, and the Vichy Right. Or he eviscerates them, publicly, and emerges determined to draw blood for real this time, instead of being a Twitter blowhard.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      The “Mustache Guy Trial” analogy occurred to me, too. But then I thought “Surely they wouldn’t be so stupid as to give this man, whom they have backed into a corner and have publicly vowed to destroy, a forum in which to air his grievances on national television when he has exactly fuck-all to lose by airing out ALL their dirty laundry?”

      And then I remembered that these are profoundly stupid people, so that’s exactly the kind of thing they’d do.

      Grab the popcorn. Yeah, ALL of it — we’re gonna need it.

  3. AvatarThe Kaigat Of Wands

    i recently watched the first 2 Hunger Games films again recently, don’t know why …. just seemed somehow appropriate. It occurs to me that if Trump does appear in person it would be a good opportunity to flash the 3-finger salute that the resistance uses in those films. Not likely to mean much to our august rulers but might resonate with whatever younger audience is watching – and with the added bonus of really annoying the Hollywood/Media crowd……..

  4. AvatarGeo. Orwell

    “Short of forcing Trump to use an actual kangaroo as his defense counsel”

    I was expecting panem et circenses, so perhaps they will make Trump box a stout young joey before passing out stimulus checks to the vulgar masses. Wikipedia notes one collective noun for a group of kangaroos is a “ court.”

  5. AvatarThe Kaigat Of Wands

    I suspect the “trial” won’t happen. The Senate Dems will see an opportunity to slap down their spoilt children in the House by asking Comrade Biden to plead with them to abandon the trial in the interest of unity and progress as we march to the sunlit uplands – thus demonstrating his ineffable mercy and desire for national reconciliation.

    1. AvatarGeo. Orwell

      Certainly possible. In fact, speculation about the passion plays staged in the Imperial Capital increasingly resembles Kremlinology. Our rulers in DC, and their rulers in private boardrooms, have become as foreign to the mere Dirt People between our coasts as the Politburo was to cold warriors.

    2. SeverianSeverian Post author

      That would be the smart play. But… they’re not smart.

      Nor, I think, are they truly in control. I strongly suspect all this is panic fire. They’re in an impossible situation – they actually have to GOVERN now, with an obvious dementia patient as their figurehead. Half their base – the *violent* half – is baying for blood. That faction won’t settle for anything less than Orange Man shot for sedition. Not going through with the trial, though, loses them the rest of their base, since they’ll be breaking the very first yuuuge, ostentatious promise they made post-installation.

      In short, they’re fucked. They knew they had to do *something,* but the last four years rotted what little was left of their brains. All they know is “Orange Man Bad,” so that’s what they went with.

  6. Avatarcontrariandutchman

    Orangemanbad must die and so must his family. Alive any of them would be a Prince across the water for the still inchoate but increasingly taking shape Orange movement. Cant have that, so die they will. If one of them has good sense (s)he will go into hiding outside the US.

    Having Orangemanbad fall on 6 bullet with the back of his head while stumbling in th shower in jail would achive the objectve, having him formally shot for sedition achieves bonus objectives. The woke Base will love it of course, the kpd deputies can be formlly removed from the reichstag since they are now officially followers of a treasonous movement. (and if Cruz and other kpd deputies still think they will be left alone in office I want some of what they are smoking).

    Of course the rainbowshirts will go too far and be slapped down, eventually, this year the land is theirs.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      No. After Epstein, it’s not going to be believable. Second, if they attempt to physically harm the BOM, or his family, they also declare open season on themselves, and they know it.

  7. AvatarSouthern Belle

    If they go ahead with this trial, wouldn’t that then put them on the hot seat? Overthrow his own government? That should open the door for election fraud to be entered into evidence, wouldn’t it? I mean if he was the real elected President, then claiming his right would not be treason. And in fact make them guilty of treason. Or is my brain addled like theirs?

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      No, that’s exactly my point. If they don’t put him on trial, their rabid base will eat them alive. If they DO, they’ll get eaten alive by everyone else, since we now have to define what “insurrection” is, why the marchers were marching in the first place, etc.

      It’s a massive own-goal either way. These are profoundly stupid people, who have committed themselves to a profoundly stupid thing, either way.

      1. Avatarmrpknuckle

        Many of us expected and hoped Trump would use the first impeachment trial to enter into evidence facts of the Obama Admin’s FISA surveillance-warrants perjuries / crimes, which were the backbone of the Russia! Russia! Russia! collusion subversion.

        It didn’t happen. A few strongly worded insinuations were made, but that’s it. Now maybe that’s because Trump, suffering mightily from normalcy bias, was still willing to play nice and play by the rules.

        The second impeachment trial would be a great opportunity to enter into evidence facts of the stolen election, which, despite 71 lawsuits filed in various Federal and State courts, still has not happened, not once.

        I’m not holding my breath. It’s over. Nobody with a big D tattooed on his craven soul ever goes to jail.

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