There Will Be Blood

A throwaway line, but oh so revealing:

But there’s so much more that could’ve been said here about the arrogance of a wealthy blowhard trying to bend an American institution to his will, and about the complicity of a mainstream media more interested in money than integrity.

The blowhard in this case is the WWE’s Vince McMahon and the institution is professional football, but of course it’s really Trump and the Presidency.  And that last bit…. whoo boy.

The mainstream media?  Complicit?  With Trump?!?!

Oy vey.

That armor's too strong for blasters...

That armor’s too strong for blasters…

The Z Man once wrote about the Left’s synchronic perception of time.  Because they emote rather than think, actual facts rarely penetrate their armor.  Z Man uses the examples of Civil Rights and Detroit.  Because the Civil Rights Movement was one of their big triumphs, the Left still talk about it as if it happened last week.  Detroit, meanwhile, has been under total Democrat domination for 50 years, they’ve enacted every hare-brained SJW idea they’ve ever had there, and the place is Beyond Thunderdome.  Since they can’t get a good virtue hit off its success — since, you know, it’s a hellhole — the map of Michigan might as well have a big Motor City-shaped blank on it.  Thus the media must’ve been complicit with Trump.  Well, them and the Russians.  Losing causes feelbad, so the media didn’t go all in on Hillary and lose.  Actually, they won!  Those traitorous bastards.

And so it goes.  How’s gay marriage working out, for instance?  I assume it’s “imperiled” — all good things have been imperiled by Der Trumpenfuhrer — but there hasn’t been a peep out of the Left as far as I know, despite Literally Hitler’s Nuremberg Rally-like nomination of a Reichstag fire-esque Supreme Court justice who surely opposed it.  Who is probably also Literally Himmler, or at least Literally Otto Thierack, but do you see what I mean?  It’s done, there’s no more virtue juice to be squeezed out of being pro gay marriage, so Obergefell may as well be some Papal bull from the 12th century.  It just doesn’t resonate with them.

And here’s the thing: It’s not just rhetorical.  Back in grad school, a bunch of my fellow indentured servants collectively bargained their way out of pay, bennies, and in some cases actual jobs.  It’s The Struggle, you see — they’re the Proletariat, the university administration are the Bourgeoisie, and it’s Haymarket Square all over again.  So what if it sets “the movement” back twenty years, because now everyone who suspected y’all were a bunch of screaming infants is now sure?  Viva la Revolucion!

The point, y’all, is that they’re working themselves up to real violence.  What else is there for them?  President Trump could countermand every single Obama executive order and we’d still be under the iron heel of the SJWs.  The federal parasite grows and grows, the GOP will never repeal, let alone replace, Obamacare, and every single bureaucrat in Washington does everything in his power to resist every single Fuhrer Order.  The media, academia, Silicon Valley, are all still firmly in SJW hands, with no real hope of dislodging them any time soon (noble though those efforts are).  But those things don’t pack any emotional punch for Leftists.  They’ve got to get their virtue fix, and they’ve already run through their collection of papier-mache heads and vagina costumes.  Having gotten naked for everything under the sun already (they were against Hillary before they were for her, and do I really need to say “NSFW” and “bring a barf bag”?), there’s nothing left but molotovs.  It’s already beginning, as the fun at Milo’s cancelled speech at Berkely etc. show.

There will be blood.  It’s not going to end well for them, for us, for America, or for constitutional government… but they’ll get their precious virtue fix while they’re getting their heads stitched back together at the nearest ER, and really, isn’t that the important thing?

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One thought on “There Will Be Blood

  1. Gary

    … the complicity of a mainstream media more interested in money than integrity.

    I would have much more respect for the MSM if they were simply the worst kind of money-grubbing whores — which they are, some of the time. But they’re also obnoxious, preening, condescending, mendacious crusaders for “social justice,” which is so much worse than mere money-grubbing. It’s clear they consider this role more important than maximizing profits because they lose money doing the lying SJW shit since that garbage is despised by a large swath of viewers.


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