They Don’t Disappoint

The Media gush that the lights on the Lincoln Memorial are like Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.

Meanwhile, the Festinger set is banning everyone who points out that their prophecy has, in fact, failed.

And the irredeemable CivNats at Ace of Spades are vowing to VOTE. EVEN. HARDERRRRR!!!!! next time.

Same as it ever was.

Extra special bonus: The return of Thunberg!

Predictable as sunrise, the lot of it. I love clown world, I truly fucking love it.

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11 thoughts on “They Don’t Disappoint

  1. WOPR

    Okay, one last comment because it is amazing to watch.

    I expected no less from Festinger. He actually said to give it another 48 hours. I guess two weeks turned into two days.

    The press is no surprise.

    The CivNats at Ace though are amazing. They are absolutely impervious to reality. I hope they allow voting in the camps. There will still be some that believe voting works.

    Enjoy your time off.

    1. Severian Post author

      Actually I’m grateful to both of them. See, as a historian, I knew that lots of people went to their deaths in the camps believing, to the very moment the bullet went in, that all this was a big mistake that would be fixed as soon as Comrade Stalin heard of it. I knew, but I never really believed, because how could they possibly be so delusional?

      Now I believe.

      That’s what so great about life – you learn stuff.

      1. dave b

        If you read about the human brain and how terribly kluged together it is it becomes obvious that we are a failed species and there is no way out of this. Once we created the freakshow called civilization we set ourselves down the path towards extinction. White people are doing everything to suicide the West and once that is gone, what is left? There might be a small chance that Eastern Europe can survive this and create a new civilization but I wouldn’t bet the rent on it.

        1. contrariandutchman

          Its been noted in these pages before that humans are not well adapted to industrial civilization. So we shall enter a selection, and after the Great Unpleasantness there will be (far) fewer but better humans.

      2. Martinian

        Agreed. On this historical front, it’s been immensely illuminating just how vile and backstabbing the world of high politics is.

        I’m a Classicist by trade, but always skewed more towards the linguistic/literary side of things. The history always left me befuddled due to questions of reliability, and I could never cotton on to the Revisionist platitude that “the victors write the histories” or other slogans that (regardless of their particular truth or initial modeling usefulness) functioned as laudable substitutes for close analysis and thought.

        Academically, I’m becoming increasingly worried about the upcoming generation of institutional curators actually tampering with or destroying documents/evidence that “complicates” received morality, esp. given the recent push to digitize libraries and discard the material source. Knowing the rabidity of the Librarian class, I wouldn’t put it past them to “lose” several inconvenient articles of primary sources or eyewitness testimony…

        This is all excellent background to reading narrative history from any period, esp. those from which we have only a handful of such sources. Reports of Domitian torturing flies all by himself in the imperial palace take on a completely different cast when compared to things like the Pee Tape and the Gorilla Channel. Or as a highly-educated professor friend of mine bluntly informed me the other day: Trump doesn’t read.

        Wonderful, wonderful practical education in how to read history!

  2. Ripple

    It’s been fun reading the hopium blog. At one time I might have climbed aboard but I’m way too cynical now. The Voxians and Aceoids are in some combo of the denial and bargaining states of grief, and not enough anger.

    1. Pickle Rick

      I’m waiting to finally see the look on their faces when their precious military and police gleefully enforce their lords and masters in Washington’s edicts.
      When these idiots who’ve been supporting the troops and backing the blue get stomped by their heroes, under the American flag, under color of “law”, it’s going to shatter their illusions.

      1. Severian Post author

        A post over the today promising to give “them” hopium and copium, if they want it.

        As if he himself hasn’t been the biggest Q-pusher on the internet lo these past four years.

        That’s worse than classic Festinger. That’s classic *chick.* “But honey, you just said…”

        No I didn’t!!! La la la I can’t hear you!!

  3. Some Guy

    Apparently Joe Biden needed to be inaugerated as part of the plan! So the military could take over! Any minute now, any minute….

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