Things I Wish Liberals Understood: The Transitive Property of Equality

Coverage of this Cliven Bundy fellow seems determined to paint him as some kind of right wing folk hero.  Because they think they already know the answer — he’s a raciss gun nut, as all conservatives are — they don’t bother to ask themselves why that might be the case.

I know, I know, if they were capable of sustained thought they wouldn’t be liberals.  But on the off chance any of ’em wander by here, I’ll explain, in small, simple words.

Our Betters believe the personal is political.  It may be the only thing they believe, when you come right down to it — I want what I want, and it’s society’s fault that I don’t have it, and the government has to get it for me (and punish everyone who stood in the way).

Well, ok.  We get that.  But because we paid attention in math class, we know there’s this thing called the transitive property of equality.  If A = B, then by definition B = A, too.

So if the personal is political, than the political is also personal.

Right now, the state is making it very clear that there are certain personal matters it simply will not tolerate.  What’s Cliven Bundy’s legal argument?  Do you know?  Do any of the reporters who writes the hit pieces on him know?

I’m a casual follower of the news — in this, I am a typical low-info voter — and all I know about the guy is he’s a raciss.  He has Unapproved Opinions, and for this, and this alone, he must be punished.  As must anyone who is willing to give him the time of day, or to wonder if he might have a point.

Well, ok.  So: Let’s stipulate that I’m a white male Christian.  Those things are personal, in the most basic meaning of that word.  They are the three most basic things about my personhood, my fundamental identity as a human being.  Two of them I can’t change, and the third I won’t, no matter what (we’re stipulating I’m a real Christian).  As these are quite clearly Unapproved by the current political regime, I must form an alternate political regime of my own.  The transitive property of equality requires it.

That’s why Cliven Bundy is a “right wing folk hero.”  Nobody cares about the man himself.  It’s what he represents that’s important; he’s the clearest example yet of what happens when a badthinker comes under the gaze of the current government.  Do I want a White People’s Party?  Am I rooting for the rise of a Christian Taliban?  Of course not.  But by pretending that this Cliven Bundy dude is a representative of them — and by openly cheering for his destruction because of them — the media and the government are inadvertently calling those very things into being.

And political power rests on armed force.  Think about it.  Because the media and the current regime (BIRM) sure as hell won’t.

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2 thoughts on “Things I Wish Liberals Understood: The Transitive Property of Equality

  1. nightfly

    There has actually been a reasonable discussion of the legal situation surrounding the BLM and the grazing rights/fees/etc… but of course, almost exclusively among the right. And – in a result surprising only to those with preconceived notions – a good number of them disagree. Charles CW Cooke, for one, thinks Bundy hasn’t a leg to stand on; others think the larger issue is that the Feds have no legal title and therefore Bundy never should have been in trouble to begin with; some say that even if the Feds should have given the land to Nevada, they haven’t, and that’s a separate issue from the fees that Bundy has refused to pay (unlike many others); still others say that those others were forced out and Bundy’s legal problems are strong-arm tactics designed to make him, the last holdout, finally cave so that government cronies can profit. Todd Kincannon, who has sharply disagreed with Cooke in the past (you should see their Twitter brawls – it’s a genuine distaste), nevertheless is in agreement with him here, as I understand it.

    It’s really as if, given a series of news reports, people of a particular mindset chose to investigate and research and draw their own conclusions, while another mindset already had their conclusions and are now busily trumpeting the evidence that fell into their laps afterward – “RAAAAACIST!”

    1. Severian

      I figured the right would’ve discussed the issues. But the online right aren’t the problem — we just want to be left alone, to use our brains without the supervision of the Thought Police.

      The left, on the other hand… as always, they’re just not thinking it through. That’s the problem with history always beginning this morning.

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