Things that Ain’t Nevah Gonna Hoppen

I see that a new year brings more conspiracy theories out on the wilder fringes of Our Thing.  The same people who told us that a big Wikileaks drop was coming just before the election, that Pizzagate was about to blow wiiiiiide open, etc. now inform us that American citizens are about to be sent to Guantanamo, in preparation for an American Nuremberg.

Nevah gonna hoppen, Charlie.  The reason is obvious if you think about it for a few seconds.  Let’s say we put Soros on trial for treason.  How much dirt, exactly, do you think he has on everyone and their grandma in the political class — a lot, or a hell of a lot?  And that’s just the American political class.  You think he’s just buying the American Left?

You don’t put the big dogs, or even the medium-sized dogs, of a defeated regime on trial after The Revolution, because they’ve got the goods on anyone who ever did business in the kennel.  To answer a conspiracy theory with a conspiracy theory: Who was the highest-ranking Nazi on trial at Nuremberg, do you think, who was actually tried in open court?  Here’s a list.  Were any of those guys on the business side of the Reich?  How about the diplomatic side?  Here’s a hint: Donitz was “[c]onvicted of carrying out unrestricted submarine warfare in breach of the 1936 Second London Naval Treaty, but was not punished for that charge because the United States committed the same breach.”  This man was a major figure in the conduct of the entire war and, briefly, the guy in charge of the entire Third Reich.  He got ten years.

The big dogs get let off, or “commit suicide,” or get quiet bullets in the back of the head.  I’ll believe something Nurembergy is coming down the chute when Soros kicks after “a sudden illness” and, “at the request of the family,” there’s no autopsy.

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7 thoughts on “Things that Ain’t Nevah Gonna Hoppen

  1. Anonymous White Male

    This point is why I am not one of the “Vox Day is a genius” school of internet observer. He constantly starts threads that have some 4chan, pol, or Q reference concerning the next big thing. “Any minute now, guys. Just wait for it. OK, NOW…….Look at that angel! What were we talking about?” Sea change is a reference to how long it takes a large ship to change course or turn around. It refers to the inertia inherent in any large creation. It seems that Trump understands this, though. He’ll take what any incremental change he can get and move on. This reflects a more realistic approach than “Kill them all and let God sort them out!” Not that I wouldn’t enjoy that, it just is unrealistic given human nature and the corruption of all forms of politics.

    1. Severian

      There it is. “Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” works when you win an actual shooting war, e.g. WW2… and even then, look at the ones who got away. What might Martin Bormann have said on the stand at Nuremberg? Alas, we’ll never know…. which is why I’m sure they tried reaaaaal hard to catch him, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). If they are somehow dumb enough to get caught, such men are always “shot while trying to escape.”

      About the best one can do in real politics is to hang an admiral, pour encourager les autres. Is Hillary Clinton going to jail? Nevah hoppen, Charlie, no matter how much she deserves it or how much (or how obvious) evidence we have. Huma Abedin, though? Just maybe. Most likely scenario, though, if Trump gets anyone to serve any time at all — big IF, as in, “if he even wants this” — is your usual fall guy, a fat middleman who has enough dirt on him to look like a big player who deserves having the house fall on him, but without enough dirt on people who really matter to be worth the risk of shafting to the full extent of the law.

      Vox Day is a troll. He’s fighting the good fight, I wish him every success (seriously), but he is first last and always a troll. A truly excellent troll — this is one area where his constant self-congratulation is fully merited — but trolls gonna troll, yo, and you listen to a troll at your own risk. Wasn’t Gab supposed to be shut down by now, for instance?

      1. Nate Winchester

        Sometimes I hope for a “Roy Moore” treatment.

        Convicted in court? Ok, probably not. But can they get convicted enough in the public square to never be elected dog catcher? I want to believe.

  2. Al from da Nort

    Another source of unreality is expecting it all to happen in days. There are only a few historical precedents for the mass arrest, trial and punishment of major sections of your own elite and they took years. The French Revolution and Stalin’s purges are two examples that come to mind. Both required over two years of constant activity.

    One reason is that the organs of repression have a limited throughput capacity even in situations where there is no/little constraint or regard for the legal niceties. Any government has lots more things that urgently need doing than just to purge its internal foes. Also, there are a limited number of people who are willing to do the dirty work and who are any good at it. And these readily become a danger to those on top as well.

    Of course, as Stalin demonstrated against the Poles, you can do such a thing to a conquered foe in a few months after you have tuned up the machine ahead of time on your own people.

    1. Severian

      Yep. And when you look at their operations, even the legendarily efficient NKVD and Gestapo weren’t that efficient at all. Even the “Commissar Order” on the Eastern Front, with complete military control and a whole bunch of specially-trained evil SOBs dispatched to carry it out, in practice ended up being…

      Actually, you know what? Forget all that. I’d simply like to know this: What charges are you going to Guantanamo people on, and what are you going to do with them once they’re there? The Vox Day types seem obsessed with this “Pizzagate” thing, so let’s roll with that. Assume it’s all true: A Satanic pedo ring being run out of the DNC offices or whatever we’re up to now. Those are already specific crimes, with set sentences. By all means, throw the book at them if they’re guilty of that — the hardest of hard time. But Guantanamo?

      The US has prosecuted “barely 30” people for treason in its entire history. The last guy executed for it was a Japanese-American guilty of torturing American POWs in WWII… and he wasn’t actually executed (Ike commuted it to life in prison). The last Americans executed for espionage were the Rosenbergs. If they didn’t hang Jeff Davis for treason (the only guy executed for Civil War crimes to my knowledge was the commandant of Andersonville), they ain’t gonna hang Soros.

      It’s all just trolling. Did any of us get thrown in FEMA camps during the Obama administration? Did’s editorial staff end up in FEMA camps under W Bush? Same deal.

      I’m pretty sure that someday in the not-too-distant future, the political class will attempt to railroad a citizen for thoughtcrime – it’s the next logical step for our obviously hyperpartisan and unrestrained judiciary. But the full Guantanamo? Nevah hoppen. The people pushing this stuff are just trolls, trying to sell you their lifestyle guides and comic books.

      1. Al from da Nort

        Agreed. Punish any provable pedo’s harshly. As for the swampy Hillary-bots, given the practicalities, I’d happily settle for letting any minion participants, if provably guilty, plead out to one count of a felony process crime such as obstruction of justice with a suspended sentence. That way they can’t vote, have to turn in their law licenses, and must watch their P’s & Q’s ongoing. IOW, they have a lot to lose by restarting any such activity in the future and lots of incentive to turn informer.

        You’d need to strike at a select few would be coup leaders (if there provably are any such) just to send the message, but then it must all stop. Constantly threatening but not doing anything is a good way to create a more capable and deadly coup. IIRC more than one Caesar lost his life so doing.

        OT: What’s with the crazy timestamps_? Is your server in the UK_? The stamp on my initial comment was about 6 hours ahead of when I hit ‘post’.


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