This Is Getting SAD

I think we can put the previous discussion in the win column for Pickle Rick. That “T.J. Ducklo” creature was clearly a Clinton Crime Family plant. Just days after he flips out and ostentatiously refuses to deny that Joe Biden uses a teleprompter in interviews, Biden gets caught using a teleprompter in an interview.

Does anyone still think they’re going to let this pathetic, decrepit elder abuse case actually debate with Trump?

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10 thoughts on “This Is Getting SAD

  1. Avatartexinole

    I’m slow. Not as slow as Joe, but not quick on the uptake. Why would the clintons want to submarine Joe’s candidacy?

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      It’s kind of a joke. Do I really believe Hillary is vain enough to sabotage Joe, to make sure he has no chance of succeeding where she failed? Or that she’s hubristic enough to think she’ll be begged to ride to the rescue when he bails out? No.

      But only kinda. Do I believe one of Joe’s motivations for running — back when he was capable of making semi-coherent decisions on his own, that is — is to avoid prosecution for his many, many, many (many many many) Russia-related scandals? Oh hell yes. Notice that the Media hasn’t said a damn thing about Russia since Slow Joe declared. I kinda halfway think they’re in emergency meltdown mode right now — they really have no idea what the fuck that senile old bastard is going to say whenever he opens his mouth. If you’ve ever been around someone with dementia who knows you well, you know the special kind of fear I mean — all of a sudden, Grandma starts telling everyone in the vicinity about the time you peed your pants on stage at the spelling bee. Joe was present for, and complicit in, metric tons of Clinton-related dirt. If I’m halfway joking about them planting ringers in his campaign to foil him, I’m only quarter-way kidding when I say she might have him whacked, especially if present trends continue and he goes full retard.

  2. AvatarPickle Rick

    Sometimes we forget just how much these people hate each other behind the curtain of Party unity. Unlike Republicans, who will gleefully stab each other (and their electorate) in the back publicly, the Democratic Politburo’s intrigues are kept relatively secret, since the media are all part of the Party too.

    We know the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other, and both have very good reasons to worry about Joe saying things he shouldn’t. While Biden cultivated his public image as the amiable “Uncle Joe”, I can guarantee that behind the mask when he was still all there, that motherfucker was a dangerous man. You don’t become a Democrat heavy hitter in DC for 45 years without being as ruthless as any of those other Bolsheviks, of the 1917 or 2020 varieties. There are people in the Party who would gladly immolate Joe in this election to settle old scores, because it’s a win-win for them. Eliminate a rival faction, and stoke even more rage among the Party faithful with a Trump victory, and position themselves as the savior of the Revolution.

  3. AvatarWOPR

    All I know is I don’t see how they can let him debate. His eyes are simply black now that he is drugged out of his mind. Some ex-Biden staffer is saying they are busying trying to get the dementia drugs right, but they are causing incontinence. We all know that dementia drugs are only a delaying action to the inevitable.

    You also know Trump is ready to get Joe completely confused, then walk over to him, say kind words to him, chastise his staff for putting him out there, and walk off saying he can’t be part of this abuse.

    I want to add an option to our poll. Biden is going to have to die suddenly. It will probably be called Kung Flu. His last words will be about how they have to save the country from Trump, and Kamala will be top of the ticket with someone else as VP. That is there only option and you know they have no moral qualms about doing it.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      You’re saying what we’re all thinking. I think that has been in the back of everyone’s mind these last few weeks. By their twisted, evil “logic,” he can’t be allowed to withdraw with dignity – they’ll either stick him in Depends and ride his soiled carcass to the finish line, or they’ll off him.

      Did i mention lately how much i truly loathe these despicable motherfuckers? Joe Biden, personally, can rot in hell for all of me, but it’s beyond sick to do this to anybody, even an evil SOB like Biden.

    2. AvatarSome Guy

      Adderall causes dilated pupils, but it dries you out in terms of secretions so you won’t piss your pants. There is a different class of drug that works like nerve agent and it can make you piss your pants. These are exelon and aricept, they don’t have as obvious effect and are often used to slow decline not to boost anything. Judging from his wide-open pupils that guy is definitely full of amphetamines. Also that whole “lying dog-faced pony soldier” is total word salad which is a bad sign. The guy is very obviously demented, even more obvious than Clinton’s seizure disorder was. Not too many people have family members with seizure disorders but there are a lot of people, especially older people in the age range that actually vote, who do and I’m sure they notice.

  4. Avatarkirkforlatt

    And Kamala Harris said this on Saturday:

    “A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States, the Biden-Haris administration will provide access to 100 billion dollars in low-interest loans and investments for minority-business owners,”

    Thanks for the slip of the lip, K-Dawg.

  5. AvatarMBlanc46

    1) There will be no debates. 2) As Steve Sailer says, there are deep fissures in the Coalition of the Fringes, and as you add, there are also deep personal antagonisms. I see no reason to think that, due to demographic change and their capacity for stealing elections, the Dems won’t soon be able to attain permanent, total control of the federal government, as they have several state governments. When that happens, those fissures and antagonisms will manifest themselves. I shall probably live long enough to see the beginnings of it. The pain of seeing the republic that my ancestors built destroyed will be somewhat allayed by watching the destroyers claw each others’ eyes out.

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