This Post Was Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience

I’ve long said that even the crappiest “____ Studies” fields in academia could have real value, if they concerned themselves with actual human behavior. There is a robust and important discipline to be carved out of “African-American Studies,” for example — one exploring the causes and consequences of a culture that defines itself entirely against “acting White.” The Victorian anthropologists would’ve had a field day with that one…

So, too, with things like “Media Studies.” Remember back in the 70s and 80s, when it was a point of pride for a show to be filmed “in front of a live studio audience”?

What on earth was that for? What function did it serve? Figure that out, and you’ll have some real insight into the period.


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3 thoughts on “This Post Was Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience

  1. WOPR

    My SWAG is that it showed that the humor was real, not manufactured. Real people laughed at the jokes. It wasn’t a laugh track telling you when to laugh. Being fake during that time was the worst thing possible. A laugh track is fake.

    1. Severian Post author

      Thanks. Of the many reasons I didn’t fit in in academia, near the top was my utter failure to understand their attitude. What can you possibly be complaining about? You make a nice middle class salary for basically doing a hobby. People look up to you, and life in a college town is heaven. And… you’re miserable?

      These people have holes in their souls.

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