This’ll Be….Interesting

Vox Day has opened his site up to his accusers.  He has invited all and sundry who throw accusations of racism at him to post their arguments and their evidence.

Being the masters of facts and logic that they are, Our Betters should have no problem with this, amirite?


[Vox] So, this means you are a self-admitted racist, correct?

[Leftist] Yeah, but you are a lot worse…

Well, that was quick.  Less than two hours in.  Master debaters, these proggies.

UPDATE 4/27/14: As anticipated, the only folks to offer sustained, coherent arguments are Vox’s fans, who are treating it as an intellectual exercise.  So far, there have been several drive-by comments of the form “it’s just obvious that ur raciss lol”, and the two or three leftists who tried to offer some kind of coherent argument bowed out after a few dozen comments.  One guy actually said, all but verbatim, “well it’s just clear to me you’re a racist.  Good day sir!”

Proggies really are master debaters, aren’t they?

UPDATE #2 4/27/14: One of the gatekeepers of sci-fi made a somewhat similar offer to Vox’s fans, to “defend” his work on its merits.

(You know what I would love? adore? enjoy the heck out of?  A genuine Larry Correia fan coming here and enthusing about the work.  Taking about what it is, not what it is not; talking about why they love it rather than why they hate Librul SF and the Libruls who read it. And that is the difference  between Correia and Day, in my view.  I can’t picture a Day fan doing  that and making it work.)

So of course some of them did just that.  You will be shocked to learn, I’m sure, that this lady did not love, adore, and enjoy the heck out it; in fact she responded by banning the fellow who posted it, and anyone else who tried to step in to his defense.

Absolute master debaters, these proggies.  We win, because shut up.

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