Three Questions

Another one to bookmark – especially ties in with this blog. ┬áPlus it’s from one of my all-time biggest heroes.

Sowell Hard Evidence

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2 thoughts on “Three Questions

  1. Cylar

    The Leftist response:

    1. Compared to this strawman I’ve built.
    2. Cost? You’re putting a price tag on access to health care, safe streets, and a cleaner environment?
    3. I have Mother Jones, Slate, Huffington Post, and some doctored & cherry-picked numbers from the IPCC. Also, a few debunked and biased “research studies.” Oh, and Piers Morgan says so. Any more dumb questions, wingnut?

    1. philmon Post author

      Yeah, pretty much.

      But, strawmen burn easily when exposed, everything costs someone something … the third one is the hardest to overcome.

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