Today’s SJW is Tomorrow’s Obergruppenführer

or, when your choices are between “bad,” “worse,” and “almost inconceivably horrible,” pick “bad.”

This isn’t a new thought for the Regular Readers — we were up to, what, Twenty at one point? — but in case anyone new has stopped by recently, I’ve been banging on this drum a lot over the years. I think I can prove it to you. Moreover, I argue that the proof-of-concept won’t be long in coming, if the current mess goes a certain way.

First, the proof. Y’all know I think Vox Day is mostly hat and very few cattle, but the guy deserves every penny his writing ever made just for codifying the Three Laws of SJW. If you don’t recall them off the top of your head:

  1. SJWs always lie.
  2. SJWs always project.
  3. SJWs always double down.

You can niggle (yeah yeah, I denounce myself) around the edges of this, of course, and since there are a lot of spergs in Our Thing, let me add the stipulation up front: In any matter important to xzhyrm, SJWs always etc. Will an SJW give you accurate directions to the nearest post office? Sure… probably… if you’re not wearing a MAGA hat or anything… the point is, SJWs aren’t fundamentally opposed to telling the truth per se. It’s only when they speak ex cathedra about things central to their identities as SJWs that they always lie, project, and double down. Since “the location of the nearest post office” is unlikely to be of great socio-political import, they’ll give you accurate directions.

But consider something like race. This, I think we’ll all agree, is central to the SJW’s sense of xzhyrmself as an SJW. Specifically, considering xzhyrmself an anti-racist is central. Filter that through the Three Laws of SJW and you get….?

Proof is easy to find, as they let the mask slip surprisingly often, and never more than when and where they feel themselves strongest. You all remember Central Park Karen, of course, the impeccably Liberal White girl who threatened to — and did!!! — make a false police report on a Black guy while he was recording it on video, because she didn’t like the way he’d asked her to leash up her dog. Or consider the “safe space” Seattle’s Cosplay Communards have set up for “racial healing.” Do click on the link, please. You’ll see a video of White people herding Black people into a segregated area, for their own good.

Blacks know it, too:

The thing about [SJWs like the Central Park Karen] is, she is a liberal, she is an artistic director, she is a Tony winner, she is a producer, she teaches at Harvard, she is charismatic, she is an excellent public speaker and fundraiser, she puts on pretty dresses and speaks eloquently about how much she cares about diversity and inclusion. She has made her entire career about that. She works with black people. She believes she loves black people. She buys their work. And then, behind closed doors, she steals it.

That can’t end well.

Which brings us to the Third Law of SJW, the only one that is ever broken: SJWs always double down.

There is a point past which doubling down is impossible. Usually when that point is reached, the SJW just stops mentioning it and starts ostentatiously freaking out about some other outrage du jour (usually followed by massive stealth-edits of xzhyr social media timelines). I’m sure everyone in Our Thing remembers the lovely Mx. Amanda Marcotte, who really did seem ready to go down with the rape-ship about the Duke Lacrosse thing, but it’s common as dirt over there. I hope Bubba Wallace enjoys the remaining 32 seconds of his 15 minutes of fame…

… but that’s just the thing: Blacks themselves never forget. I took the Liberals’ advice and checked out “Black Twitter,” to better educate my honky ass. Yes, it’s a real thing, and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s always 1867 over there, and the night riders are just around the bend, noose in one hand, burning cross in the other.

There is no amount of gibs that will buy you one second’s grace from them. There’s no upper limit to the number of statues you must pull down, or the feet you must wash. A liberal-as-they-come Wisconsin state senator got his dumb ass seriously beaten after schlepping down to the riot to show racial solidarity. Here are his outstanding political accomplishments, straight off his own website:

  • “Russ Feingold Award for Service” by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, “in recognition of a strong commitment to meeting the needs of seniors in Wisconsin” in 2007
  •  Named “Champion of Public Health” by the Wisconsin Public Health Association for 2007-08
  • Named “Conservation Champion” by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters for 2007-08
  • 98% lifetime “votes right” record with Labor
  • Named “Legislator of the Year” by Milwaukee’s Shepard Express in 2003 and 2008
  • Named “Legislator of the Year” by the Wisconsin Professional Fire Fighters in 2002
  • Several “Clean 16” environmental awards
  • Recognition for pro-environment voting record from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club and Clean Wisconsin Action Fund

You don’t get more obnoxiously Goodwhite than that… and he still got, in his own words,

Punched/kicked in the head, neck, ribs. Maybe concussion, socked [sic] in left eye is little blurry, sore neck & ribs. 8-10 people attacked me.

There’s no more doubling down to do after that. He’s done.

The other thing that SJWs who reach the point of no-more-doubling-down do, of course, is kill themselves. I’m dead (no pun intended) serious. Transgenders are the ultimate SJWs, the embodiment of the Three Laws — there is no lie, no projection that could possibly be bigger than pretending you’re really the opposite sex. They keep doubling down, and doubling down, and doubling down, until they can’t anymore… at which point they check out, at a truly horrifying rate:

transgender adults have a prevalence of past-year suicide ideation that is nearly twelve times higher, and a prevalence of past-year suicide attempts that is about eighteen times higher, than the U.S. general population. The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS), which is the largest survey of transgender people in the U.S. to date, found that 81.7 percent of respondents reported ever seriously thinking about suicide in their lifetimes, while 48.3 percent had done so in the past year. In regard to suicide attempts, 40.4 percent reported attempting suicide at some point in their lifetimes, and 7.3 percent reported attempting suicide in the past year.

Emphasis added, in case you needed it.

What happens, then, when SJWs start realizing that they can’t foot-wash their way to grace? Their standard ego-defense maneuver — running away and pretending it never happened — won’t work, because Blacks won’t let it. Do they start offing themselves in record numbers? I wouldn’t rule it out…

… but as ironclad as the Three Laws of SJW seem to be, the Three Laws of Thermodynamics are absolutely inviolate. The First one is relevant here:

total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.

In other words, pendulums always swing back. Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s Obergruppenführer.


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21 thoughts on “Today’s SJW is Tomorrow’s Obergruppenführer

  1. Pickle Rick

    But the big thing that turned slavering Reds into stormtroopers is missing in Our Thing. Bad Orange Man isn’t revolutionary, and the bitches of the GOP sure as hell ain’t offering the opportunity to crack skulls and do fun shit. Until then, the SJW will continue marching to lefties drums.

  2. Martinian

    For someone who has studied history and puzzled over the real-time, practical development of events like the Salem Witch Trials, or the French Revolution, or the wild success of Cat Fancy, living through current events is fascinating.

    I just met with a former student who is almost done with his stint at a VERY elite university. He said that for the past 3 years there were all kinds — yeah, you knew most people were Libs, but for their part they by and large also recognized that a significant number of people weren’t and that they were smart, too, and had their arguments, so it was largely live and let live. Pretty much the same as I saw about 15 years ago — most people got along with one another in spite of politics and didn’t generally press buttons. You knew where to go and who to talk to for that kind of thing, and if you didn’t want it, well, you didn’t go and everyone got that.

    Now, though, he said, when Sainted He of the Golden Casket met his maker, “it was like a switch flipped” in people’s brains. Practically everyone became militant overnight and started being pushy and bullying friends, acquaintances, campus organizations to get on every single bandwagon of virtue signaling and financial donation and sad-sack Official Statment issuing. And what struck me the most was that he said the WORST offenders were not the the progressively Lefties who you always knew were reading Marx and banging on about SJ prior to all this. No. He said the worst people, the most obnoxiously bullying ones, were the former “centrists” or former “moderates”. Apparently, this all caused them to go over the deep end and start babbling about their own need for “re-education”.

    Quite honestly, I’m not that surprised. The self-proclaimed “moderate” has always struck me as a squeamish back-biter who’s more preoccupied with what other people think of him than with what he actually thinks. Whereas the dyed-in-wool SJW true believer is certainly obnoxious, you can generally steer clear of him. The “moderate”, however, is Nietzsche’s Last Man – your buddy at work, another mom in the cafeteria rotation, a guy in your homework-study group. They seem nice and normal, but they’re lives are spiritually empty and all it takes is a stiff ideological wind to blow them into terrorized conformity.

    In any case, it’s like that old article by Dorothy Thompson, Who Goes Cat Fancy?, except that these days we have a very distorted sense of what “nice” means. Anyway, it’s nonetheless fascinating to see how quickly so many people changed.

    1. Severian Post author

      It’s the same thing with Kung Flu. Those who were already obnoxious busybodies kept being so, but it was really the seemingly reasonable people who went apeshit. Yesterday you were a calm, reasonable, sensible person… today it’s “we’re all gonna DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!”

      Which is why I say there’s more than a little of the Salem Witch Trials to all this. It’s a society-wide discharge of pent-up anxiety. The question is, what does it leave in its wake?

      1. Pickle Rick

        Who knows what these lunatics are thinking up next. The Puritans went from witch hunting to abolitionism, to missionary work in the Gilded Age, to Socialism and Communism and “Civil Rights” in the 20th century.

      2. Martinian

        A few numbered comments:

        1) Salem models the Normie Stampede psychology, but the trials don’t seem to have been deliberately planned to create chaos as leverage for ulterior political motives. So they may be a poor model for predicting the further development of current events. What we’ve learned is that lots of “regular” people under enough social pressure will go off the deep end if given a clear target and plausible excuse.

        2) Mass media is 110% enemy operations at this point, and we have to minimize their opportunities to propagandize. Based on previous media-heavy conflicts (Cuban rev, Vietnam, etc.), whoever has the strongest megaphone after generalize mass chaos will win because they can stampede the Normies in whatever direction they want, facts be damned. It’s clear this is the plan, since the media are openly lying (cf. ) in ways that are obvious as never before. This has extremely important consequences for our responses:

        3) Trump cannot by any means play Mr. Law & Order with any open actions. Generals always want to fight the last war, but we can’t be duped into thinking this has any strong historical precedent. Trump can’t end this by being a Napoleon or a Franco or a Stalin or Cat Fancy strongman because any slight move on his part to openly assert authority will be totally manipulated into “overreach”, which will allow the floodgates of destruction to open in Normie-land, since the media will kick Blame Trump into insanely high gear and stampede the Normies against their chosen target (cf. #1 clear target, plausible excuse). Basically, Trump’s only smart play is to be quiet and starve the beast of content, thereby causing it either to stay silent on its obvious hypocrisy or focus on its own side’s destructiveness. In both cases, the destruction is contained and people start to notice.

        4) Item #3 falls right in line with Sev’s point (see below) that the organized Left is in a Panic. Trump was supposed to be an impulsive narcissist who would take every single baited trap and allow them to use him as cover for all their destruction. Russiagate was supposed to get him to resign, then impeachment, then COVID, then BLM. But none of it seems to have worked. They really are jumping from one thing to the next and back again in a haphazard fashion, almost as if they’re pulling out all the stops prematurely (In fact, this thread gives a plausible account of how all of this was actually planned to go down under Hillary: )

        5) I’d say the key strategy, then, is to continue to starve the beast. Don’t do any Sacred Honor, Hill to Die On grandstanding since that just plays into the Normie Stampede emotional righteousness feed — i.e., you become a Bad Person that functions as a foil to their Noble Heroism. Better for now to generally comply, but do so in a way that includes the people around you in a “Can you believe we’re being forced to do this crazy shit?” kind of way. Sort of an Alinsky-style “make them live up to their own rulebook” play. Wear the mask, but subtly point out everything that undermines it all (e.g., people with gloves who touch everything anyway, giant stores like Walmart being open while small mom & pop’s had to close down, mass protests being ok while everyone has to struggle to figure out what to do with their kids because all the kid stuff is shut down, etc.) Also, I generally walk around as much as possible without the mask on, I dither while putting it on going into a store, and I have my nose poking out always. Anything that will make someone who sees you recognize that it’s all actually theater.

        6) Yes, all this is a Gray Pill, but after decades of Woke Education/Capital, we have no truly White Pills until we perform our own Long March. That can only happen if Trump wins in November. If he loses, kiss it all goodbye. Seriously.

        1. Severian Post author


          3 and 4 are the key. Trump has handled this surprisingly well. Not as well as he should have — he should’ve said “sorry, you voted for these idiots, you’re fucked,” mic drop — but since he is psychologically incapable of staying quiet, he at least avoided the obvious trap…

          [and it’s a measure of just how much of a clown show our politics has become that that — avoiding obvious traps — still weirds me out. You mean, a GOP politician didn’t walk into the giant, looping haymaker that anyone could’ve seen coming from miles away? Huh? Are they even allowed to do that?]

          Once again, the Media and Left — which, as you say, have dropped even the slightest hint of a pretense of being different things — have hoist themselves on their own petard. Race riots hurt Democrats far more, because all the Race is concentrated in Democrat-run shitholes. Minneapolis has been striving mightily to earn itself the title “the Berkeley of the Midwest”… and look what that got them. They now either have to call up their own National Guard, probably with shoot-to-kill orders (if not now, then soon), or they have to beg Trump to do it, which is simply a bridge too far.

          Either way, they’re screwed. Call out your own National Guard to stomp the Diversity that you egged on, and you’ve written Trump’s campaign ads for him. Beg Trump to do it, and you’ve written him a different set of ads.

          Same deal with COVID etc. I’m not saying we’re winning by any stretch… but they’re losing a lot faster, if that makes sense.

          1. WOPR

            Are they screwed? Isn’t this giving them their chance to eliminate the police with their Committee of Public Safety? I don’t know that they are losing faster than us. It seems that Antifa and BLM are the paramilitary wing of the establishment.

            Some other points:

            Per your mentioning that blacks will never be mollified, didn’t Jefferson say the same thing about their attitude one they were freed? It’s a good point. There has to be something demeaning about knowing that you were freed not by your own actions, but by the people that enslaved you. It would be hard to accept that with gratitude even knowing the cost was high. Throw in that after 50+ years of full integration, blacks are generally low on the totem pole. Plus a lot of their gains are due to AA. Deep down it would be psychologically depressing. You can accept it or you have to create something like systemic racism.

            The normie right is driving me insane. If I have to hear one more MLK quote, we only see people not color, or DR3 statement, I might pull out what little hair I have left. They are beating up on Slow Joe for being against busing and removing tax breaks for private schools that were white’s only. They could easily score points by praising Joe and making the Left defend him. But, no, they have to enforce the Lefty worldview.

    2. contrariandutchman

      We seem to be getting confirmation these days that a significant fraction of people are empty vessels waiting to be filled by a suitable religious experience. When Christianity was still a fully functional religion its tenets made these people mostly nice and law-abiding, their impulses to spy on their neighbors and enforce “goodness” bent toward keeping an eye out for their neighbors and doing some small good. Even then of course they would occasionally go on a with-hunting bender.

      And now they have a cult that drives their impulses toward maximum destruction.

      And we also see a key requirement for our thing once it starts rebuilding from the rubble: a proper church is needed to fill the empty vessels with a religion that will bend their impulses toward doing small good.

  3. ganderson

    We’re losing the Kung Flu battle. The pro- panic people are ramping up, and formerly sensible states are re-locking down. I predict, at least here in the Peoples’ Republic of MA, schools will not open, masks will become a permanent feature of society, the statue destruction and riots will continue unabated, We’re toast.

    1. Severian Post author

      No, that’s a win. A big one.

      Look, nobody could be more cynical than I about the stupidity of the American public. But not even the American public is too dumb to notice that you’ve got the Media shrieking, simultaneously, that a) sticking your head outside even for a moment is instant death, b) except for “protests.”

      This is ALL on the Left, and they have no way to hide it. They’re so out of practice, that they can’t even come up with a plausible lie anymore. Back when the Floyd thing first started, Ace of Spades quoted a tweet from an actual epidemiologist (!!!) saying, pretty much verbatim, “If you can’t see why it’s so important to get out there and protest, then I can’t help you.” They’ve announced, publicly and with great fanfare, that their “contact tracing” can’t ask you if you’ve been to a “protest.”

      This is all on the Left, and the longer it goes on, the more of an own-goal it becomes. If they cancel the fall semester — school, sports, all of it — state school systems across the nation are going to go bust. If they cancel the college football season, not only are lots of colleges going to go bust — a yuuuuuge win in itself — but they’re going to apocalyptically piss off a vast swathe of the nation that would otherwise be willing to tolerate this stuff. Best of all, when they try to gear this back up again in November — the final push for “mail in voting” — we’ll have almost a year’s worth of evidence that it’s all a political stunt.

      See the post below — they’re not lurching from panic to panic because they think panic helps them. They’re doing it because they’re increasingly desperate. They grabbed the tiger by the ears, and their grip is rapidly slipping.

      1. Martinian

        Although I agree that we’re sort of “winning by not losing”, and I think that that’s really our best-case scenario given the entrenchment of Globo, the only thing that worries me is that enough people will be idiotic and browbeaten enough to vote for Biden out of a desire to step back and return to the relative normalcy of the Obama era…remember?

        that nice clean-cut, fresh-faced, hopeful, young “light-skinned” black man “with no Negro dialect” [quoted descriptions courtesy of Democratic former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid], remember?

        when we could all hold hands, sing kumbaya, and bask in the self-adulatory and incontrovertibly anti-racist memory of pulling the lever for a black president, remember?

        before that awful orange man came and made us have to *think* about future policy costs and trade-offs and the fact that half the country wants to race-bait us all into a Marxist hell-hole and then *horrors* actually have to make a non-self-fellating political CHOICE , remember?

        The good ol’ days…

        Quite honestly, Basement Biden is the ideal poster-boy for the Soma Holiday all the normies pine for but aren’t going to get. I just hope the light goes on between now and November that no one, least of all Biden, is going to put this genie back into its bottle…

        1. Severian Post author

          They’ve really screwed their own pooch there, too, though. Before Holy George the Junkie, Biden had lots of choices for VP. A nice, kinda-less-pale woman who wouldn’t rock the boat, e.g. Amy Klobuchar. Post-Holy George, he’s pretty much obligated to find the Blackity-blackity-black-black-blackest running mate who can string two sentences together, e.g. Tank Abrams. And since not even Dems can convince themselves that Joe isn’t sundowning — seriously, Ace of Spades quoted a poll where 33% of likely Democrat voters thought he was in early-stage dementia — everyone knows that a vote for Joe is really a vote for Tank.

          And Tank — being really, really, really stupid — can’t help herself. She doesn’t believe anything Obama didn’t, but Obama was smart enough (or had better handlers) not to say it…

          (And before anyone says “The Media won’t let her say anything, let alone participate in a debate,” please remember that the Media are profoundly stupid True Believers. They are willing / able to keep Joe on a leash, because nobody’s that stupid, but they looooooove Tank. Fat, sassy Black women giving them the head shake and finger wag routine — “Ah know you di’iint!” — gets their thighs moist. Tank will be all over the news, all the time).

          Your choices are going to be BadOrangeMan or Dementia Patient / Incoherently Angry Jogger. That’s winning by not losing if I ever saw it.

  4. MBlanc46

    It might direct you to the post office if you’re on the way to burn it down. Especially if the post office has one of those problematic WPA murals with an sacred Negro or indigenous person depicted in it.

  5. Severian Post author


    Agreed that the Establishment thinks of Antifa and BLM as their “paramilitary wing.” But…. are they?

    That’s the big question that has been lurking behind this whole series of posts. I think the Establishment badly overplayed their hand. They think they can let Antifa and BLM off the leash to flip cars and break shit to intimidate the Normals. Which they do. But who says they’re going to go back on the leash?

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Minneapolis. Apparently they’re pushing ahead with their “defund the police” idiocy. Most people think this is just eyewash — they’ll call it the “Trust and Safety Council” or something, but it’ll just be the same ol’ PD in different uniforms.

    But I don’t think that’s true. I think that Frey goofball is trying to call off the dogs, but they can’t be called off. For every cynical politician like him (the DNC parachuted him in — literally from Washington DC — a few years back, to groom him for higher office), there are five true believers on the city council. I think they really mean it. But it’s obvious that we’ll soon find out, one way or the other.

    See also: The DNC going big, and losing, on their guy Elliot Engel in New York. He got all the big name Establishment endorsements. Even Republicans were sending him big money, because (((you know why))). His challenger is a far-Left race baiter endorsed by AOC; he won easily.

    The Left was getting desperate. They went full Tet. But the homies ain’t playin’ dat. The Left is going to eat itself first, then come for us.

    1. Pickle Rick

      Let them cannibalize themselves. And let them give Goodwhites and Karens all the real negro they can get, good and hard. Pull down every statue with gibbering mobs recording their triumph, so normiecons finally get the fucking message Lima Charlie.

      John Brown Moment, Reichstag Fire Moment, it’s time to choose a side for normie.

  6. contrariandutchman

    To compound the historical analogies:

    1. Mao started the cultural revolution out of weakness. It did fully succeed in restoring Mao Zedong thought as the prime principle of Chna, at least for another generation. So here, the left may well act out of weaness and desperation and still fully succeed in winning;

    2. Trump may well be Reichspräsident Hindenburg who, when preparing to crush the street violence, is told by the Reichswehr commander that the army cannot put down the paramilitaries that are running riot;

    3. unrest like this always happens when a regime is internally fractured, France in 1788 was, Russia in 1916 was, Germany in 1932 was. BLM is the most radical wing of the establishment aiming to coup as they sense weakness among the “moderate” wings that had been dominant.

    4. of course, its possible that the Left has reached its culminating point and we are seeing the final effort at the outskirts of Moscow, with the outcome of the culture war hanging in the balance.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s the trick, isn’t it?

      1) is a likely scenario. The problem with a guy like Mao is that it’s impossible to tell just what he is. He’s a scheming politician, and an ideologue, and insane, all at once.* It’s quite possible that the Left will steal the election, then have President Biden roll in the tanks. It’ll be enlightened, socially just repression, because reasons.

      2) Is the scenario I keep going on about, but I seem to be the only one. I am NOT well read in any blogsphere, so I have no idea, maybe this idea is common as dirt, but so far as I know, I’m the only one who consistently asks how the military is doing these days. “Rolling in the tanks” assumes the willingness of the tank drivers to put their tanks in gear… and I wouldn’t bet on it. Either way.

      3) is what I talked about in today’s post (thanks for the partial inspiration). It’s like an avalanche — the pebbles out front think they’re controlling the rock slide, but the boulders in back are going to do what they do… crushing the little pebbles out front in the process.

      4) is my best guess. As Pickle Rick keeps saying, Trump is the last peacetime president, whether he realizes it or not (if he actually wakes up to it, we’ll all be a hell of a lot better off).

      *I find that the best heuristic for dealing with Commies is to assume that Communism is their “delusion architecture,” as shrinks say. A crazy guy isn’t randomly crazy; he’s got some very specific thing he’s crazy about. He’s not suddenly going to switch from space aliens to the Illuminati; it’s always going to be space aliens for him. Insanity filtered through the Marxist scriptures, that’s Communism. It’ll get you in the ballpark of what they’re actually going to do more often than not…. or, at least, it did back when the USSR was still around.

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